Safety Protection.

Safety Protection  
 We care and provide safety protection on your browsing. You can find details of safety protection declaration and the measures we installed.

 Whether you are an individual or a company, you should approach online safety in the same way that you would approach physical safety for your home or business. Not only does it make you feel safer, but it also protects people who visit, place of business, or website. It is important to understand the potential risks and then make sure you are fully protected.

Secured Server and Datacenter:

Secured Server and Datacenter Our website is hosted by a Secured Server and Datacenter, we have taken all necessary measures to guarantee our clients get the optimized experiences and protect your data with a high level safety.

  The server uses powerful cloud infrastructure and Intel Xeon server, the hosting side guarantees us optimized features, including:

 (1).SSD and Raid: The server use the only SSD drive (Solid State Drive) to maximize the computing performance, and its Raid SSD storage improves write-speed and fault tolerance.

 SSD and Raid (2).High Performance: The hosting side uses professional hardware and routers.

 (3).High SLA level: the hosting guarantee us a 99.90% SLA (Service Level Agreement) uptime level of server and network. With exception offline minutes for necessary server deployment and scheduled system maintenance tasks (regular and periodical system upgrading, system monitoring, system restart, etc.), we try the best to guarantee the real uptime level close to 99.90%~99.95%, or even higher.

 Uptime Status Monitor An Uptime Status Monitor had been setup, it has detailed statistics reports of the real uptime status and real downtime status for website connection, TLS Protocol, Mailserver(IMAP Server), the monitor is available at:Uptime Status Monitor of

 (4).24/7 Monitoring: the hosting side monitoring all servers to ensure services are running 24/7.

 (5).Fast Network: the server is connected on multiple 1.0G+ networks, support a fast enough connection and download speed, wherever you visiting from.

  To better help our clients, protect customer privacy, we store all the personal information you messaged on a rigorously secured server. The hosting data center has taken necessary measures to guarantee the data center security, including (but are not limited to):

 Fast Network(1).Secured & monitored single-person point entry and physical 24/7 security personnel on-site;
 (2).Keyboard access control and Key/combo cabinet lock: Separate access card required for the use of elevators to access customer collocation floor;
 (3).Biometric security confirmation system throughout the facility: Biometric readers, Mantrap with Biometric Authentication;
 (4).Internal and external video surveillance: CCTV surveillance installed throughout internal and external perimeters;
 (5).Strict security processes are in place to ensure delivery and loading of goods are secure;
 (6).Customer access lists and Visitor ID screening:24/7 authorized customer personnel access via regularly updated access lists with photo identification;
 (7).Fire Detection and Suppression: Gas suppression system ensures no damage to customer equipment, Smoke alarms with pre-action sprinklers, Rooftop antenna access, etc.

 SOC 1 TYPE II Audits The hosting data center has been certified with the collocation certifications SOC 1 TYPE II Audits, the Service Organization Reports (SOC Reports) serve to assist service organizations “that operate information systems and provide information system services to other entities, build trust and confidence in their service delivery processes and controls through a report by an independent Certified Public Accountant.” As a security-first company, data and privacy protection are the # 1 priority for the datacenter, the SOC 1 TYPE II Audit certified that the data center provide a good level service which guarantee the "Transaction & Security Processing Controls Focus and Security Controls Focus", with the added benefit of reasonable distance from mainstream activity and avoiding major tourist hotspots, sensitive city areas and any possibility of compromised security from increased human traffic, as a result offering a measure of greater security. As a Tier III facility, it offers a connection to the most active IP peering exchange NYIIX, ranking in top 10 internationally, provide stability and good connection condition for our clients.

Safe Browsing and Security by Quttera Scan:

Safe Browsing The website is tested by a third-party Free Online Website Malware Scanner Quttera :Quttera check website for malware and vulnerabilities exploits.It scans your website for malicious files, suspicious files, potentially suspicious files, phishTank, Safe Browsing (Google, Yandex) and Malware domain list.

 Test date:Tue, 23 Mar 2020

  Scan Result from QutteraTest Result:No Malware Detected By Free Online Website Scan On This Website. A free external scan did not find malicious activity on your website.
 Malicious files: 0;
 Suspicious files: 0
 Potentially Suspicious files: 0
 Clean files: 96
 Blacklisted: No
 It also help checked with other security agency, and result is clean in all tested reports:
 StopBadware - domain is Clean.[✔]
 Google - domain is Clean.[✔]
 Phishtank - domain is Clean.[✔]
 Yandex Safebrowsing - domain is Clean.[✔]
 Quttera Labs - domain is Clean.[✔]
 URLhaus - domain is Clean.[✔]
 ZeusTracker - domain is Clean.[✔]
 MalwareDomainList - domain is Clean.[✔]
 The specific test results in details is available at:Test report from

Safe Browsing and Security by Sucuri scan:

Sucuri scan The website is tested by a third-party Free Online Website Malware Scanner Sucuri :which could clean and protect Websites. SUCURI is the most popular free website malware and security scanner. You can do a quick test for Malware, Website blacklisting, Injected SPAM and Defacements.

 Test date:Tue, 23 Mar 2020

  Scan Result from SucuriTest Result:Low Security Risk. Our automated scan did not detect malware. Website Malware & Security results:
 No malware detected by scan (Low Risk);
 No injected spam detected (Low Risk);
 No defacements detected (Low Risk);
 No internal server errors detected (Low Risk).
 It also help checked with other security agency, and Website Blacklist Status is clean in all tested reports:
 Domain clean by Google Safe Browsing
 Domain clean by Norton Safe Web
 Domain clean by McAfee
 Domain clean by Sucuri Labs
 Domain clean by ESET
 Domain clean by PhishTank
 Domain clean by Yandex
 Domain clean by Opera
 Domain clean by Spamhaus
 The specific test results in details is available at:Test report from

Safe Browsing and Security by Pentest-tools scan:

Pentest-tools scan The website is tested by a third-party Free Online Website Malware Scanner Pentest-tools scan :Finds common vulnerabilities which affect web applications: SQL injection, XSS, OS Comand Injection, Directory Traversal and others. The scanner also identifies specific web server configuration issues.

 Test date:Tue, 23 Mar 2020

  Scan Result from Pentest-toolsTest Result:
 [pass]Fingerprinting the server software and technology...
 [pass]Checking for vulnerabilities of server-side software...
 [pass]Analyzing the security of HTTP cookies...
 [pass]Analyzing HTTP security headers...
 [pass]Checking for secure communication...
 [pass]Checking robots.txt file...
 [pass]Checking client access policies...
 [pass]Checking for directory listing (quick scan)...
 [pass]Checking for password auto-complete (quick scan)...
 [pass]Checking for clear-text submission of passwords (quick scan)...
 The specific test results in details is available at:Test report from Pentest-tools

TLS Certificate Security by DigiCert scan:

DigiCert scan The website is tested by a third-party Free SSL Scanner Digicert scan :DigiCert SSL Installation Diagnostics Tool is another fantastic tool to provide you DNS resolves IP address, Certificate details including Issuer, Serial number, key length, signature algorithm, SSL cipher supported by the server and expiry details.

 Scan Result from DigiCert scan Test date:Fri, 16 April 2021
 Test Result:
 [✔]HTTP Server Header: nginx
 TLS Certificate:[✔]
 TLS Certificate has not been revoked:[✔]
 TLS Certificate expiration:[✔]
 Certificate Name matches[✔]
 TLS Certificate is correctly installed:[✔]Congratulations!
 Heartbleed Vulnerability:[✔]
 TLS Certificate has not been revoked:[✔]
 Protocol Support:[✔]TLS 1.2
 TLS ciphers supported by the server:[✔]TLSv1.2
 The specific test results in details is available at:Test report from Rescan Pro scan

Antivirus Safety Scan by VirusTotal:

VirusTotal scan The website is tested by a third-party Free SSL Scanner VirusTotal :VirusTotal inspects items with over 70 antivirus scanners and URL/domain blacklisting services, in addition to a myriad of tools to extract signals from the studied content.

 Scan Result from VirusTotal Test date:Tue, 23 Mar 2020
 Test Result:
 [✔]Clean:ADMINUSLabs,AegisLab WebGuard,AlienVault,Antiy-AVL,Avira,Baidu-International,BitDefender
 [✔]Clean:Blueliv,C-SIRT,Certly,CLEAN MX,Comodo Site Inspector,CyberCrime,CyRadar,,
 [✔]Clean:DNS8,Dr.Web,Emsisoft,ESET,Fortinet,FraudScore,FraudSense,G-Data,Google Safebrowsing,K7AntiVirus,
 [✔]Clean:Malc0de Database,Malekal,Malware Domain Blocklist,Malwarebytes hpHosts,Malwared,MalwareDomainList,MalwarePatrol, URL checker
 [✔]Clean:Nucleon,OpenPhish,Opera,Phishtank,Quttera,Rising,,SecureBrain,securolytics,Spam404,Sucuri SiteCheck
 [✔]Clean:Tencent,ThreatHive,Trustwave,URLQuery,Virusdie External Site Scan,VX Vault,Web Security Guard
 [✔]Clean:Yandex Safebrowsing,ZCloudsec,ZDB Zeus,ZeroCERT,Zerofox,ZeusTracker,zvelo
 [✔]Unrated:AutoShun,Forcepoint ThreatSeeker,Kaspersky,Netcraft,NotMining,PhishLabs,Sophos AV,StopBadware.
 The specific test results in details is available at:Test report from VirusTotal

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