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  • Terms of Service(TOS)

    Terms of Service By using tcmfans.club’s ("our", "us" or "we") website, and services ("service", or "services"), you ("you", "our client" or "our customer") agree to comply with our policies as outlined in these Terms of Service ("Terms of Service", "TOS", or "Agreement"). Creating an account and ordering service through our website constitutes your acceptance and agreement to be bound by these Terms of Service.

    We reserve the right to pending, cancel, or terminate any service provided. We also reserve the right to change and modify the Terms of Service at any time with or without client notification. It is up to the client to periodically check and familiarize themselves with the recent Terms of Service.

  • Privacy Policy

    Privacy Policy We handle every consulting service with absolute confidentiality and discretion, and we will never share, rent, or sell your personal information to anyone, so our client can be assured of their complete and total privacy. Information regarding how we collect and use your personal data may be found in Privacy Policy.

    Our client are safe to consult and order services with us, the Privacy Policy has had been seriously deployed with piety all through!

  • Service Support

    Service Support Email The service or support is handled through email in general. We generally handle and process emails in the inquiry list and orders in which they are received.

    Multiple replies to email will not ensure that our client receive a faster response. But if you forgot to send all detailed questions you cared in the first email, of course, you could feel free to ask them again in another consulting email.

  • Working Language

    Working Language:English We only offer support in English and require that it be used to communicate with.

     Our client may send questions in other languages and we would like to try to understand your meaning with the help of an online translator, but could Not guarantee that your meanings in other languages could be understood in its exactness, because we do not have support from a translator who knows well enough in your language. Also, that will need a longer time for answering.

  • Use of Service:

    Use of Service Solely for the purpose of providing the available services, our client hereby grant to TCMfans.club the right and license to ask, access, store and use any relevant information provided by you, and to remove all or any portion of such content if you violate the provisions of the Terms of Service or other Service Agreement in available consulting service.

    If our client use the services on behalf of another party (for example, your relative or your friend), you agree that you are authorized to bind such other party to this Agreement and to act on such other party's behalf with respect to any actions you take in connection with the services.

    By signing up for our services, you agree that you are at least 18 years old and that you have the legal capacity to enter into an agreement.

  • Reasonableness:

    Reasonableness We try to make sure the service provided is reasonable and proper too, also with the fewest mistakes.

    We also try best to check and verify the service provided, will keep our client updated the first time if any mistakes identified.

    By using the service we provided, our client agree that TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is reasonable, and our client agree that the service is reasonable. If you do not think they are reasonable, you should not contact us for help with related service.

  • Interpretation:

    Interpretation The definitions of common syndrome differentiation and other related concepts are according to TCM, they might have some minor or big differences in its definitions and interpretations of other science. We reserve the rights for explanation and interpretation of these definitions.

    Although the interpretation might have some differences from other science, all the interpretations, and definitions we are sure, they have the exact accordance and reference for works of prominent ancient Chinese herbalists or credible works of modern times in the related field.

  • Security of Service:

    Security of Service Ultimately, the security of services from TCMfans. club is the responsibility of the Clienteles. Suggested steps that would be taken to ensure that such services remain secure would include but are not limited to:

    Ensuring that  the information our client provided is accurate and correct, ensuring that the answers are accurate and correct when fill the inquiry sheet, are kept up to date and from yourself.

    Ensuring that  our client should check the contraindications, interactions of the recipes, and notify us if you find any herbs in it has any contraindications with your own condition, or interactions with other herbs you are using. Normally herbalist will give a list of possible contraindications and interactions, but the list normally contains commonly known major interactions or common major contraindications, you should not understand that is a complete list. The recipes recommended by herbalist normally are commonly used classical prescriptions and other non-classical prescriptions, with plus and minus or combinative modifications according to specific cases, the safety of them with proper administration had been verified ever since ancient time.

    Ensuring that  our client should check and not use other prescriptions might have interactions with the herb recipes or with any of the herb in the recipes.

    Ensuring that  our client should check the dosage of the recipe, should never overdose it, start with a smaller dosage than the advised dosage for your safety, and change to the advised dosage once it is safe with the smaller dosage, and you should better never take any herb recipe over 3~6 months continuously.

    Ensuring that  if there are negative effects, our client should stop it by yourself.

    Securing the devices and your account accessProperly securing  the devices used to access our services, securing the credentials used to access the service we provide, such as your Client name, ID, Email address, billing information, and Authentication code. Clients are responsible for all actions taken under their account, even in the event of the services being accessed or used by third-parties.

  • Service Payment Guidelines

    Service Payment Guideline All payment invoices are generated with an agreement with a validity period and due date. Failure to pay by the due date will result in an automatic invalid. If any reason the client-side forgot to pay the invoice before the agreed due time, we can send a new invoice with a new validity period and due date.

    With the first invoice, there is No automatic subscription to pay for service(s) with us, any consulting service and invoice, we provided are for one time, or for agreed times in a defined period if a product has several times service included. You do not need to worry about any automatic subscription from PayPal, etc., we do Not bill to our client without agreement from both sides.

    All invoices will be paid in full amount. This would include invoices for new orders, renewal of existing services.

    Invoice with prices in the different currency could be notified once we are sure it is acceptable recently.

  • Stable Price and Updates to Pricing:

    Stable Price and Updates To better help our clienteles, Gentleman and Lady, we will try all available conveniences to make the service price affordable, stable enough, and as good as possible for our clients.

    We try to keep the price transparent, that means no any hidden fees, and our client do not need to worry any hidden fees. We will NOT charge you any hidden fees or additional service charges on your invoice price when you need a consulting service.

    We reserve the right to update our pricing structures when it is necessary. We will make reasonable attempts to inform clients about updates to our pricing structure, in the event that active services are affected by pricing updates, the new prices will take effect as of the next invoice date, and will not affect the service you paid yet.

  • Service Abuse/Customer Abuse:

    Service Abuse In most cases, our clienteles, Gentleman and Lady, do not abuse service. At Tcmfans. club, same as most polite and well-mannered earthlings, herbalist prefer and choose to stay in peace, harmony with our cultured clients, and try efforts to help our clienteles and fans of TCM with sincerity, our cultured clienteles are treated with respect as a basic manner in general communications between cultivated human beings.

    In rare case, as we know, except cultured clients, there are also un-cultured, we always reserve the right not welcome and not offer a help to them.

    Attempted service abuse will result in termination of the relevant offending account, without notification.

  • Violation of Service Agreement:

    Violation of Service Agreement In most cases, our clients do not violate the terms of service or specific service agreement.

    Failure to comply with the Tcmfans.club Service Agreement or this Agreement or specific Agreement of service may result in an account suspension and/or terminated. Clients should adhere to their Tcmfans.club Service Agreement and with this Agreement. If a client is uncertain about the terms of the Service Agreement or this Agreement, or has any other questions about these Agreements, they should contact for clarification.

    We reserve the right to suspend an account without notice of the Terms of Service Agreement or this Agreement is violated. If a Client violates the Service Agreement or this Agreement occasionally, we will either give the Client a notification, if so chooses, or terminate the client's account, no notification is required.

      Thank you for visiting our website.

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