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 ✵TCMfans Club, is run by herbalist Mickael, for the purpose to help TCM fans and our clients!

 ✵ And, with the business and website, we provide some basic knowledge and introduction about the common classical syndrome identification from TCM system, about ancient famous herbalists and ancient TCM classical works, and other relevant basic knowledge.

 About Icon 01 ✵ We are operating with the basic value that the intelligence in the world, are all for the common benefit of humanity, the benefit to others or altruistic means, are also self-interest. The conscience is all benefit others, the hearts are all self-interest. The difference between the public and the private is only a very thin margin. The confirmed habit or long-standing practice turns into reasons, the kindness will become a part of nature.

 About Icon 02 ✵ At present, we are in honor to provide several kinds of consulting service help for fans of TCM and our clients, they are: Basic Consulting Service for Syndrome Differentiation of TCM, Premium Consulting Service for Syndrome Differentiation, Basic and Premium Health Maintenance Consulting Service, Special Aesthetic Consulting Service, Shape Building Consulting Service, Maintain beauty and beautifying skin consulting Service, and other related professional services, at an affordable price!

 About Icon 03 ✵ Herbalist Mickael, has related professional knowledge and experience for related syndrome differentiation and health maintaining skills for common health problems, with over 20 years in-depth study of ancient TCM knowledge, technique for classical traditional syndromes differentiation and identification, especially for identification of Yin syndrome, deficiency and asthenia syndromes, traditional syndromes, methods of health preservation, would like to help our fans and clients to handle the health problems, enjoy a healthy and better life.

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