Health Preservation in Routine Daily Lives:The downside of watching TV for too long: it hurts your eyes, liver and face.

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 ✵The modern meaning of Health Preservation refers to the active physical and mental maintenance activities according to the law of human life process.Maintenance or Preservation refers to follow the law of life, through moderate exercise, plus external care and other means, so that the body function and external skin can rest and recuperate, restore due function, which is the first level of health; Cultivation, refers to the broadening of horizons, access to the heart, wide-ranging knowledge, through their own moral and quality of the practice and promotion, so that the body and mind could get a kind of rest and repair, to achieve the purpose of rest the mind and vitality; nourishment refers to the timely and appropriate people, follow the law of heaven and earth, the four seasons, with the appropriate food supplements, in order to nourish the conditioning of the whole body, to achieve the goal of better health and extending the year.


 Introduction of TCM Health Preservation Introduction: The TV is the part of the recreation of our life, but watch TV time should be proper, unfavorable too long, can avoid eyesight to be hurt, it is the healthy good habit that protects the eyes and protects the liver.

  Watching TV for a long time accounted for the two fatigue among the "five fatigue injury body" recorded in ancient works Huang Di Nei Jing, "long seeing hurt the liver" and "long sitting hurt the muscle".

The downside of watching TV for too long: it hurts your eyes, liver and face.

 Downside of Watching TV 07 ✵The disadvantages of watching TV for too long:  People who watch TV for an average of more than three hours a day may be troubled with TV syndrome. Studies show that about 50 diseases are linked to TV watching. Video display, including TV screen, can directly affect people's eyes, bone marrow, and muscles, indirectly cause tension and stress. Indoor pollution caused by dioxins has been found in Europe, America, and Japan in the past, but the source and route of pollution have not been identified. But recently, Japanese researchers have found that flame retardants in the television set fission at high temperatures, producing high concentrations of dioxins and other toxins that can harm human health. Dioxins have strong carcinogenic characteristics and can cause cardiovascular disease, impaired immune function, endocrine disorders, abortion or abnormal sperm and other diseases. At the same time, dust accumulated in TV sets will continue to spread outward, forming inhalable particles, which seriously endanger human health.

 Downside of Watching TV 03 ✵Tips for watching TV right: Above all television is put aptly in the height same level with line of sight. And it is proper to watch television in the distance 4 ~ 5 times away from the height of the television screen. When watching TV, do not look up, also do not lie down to see, should sit upright. Get up and move around when you have ads. Open the window when watching TV, and ensure ventilation time of 10 minutes per hour even when it is cold, to effectively reduce the concentration of pm10 and dioxins. Open the fluorescent lamp of 5 ~ 8 watts again at the same time or desk lamp. Do not watch TV while eating, not only reduce the appetite, the function of digestive organs weakened, but also because dioxins have a strong adsorption ability to food, mixed with food and let us eat into the body; Don't watch TV right after eating, or it will affect your digestion. Wash exposed skin with warm water after watching TV. Clean the dust off the TV set regularly.

The benefits of watching less TV

 Downside of Watching TV 04 ✵1. Liver protection and eye protection: if you stare at the screen for a long time, the eyeball will become congested with blood, and the photosensitive function of the retina of the eyeball will be maladjusted. Cause visual disturbance, cause autonomic nerve disorder, caught dry eye disease.

 ✵2. Protect your skin: there is a large amount of static charge on the surface of the TV screen, and the accumulated dust can be shot at people's faces by the beam of light. If you do not wash your face clean, it will lead to macular grow on the face.

 Downside of Watching TV 06 ✵3. Prevent obesity: watching TV reduces physical energy consumption and lead to subcutaneous fat accumulation; Watching TV while eating will make people eat more things unconsciously. Even if they don't watch TV during mealtime, people like to eat high-energy snacks while watching TV. Moreover, the food advertisement on television has an effect which increases appetite and so on.

 ✵4. Avoid sitting for a long time: watching TV for a long time makes blood flow back from the lower limbs obstructed, resulting in distension, numbness, pain and other symptoms; Because venous blood vessel wall is thin, easy to press, cause blood flow to be obstructed, lower extremity vein thrombosis, form TV leg. Sitting in front of the TV screen for a long time, there will be varying degrees of pain in the coccyx, sometimes radiating to the buttocks and thighs, it is known as "television coccyx disease."

 ✵5. Prevention of disease: according to statistics, 40% of people who watch television more than 3 hours for a long-term, have stomach ptosis, ulcer and other symptoms, the reason is that they watch TV while eating, make stomach function disorder. Watching stimulating programs can also increase blood pressure or cause heart attacks. China scientists have found that television sets and other visual and radiological images can emit dangerous energy, easily lead to cancer if people close their door and window while watching TV. Additionally, because sit watching TV for a long time make person blood circulate not free, bodily activity is not clever, the resistance of disease and immunity gradually drops, very easy to catch a cold.

 ✵6. Prevent premature puberty: a new study found that, children who watch a lot of television produce less melatonin than their peers, and the less this hormone, the earlier puberty begins.

 Downside of Watching TV 05 ✵7. Get enough sleep: television is the number one cause of chronic sleep deprivation, followed by reading in bed, according to a US survey. An addiction to late-night television leads to drowsiness during the day, leading to a severe decline in sexual desire in 1/4 of Americans.

 ✵Tips: Watch TV can make eyesight decline, and drink alcohol could make eyes congestive and easy to damage optic nerve, both undertake at the same time be equal to add fuel to the fire, have great damage to eyesight, even go blind.


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