Pungent-cool Exterior-releasing Herbs.

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Classifications of Herbs:Pungent-cool Exterior-releasing Herbs.

 TCM Herbs Icon01 Introduction:Pungent-cool Exterior-releasing Herbs:an agent or substance herbs pungent in flavor and cool in property, which is usually used for treating a wind-heat exterior syndrome.

Classifications of Herbs.

 TCM Herbs Icon 02 Introduction: The Pungent-cool Exterior-releasing Herbs are known including:, , , , , , , , , , , , .

 ✵Till the date Oct 10th,2019, there are Totally [13] kinds of common TCM herbs, [21] kinds of related plant species, [1] kind of insect species, are recorded in this category. These Pungent-cool Exterior-releasing Herbs are briefly introduced separately:

Radix Bupleuri(Chinese Thorowax Root).

 Bupleurum chinense DC Brief Introduction: The Radix Bupleuri is the dried root of Bupleurum chinense DC. or Bupleurum scorzonerifolium Willd.(family Umbelliferae), used (1).to reduce fever for relieving alternate spells of chills and fever,(2).to relieve liver Qi stagnation for alleviating hypochondriac and thoracic pains,and (3).to lift spleen Qi for correction of visceroptosis.more
Herba Menthae(Peppermint).

 Mentha haplocalyx Brief Introduction: The Herba Menthae is the dried aerial part of Mentha haplocalyx Briq.(family Labiatae), used (1).to disperse wind and heat in the treatment of wind-heat affliction,(2).to clear the head and eyes for relieving headache and conjunctivitis,(3).to promote eruption in the treatment of measles, and (4).to soothe the liver for alleviating hypochondriac and thoracic pain.more
Folium Mori(Mulberry Leaf).

 Mulberry Leaf Brief Introduction: The Folium Mori is the dried leaf of White Mulberry, Morus alba L.(family Moraceae), used (1).to disperse wind and heat in the treatment of wind-heat affliction,(2).to pacify the liver and brighten the eyes for relieving hyperactivity of the liver with headache and acute conjunctivitis, and (3).to clear and moisten the lung for arresting dry cough.more
Flos Chrysanthemi(Chrysanthemum Flower).

 Chrysanthemum Flower Brief Introduction: The Flos Chrysanthemi is the dried flower-head of Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat.(family Compositae), used (1).to disperse wind and heat in the treatment of wind-heat affliction with fever and headache,(2).to pacify the liver and brighten the eyes for treating acute conjunctivitis, and dizziness in hyperactive liver Yang, and (3).to clear heat and counteract toxins for treating boils and sores.more
Radix Puerariae(Kudzuvine Root).

 Pueraria lobata Brief Introduction: The Radix Puerariae is the dried root of Pueraria lobata(Willd.)Ohwi or Pueraria thomsonii Benth.(family Legumonisae), used (1).to reduce heat in cases of exterior syndrome with fever and painful stiffness of the back and nape,(2).to relieve thirst in febrile diseases and diabetes mellitus,(3).to arrest diarrhea in spleen insufficiency, and (4).to promote eruption for measles.more
Fructus Arctii(Burdock Fruit).

 Burdock Fruit Brief Introduction: The Herb Fructus Arctii is the dried ripe fruit of great burdock, Arctium lappa L.(family Compositae), used (1).to disperse wind and heat in the treatment of wind-heat affliction,(2).to promote eruption for measles, and (3).to counteract toxins and reduce swelling for boils, sores, mumps and erysipelas.more
Fructus Viticis(Shrub Chaste-tree Fruit).

 Vitex trifolia Brief Introduction: The Herb Fructus Viticis is the dried ripe fruit of simple-leaved chaste tree, Vitex simplicifolia Cham. or three-leaved chaste tree, Vitex trifolia L.(family Verbenaceae), used for treating wind-heat affliction with fever and headache, acute conjunctivitis, blurred vision and dizziness.more
Periostracum Cicadae(Cicada Slough).

 Cicada Slough Brief Introduction: The Herb Periostracum Cicadae is the slough shed by the nymph of Cryptotympana pustulata Fabr.(family Cicadidae), used (1).to disperse wind and heat in the treatment of wind-heat affliction, (2).to promote eruption for measles and relieve itching for urticaria,(3) .to remove the nebula and improve eyesight, and (4).to relieve spasm in infantile convulsion and tetanus.more
Rhizoma Cimicifuga(Largetrifoliolious Bugbane Rhizome).

 Cimicifuga heracleifolia Kom Brief Introduction: The Herb Rhizoma Cimicifuga is the dried rhizome of Cimicifuga heracleifolia Kom., Cimicifuga dahurica(Turcz.)Maxim. or Cimicifuga foetida L.(family Ranunculaceae),used (1).to promote eruption in the treatment of measles,(2).to clear heat and counteract toxins for treating sore throat and stomatitis,and (3).to restore the normal position of the viscera in cases of splanchnoptosis.more
Semen Sojae Preparatum(Fermented Soybean).

 Fermented Soybean Brief Introduction: The Herb Semen Sojae Preparatum is the fermented preparation of the ripe seed of Glycine max(L.)Merr.(family Leguminosae), used in the early stage of febrile diseases to relieve exterior syndromes and in the late stage to relieve fidgetiness and insomnia.more
Cacumen Tamaricis(Chinese Tamarisk Twig).

 Chinese Tamarisk Twig Brief Introduction: The Herb Cacumen Tamaricis is the dried young green twig of Tamarix chinensis Lour.(family Tamaricaceae), used for measles to promote eruption, and also for rheumatism to relieve arthralgia.more
Herba Spirodelae(Common ducksmeat Herb).

 Common ducksmeat Herb Brief Introduction: The Herb Herba Spirodelae is the dried entire plant of Spirodela polyrrhiza(L.)Schneid.(family Lemnaceae), used to promote eruption for measles, to relieve itching for urticaria, and to induce diuresis for edema.more
Radix Dichroae(Antifeverile Dichroa Root).

 Dichroa febrifuga Lour Brief Introduction: The Herb Radix Dichroae is the dried root of Dichroa febrifuga Lour.(family Saxifragaceae), used for the treatment of malaria.more

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