Health Preservation in Routine Daily Lives:What are the benefits of regular sun exposure.

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 ✵The modern meaning of Health Preservation refers to the active physical and mental maintenance activities according to the law of human life process.Maintenance or Preservation refers to follow the law of life, through moderate exercise, plus external care and other means, so that the body function and external skin can rest and recuperate, restore due function, which is the first level of health; Cultivation, refers to the broadening of horizons, access to the heart, wide-ranging knowledge, through their own moral and quality of the practice and promotion, so that the body and mind could get a kind of rest and repair, to achieve the purpose of rest the mind and vitality; nourishment refers to the timely and appropriate people, follow the law of heaven and earth, the four seasons, with the appropriate food supplements, in order to nourish the conditioning of the whole body, to achieve the goal of better health and extending the year.


 Introduction of  sun exposure. Introduction: Many people hate the sun because of their fear of dark skin, but careful, brief exposure to sunlight can help the body fight off disease, improve sleep and mood, and energize the whole person.

 It is recorded in ancient works Lie Zi-Yang zhu recorded that there was an old farmer in the state of Song with a poor family and no clothes to keep warm. When the sun came out in winter, he often went outside to enjoy the sunshine in the sun. He was so happy to feel the warm light that he said to his wife, "if you don't know the people who are in negative weather, you can offer it to the kind, and there is a big reward."

 The ancient works Zhu Bing Yuan Hou Lun(the General Treatise on the Cause and Symptoms of Diseases) recorded: "when the day is warm and no wind, the mother will take her son to play under the sun, a few days in the wind and sun, blood coagulation and Qi strong, muscle hard and dense. " Ji Kang, a health preservation professional in the Jin dynasty, put forward the opinion that "wishing for sunrise" in his theory on health preservation. Ancient herbalist Sun Simiao also advocated "breathing the sun". It can be seen that ancient people highly praise the sun's important role in curing and preventing diseases, keeping in good health.

What are the benefits of regular sun exposure.

 Sun exposure 03 As the saying goes: "not often in the sun, the disease will come and find you." Now there's a saying: "the only good thing about sun exposure is that it promotes vitamin D synthesis, and everything else is bad. We get vitamin D through food, so we don't need any sun at all." Actually this saying is one-sided, although the ultraviolet ray in the sun really can let the skin aging, turning black, wrinkles, and even illness into skin cancer, and we can get vitamin D from yeast, mushrooms, and animal food, such as animal liver, egg yolk, cream, cheese and fish and eggs, but the sun does not only promote the synthesis of vitamin D, the benefits of the sun improve the nervous system, endocrine, digestion, circulation, respiration, blood, the function of the immune system. And people rarely go out of their way to choose foods that are rich in vitamin D, so sunlight is still the most important source of vitamin D compared to food. Sun exposure 2 ~ 3 times a week, 15 ~ 30 minutes each time, can rapidly increase the concentration of vitamin D in the body.

 Sun exposure 05 ✵How to bask in the sun: When the weather turns warm, we can choose to be in riverside, lakeside or beach bath, or lie or sit, or bask in the sun in the activity, change body position at any time, inspect illumination strong and weak, bask in sun for 5 ~ 15 minutes continuously. When in the sun had better wear red clothing, next choose white clothing, avoid wearing black. However, it should be noted that the sun shine through the glass is not effective. Get at least 30 to 60 minutes of sunlight a day to balance the Yin and Yang. Excessive sun exposure won't cause vitamin D poisoning, but it will make your skin darker.

 There are two periods of the day that are most suitable for sun exposure:the first period is 6 to 10 AM, and the second period is 4-6 PM, but no matter what season between 10 am and 4 PM, do not expose to sun in long time, otherwise it will cause damage to the skin.

7 great benefits of sun exposure.

 Sun exposure 04 ✵1. Disinfection and sterilization: the skin is properly exposed to ultraviolet radiation, which can effectively kill the bacteria on the skin and increase the skin resistance. Bacteria and certain viruses are killed after being exposed to sunlight for half an hour or more. Proper sun exposure will also help the immune system defend itself against invading pathogens. Bask more also has effects in psoriasis treatment.

 ✵2. Activating blood and strengthening the body: ultraviolet radiation can also stimulate hematopoietic viscera to work better, so that the body red blood cells, white blood cells, hemoglobin increase, disease resistance increase.

 ✵3. Calcium and phosphorus metabolism: vitamin D can promote the absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorus in the digestive tract, which can help prevent diseases and cure diseases, extend the life span, and directly affect the height of children in the growing period.

 ✵4. Cancer prevention: vitamin D can eliminate the blood environment of tumor formation and prevent colorectal cancer and prostate cancer.

 Sun exposure 06 ✵5. Prevention and treatment of depression: many people will suffer from insomnia, chest tightness and irritability in winter and rainy weather. It can be said that the decrease in sunshine time is the main cause of the seasonal affective disorder. In rainy days, melatonin, a hormone linked to depression, is produced more often. In the opposite direction, more sun exposure will help prevent depression.

 ✵6. Balance hormones: scientists in the United States of America believe that sunlight can stimulate sperm motility, so women are more likely to become pregnant in summer. Because vitamin D may play a decisive role in semen production, lack of it can lead to infertility. The hormone parathyroid, which has a major endocrine effect, is also affected by sunlight.

 ✵7. Preventing myopia: exposure to sunlight is a key factor in preventing myopia in children, Australian researchers have found. Sun exposure causes the body to release more dopamine, which limits eye growth, preventing myopia, which is caused by excessive eye growth.

 ✵ Notes: it is best to wear a pair of colored glasses when the summer sun is strong, to prevent direct sunlight into the eyes, prevent eye diseases such as cataracts.


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