Health Preservation in Routine Daily Lives:How many days is the healthiest time to wash your hair? The right way to wash your hair.

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 ✵The modern meaning of Health Preservation refers to the active physical and mental maintenance activities according to the law of human life process.Maintenance or Preservation refers to follow the law of life, through moderate exercise, plus external care and other means, so that the body function and external skin can rest and recuperate, restore due function, which is the first level of health; Cultivation, refers to the broadening of horizons, access to the heart, wide-ranging knowledge, through their own moral and quality of the practice and promotion, so that the body and mind could get a kind of rest and repair, to achieve the purpose of rest the mind and vitality; nourishment refers to the timely and appropriate people, follow the law of heaven and earth, the four seasons, with the appropriate food supplements, in order to nourish the conditioning of the whole body, to achieve the goal of better health and extending the year.


 Introduction of TCM Health Preservation Introduction: Hair qualitative cleanness is the foundation of hair beauty, so, how many days you should wash the hair is appropriate, what kind of shampoo is correct, how to choose the shampoo that suits yourself?

 The World Health Organization lists "clean, shiny, dandruff free hair" as one of its health criteria. Healthy and beautiful hair should be clean, neat, no dandruff, shiny hair appearance, full of elasticity, moderate hair thickness, hair slightly not bifurcate, hair distribution and density are even. To have healthy, beautiful hair, it is important to know the right way to care for it. Wash hair could clean scalp and the scale that clear hair sebum and dirt, give scalp with good stimulation, have the effect of similar massage, be helpful for the growth of the hair, so, wash hair is the most important first step in the hair protection.

How many days is the healthiest time to wash your hair? Teach you the right way to wash your hair.

 Health Preservation of TCM Icon 02 In ancient times, ancestors rarely washed their hair. With the continuous improvement of the level of civilization and living standard, people washed their hair more and more frequently. According to the results of trichotomy research, even washing your hair every day won't do too much damage to your hair. But, the hair and skin are same, according to the different percent that the secrete amount of sebum and hair moisture content is dry, neuter and oily, the cycle that different type hair need washes are differs somewhat. Generally speaking, neutral, dry hair better need washes 1 ~ 2 times a week, oily hair should increase to 3 ~ 4 times every week. But, season is different, profession is different, the wash hair frequency changes also correspondingly. In summer, the body sweats much, sebum secretes exuberant, or the person that works in field work and the person that works in the production environment with serious dust, can increase to wash hair frequency as appropriate; In winter the person that works indoors for a long time, can extend the cycle that washes hair appropriately.

 Wash Hair 04 ✵How to wash hair correctly?

 When washing hair, the water temperature should not be unfavorable and too high, can choose the warm water with temperature at around 40℃. Soak the hair first, pour some shampoo into the palm, besmear on the hair after knead blister, insert hair gently with both hands inside, knead with finger brush hair root and scalp, should not use sharp fingernail desperately scratch and rub in wash, for the hair end should clip gently with finger and knead slowly. After complete rub and massage, rinse with warm water to clean, suck moisture gently with dry towel subsequently, should not wipe dry hair with unfavorable force. Finally, use a hair dryer to blow your hair 80% dry.

 How to choose shampoo ✵How to choose shampoo?

 The biggest difference between different hair shampoos is their cleansing power. The shampoo that sells on general market is marked suit neuter, oily, dry nature or it is suitable for damage hair to use, because this you should choose which is suit for you and as far as possible qualitative, quality is high, exciting level is small, mild and effective wash hair shampoo. For example, for those who like refreshing feeling, or usually always exposed to a lot of dust, oily shampoo is more appropriate; For patients with seborrheic dermatitis, seborrheic alopecia, pityriasis scalp and other head skin diseases, you can choose those soap or liquid shampoo specially designed for the treatment of these abnormal symptoms. In the past, a few wash hair product alkalescent level is high, and as the technology improved, nowadays high grade wash hair product nature gentle, do not have stimulation to the scalp even use every day, the hair element composition could protect small skin(the outer layer of the hair surface), avoid the harm that brought by the hair combs and friction.

Reference for hair types:

 Hair Types ✵If your hair basically meets the following criteria, it can be considered as neutral hair:

 (1).Neither sebum nor dry.

 (2).Neither perm and no dye hair;

 (3).Good hair styling;

 (4).Most of the time you can see the hair is more shiny, very healthy.

 ✵If your hair basically meets the following criteria, it can be considered as oily hair:

 (1).Hair soft and limp;

 (2).Each hair looked flat and small;

 (3).Hair modeling difficult and difficult to comb;

 (4).The hair soon became greasy after I washed it.

 ✵If your hair basically meets the following criteria, it can be considered as dry hair:

 (1).Hair without luster, let a person feel dry and rough;

 (2).The hair is easy to tangle, comb difficult;

 (3).Chemically treated (perm, bleach, dye, etc.) hair;

 (4).Hair curly, easy to fork on the end.


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