Health Preservation in Routine Daily Lives:What's the use of an egg shell.

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 ✵The modern meaning of Health Preservation refers to the active physical and mental maintenance activities according to the law of human life process.Maintenance or Preservation refers to follow the law of life, through moderate exercise, plus external care and other means, so that the body function and external skin can rest and recuperate, restore due function, which is the first level of health; Cultivation, refers to the broadening of horizons, access to the heart, wide-ranging knowledge, through their own moral and quality of the practice and promotion, so that the body and mind could get a kind of rest and repair, to achieve the purpose of rest the mind and vitality; nourishment refers to the timely and appropriate people, follow the law of heaven and earth, the four seasons, with the appropriate food supplements, in order to nourish the conditioning of the whole body, to achieve the goal of better health and extending the year.


 Introduction of eggshell Introduction: In this article, we introduce 13 unknown uses of eggshell. Wisdom is everywhere in life.

What's the use of an egg shell.

 Eggshell 03 Here are some great USES for eggshells:

 ✵1. Eggshell beauty:  Eggshells have beauty benefits, especially the subshell membrane, which is the innermost layer of the eggshell, has a good beauty effect. It is called "phoenix coat" and is rich in collagen. Stick it on your face or nose or chin to remove blackheads and dead skin. Besides, the inner layer of egg white liquid in the eggshell can be used to make the best beauty product. Take a little, add a spoonful of milk powder and honey to make a mask and apply it on your face, wash it in 30 minutes, and refresh your skin.

 ✵2. Eggshell calcium supplement:  Wash the eggshells, lightly bake them and grind them into a fine powder, then mix them with rice to make calcareous rice. A small bowl of calcareous rice with a small plate of egg salad vegetables, not only can supplement the nutritional elements needed by the human body but also can help you lose weight and aid beauty.

 ✵3. Eggshell cleaning:  Fresh eggshell is immersed in water, can produce the mixture solution of protein and water, brush glass or furniture with it, can increase burnish.

  Crushing eggshells and putting them in rice washing water can quickly remove grease. The kettle of boiling water has a thick scale, hard and difficult to remove, use it to boil the eggshell twice, all the scale could be removed easier.

 Eggshell 04 ✵4. Eggshell for flowers:  Some flowers friend puts eggshell directly in the flowerpot, the result is otherwise smelly, or maggot grows from it, this kind of practice is a mistake, because there is egg white residue stay inside the eggshell, so very easy to rot. The correct steps are:

 (1).put the eggshell outside to dry, after a day or two, the eggshell becomes dry and brittle, then break into small pieces. (the eggshell is also carefully washed and dried.)

 (2).put the small pieces into the drink bottle or bowl, use chopsticks or stick to crush the shell.

 (3).remove the mud on the surface of the flowerpot, bury the mashed eggshell and then fill it with soil, let it slowly absorb.

 Ps: the main component of the eggshell is calcium carbonate, which can adjust the pH value of the soil.

 ✵5. Anti-inflammatory and analgesic:  Eggshell into the powder external application can treat trauma, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic. The egg film inside the Eggshell can also cure scald, pain.

 ✵6. Egg shell small crafts:  clean the complete eggshell after cool dry, and then painting on the eggshell,like oil painting, a fine arts and crafts innovation.

 Eggshell 05 ✵7. Cleaning juicer:  The blade part of the juicer is difficult to clean and easy to hurt the hand. You can add half of the eggshell and some water and detergent into the juicer, let running for several minutes, the eggshell could clean the blade part of the juicer, then use clean water to wash it easily.

 ✵8. Cure scald, cure soup injury:  if the body has a slight scald or burn, you can take a thin layer of eggshell, the egg film, and some egg liquid, apply them on the skin wound area, change once a day, and apply it help relieve pain, aid to cure in three to five days.

 ✵9. Reduce stomachache:  wash the eggshell and break, put into the iron pot with soft fire and fried till yellow (can not fry to black), and then grind into powder, the finer the better, take an eggshell amount every day, divided into 2 ~3 times before or after meals in water to take, have pain relief, acid effect for those with duodenal ulcer and stomach pain, stomach acid too much.

 Eggshell 06 ✵10. Out of ants:  Heat the eggshell with slow fire till slightly black and then grind it into powder, scatter it to the corner, can kill ants.

 ✵11. In addition to the scale of the kettle:  once the kettle with boiling water for a long time, it will have a thick layer of scale, it is difficult to eradicate, found that after the scale, can put some eggs shell in the pot to boil, scale can be removed, hot water bottle with scale can also use this method to eradicate, put a stamp of eggshell, add some water, shake left and right, then it works;

 ✵12. Remove oil:  if there is oil in the old glass bottle, you can put some broken eggshell inside, fill with water, after 2 days, shake the glass bottle, oil can be eradicated;

 ✵13. Clean the sink, faucet:  add the eggshell in a waste silk socks, wipe stainless steel faucet, sink, neither will damage the faucet, sink, and can make it bright and clean, but also take care of the brush, rag, and other untouchable sanitary dead space.


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