Health Preservation in Routine Daily Lives:Top 10 health problems caused by the Internet.

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 ✵The modern meaning of Health Preservation refers to the active physical and mental maintenance activities according to the law of human life process.Maintenance or Preservation refers to follow the law of life, through moderate exercise, plus external care and other means, so that the body function and external skin can rest and recuperate, restore due function, which is the first level of health; Cultivation, refers to the broadening of horizons, access to the heart, wide-ranging knowledge, through their own moral and quality of the practice and promotion, so that the body and mind could get a kind of rest and repair, to achieve the purpose of rest the mind and vitality; nourishment refers to the timely and appropriate people, follow the law of heaven and earth, the four seasons, with the appropriate food supplements, in order to nourish the conditioning of the whole body, to achieve the goal of better health and extending the year.


 Introduction of Top 10 health problems caused by the Internet Introduction: The Internet has brought us a lot of conveniences, such as paying bills for electricity fee and other public service fees, watching movies online, watching TV online, buying daily necessities online and so on. While enjoying these conveniences, there are some friends whose self-control slightly poor have an Internet addiction, like a spider, can not live a normal life if leaving the network, so what is the harm about long-time online?

The dangers of spending too much time online

 Health Problems of Internet 03 ✵Surfing the Internet for a long time will cause loss of appetite:  Hang on the net for a long time, the brain nerve is highly nervous when playing games, the brain is very dull when watching TV series. The food pictures on the Internet have been processed, all of them are very attractive and looks delicious than its real state. Moreover, the computer releases some harmful substances for a long time, which irritates people's spleen and stomach and causes loss of appetite.

 So, besides avoiding getting online for a long time, the staff member that often works with the network, should eat fruit and the food that benefit stomach, do not fool your stomach casually for getting online or can aggravate appetite more in that way lack of appetite.

 ✵Long time online easy to lead to cervical spondylosis: Long time in front of the computer, sitting at the computer desk, can induce cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of shoulder and other "overwork disease", these are the common symptoms of IT white-collar workers.

 In addition to reducing the time spent on the Internet, you should also strengthen physical exercise, especially the small activities of the neck, shoulder, and waist.

 ✵Too much time on the Internet tends to affect interpersonal relationships:  Longtime hanging on the net, talk to various net friend through the text, will desalinate the person's oral expression ability more and more, in the life common some people write very joyfully on the net, but once come to the friend party, the vision is dull, the speech is not clear.

  So, reduce the time spent online, spend more time with friends, improve communication skills and improve interpersonal relationships.

 ✵Long hours on the Internet tend to add to the cost: All kinds of advertising activities on the Internet are overwhelming, festival activities one followed by another, created a weird online festival uncanny circle but in real life there is no such festival, this is a cash-trap of consumerism built by online malls and shops in the malls for the promotion of their sales number, money-payment, and debt is real and festival is a tale, staying on the Internet, for a long time, a lot of people will not tolerate the temptation to buy a lot of "dreamful things" actually they do not need and actually not as "dreamful" as advertisement said, leading to increased spending!

 Health Problems of Internet 05 ✵Surfing the Internet for a long time gives off more radiation: Long time to the computer, absorb all kinds of harmful substances around the computer, will make the skin more and rougher, more radiation hurt people's health. So cut down on your Internet time, use insulating cream more often, and wear radiation protective clothing.

 ✵Use Internet for a long time is also prone to mental illness:  Teenagers, in particular, spend a long time on the Internet and seldom play and talk with their peers around them. They are likely to be isolated in life, which will lead to the psychological shadow of unwilling to meet people and cause psychological diseases.

 ✵Surfing the Internet for a long time harms your eyesight:  Go up a time to the computer screen, can affect eye organ, a long time can cause eyesight fatigue, bring about eyesight to drop, form myopia.

 ✵What's the harm of using the Internet for a long time?

 Often operate computer, a lot of people feel eye fatigue, the eyesight is blurred, even eyesight drops apparently, still have a few people to often feel pain on shoulder, wrist, backside is aching, spirit droop, giddy and have a headache, this is the "computer syndrome" that high technology brings people. In modern society, the computer and the network have become the indispensable content of our life, it does bring people a lot of conveniences, but also brought some troubles and worries, people more or less worry about the long-term computer work on the adverse impact on health.

 It is true that computers generate weak electromagnetic fields when they are working, but it has not been determined whether long-term exposure can cause cancer or other serious harm to humans. News media have reported many times that computer monitors and screens cause staff members to suffer from miscarriages, teratoses, facial rashes, cataracts, and photosensitive epilepsy, but pathological statistics analysis not verified such a conclusion. A panel of experts from the World Health Organization agreed.

Top 10 health problems caused by the Internet.

 Health Problems of Internet 04 ✵1. Eye fatigue:  Excessive use of eyes will lead to eye fatigue. It's no surprise that your eyes start to ache when you look at a computer screen for hours on end.

 ✵2. Headaches:  there are three types of web-related headaches: tension headache, chronic daily headache and stress headache. Tension headaches are not caused by tension but are often caused by neck or eye strain. Chronic daily headache is a headache that occurs for more than half a month. Stress headaches are not caused by a lot of stress, the symptoms are all-natural, but the headache intensity is very low.

 ✵3. Back pain:  bad posture can cause back pain. If you're sitting in front of a computer and surfing the Internet all day, you need to get up and exercise regularly to avoid back pain.

 ✵4. Health anxiety:  since the Internet flooded with alarming news, sometimes false information, people who have never before experienced health anxiety or pain catastrophes(thinking of the worst when they feel pain) are now trapped in this vicious state.

 ✵5. Munchowson syndrome:  Munchowson syndrome is a kind of psychological disease that obtains sympathy by describing and imagining the symptoms of the disease, pretending to be sick and even actively disabling oneself or others. Patients may disguise themselves as victims of rape, abuse or serious illness to get attention.

 Health Problems of Internet 06 ✵6. Social networking depression:  Frequent visits to social networking sites make teenage girls more prone to anxiety and depression. On these sites, they discuss topics that are likely to cause negative emotions, especially in relationships, with girls of the same age. The more times the exchange was repeated, the more negative their emotions became.

 ✵7. Deep vein thrombosis:  deep vein thrombosis refers to the occurrence of blood clots in deep veins. It is also known as "economy class syndrome" because airline passengers are particularly prone to the disease. Airline passengers are at risk because they can't walk around and are dehydrated.

 ✵8. Upper limb disorders:  upper limb disorders include neck tension syndrome, wrist syndrome, elbow syndrome, tendinitis (mainly hand and wrist), tenosynovitis, mucositis, repetitive strain injury, and thoracic outlet syndrome. All of these diseases are related to the Internet.

 ✵9. Online venting:  online venting may not affect health per se, but it can lead to cyberstalking and violent behavior. If you are a person who likes to vent anger online, you should be wary of this behavior.

 ✵10. Internet addiction:  Internet addiction disorder is permeable, patients may be addicted to any online activities. For example, visit chat rooms, shopping online, multiplayer games, and more. Among them, online game addiction is the most harmful, and it is difficult to quit.


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