Online Safety Protection.

Online Safety Protection  
 We care and provide online safety protection on your browsing. You can find details on the security statement and the measures we have implemented.

 Whether you are an individual or a business, you should think about online safety the same way you would think about the physical safety of your home or business. Not only will you feel more secure, but it also protects those who visit, place of business or web site. It is important to understand the potential risks and then ensure you are fully protected.

Secured Server and Data Center Introduction:

 Our website in service is hosted by a Secured Server and Datacenter, necessary measures have been taken to guarantee our clients get the optimized experiences with a guarnteed safety, powerful cloud infrastructure and optimised features are guaranteed, such as:

 NVMe SSD drive in RAID-10 High Performance: Professional hardware and routers are used by hosting side, the server is supported by Enterprise NVMe SSD drive (Solid State Drive) in RAID-10 to maximize the performance. NVMe is a high-performance, NUMA (Non Uniform Memory Access) optimized, highly scalable storage protocol, NVMe is capable of delivering the results of various inquiries and tasks, decreases latency, with a minimum delay when retrieving the results, and its RAID-10 storage improves write-speed and fault tolerance.

 High SLA level: 99.9% uptime SLA (Service Level Agreement) availability for the server and the network is guaranteed. With the exception of offline minutes for necessary maintenance (scheduled system upgrade, monitoring, etc.), we do our best to guarantee the real uptime level close to 99.90%, or even higher.

 Uptime Status Monitor A Service Status Monitor of had been setup since March of year 2020, and it reports the real uptime status and downtime status for website connection, TLS Protocol and Mailserver. With the aiding from the service status monitor, we have taken necessary measures to guarantee an optimal state of the service status, and our clients could enjoy a reliable and stable network connection and get better service. The service status from yearly tests in details since its set up date are listed in below table form:

Service Status and SLA level
YearYearly SLA levelYearly Offline timeOffline reasons
2019: Online since Jan 4th,2019.Not tested Not tested Not tested
2020(Mar 23rd~Dec 31st): 99.974% 1 hour, 41 minutes and 26 seconds ①.maintenance in data center.
2021: 99.90% 9 hours, 56 minutes 4 seconds ①.canonical domain DNS updating; ②.TLS updating; ③.scheduled system maintenance.
2022: 99.797% 17 hours, 45 minutes 16 seconds. ①.scheduled system maintenance.
2023: 99.860% 12 hours, 13 minutes and 27 seconds. ①.TLS updating; ②.scheduled system maintenance; ③.TLS certificate change; ④.scheduled system maintenance.

 24/7 Monitoring: The Hosting monitors all servers to ensure that IT services are running 24/7/365.

 Fast Network: The server is connected on multiple 1.0G+ networks, support fast and stable connection for our customers in the global village.

 The hosting data center has taken necessary measures to guarantee security, including (but not limited to):

  ①.24x7 guards and Video Surveillance Cameras; ②.Key Card Access System; ③.HID Contact-Less Access Control System; ④.FM 200 fire suppression system.

 Secured Server and DatacenterThe data center cares about client trust; according to its introduction, the data center is "one of the largest and most connected data center hubs in the United States.", The data center's security, network and carriers, power and cooling system, and certifications are introduced:

 Security: As a security-focused company, data and privacy protection is the top priority for the data center, according to introductions, it supports 24x7 guards, key cards control and floor control, contact-less access control system, "The data center features excellent security, including 24x7x365 onsite security personnel, video surveillance cameras with recording and archiving of footage that is stored in DC3 that is located 2 miles east of this location, and key card access system. The access to elevators and data center is restricted and controlled via HID contact-less access control system."

 Network at DatacentreNetwork: The data center offers a "direct peering and improved network performance to hundreds of facilities on the West Coast.", and "redundant dark-fiber connects each building and divergent paths ensures unparalleled network reliability.", and "delivers direct connections to companies across Southern California but also low latency, high-availability connectivity routes to key cities around the world.", the network conditions to continents in the global village from tests are listed in below table form:
Network Connection of Continents
Continent NameResponse time (Best)Response time (Worst)Response time (Average)Loss Tolerance (Packet Loss Rate)
North America: 0.75 ms 76.62 ms 30.36 ms 0% or ≤1%
Central-South American: 59.21 ms 124.66 ms 116.44 ms 0% or ≤1%
Europe-Asia: 99.65 ms 258.95 ms 139.71 ms 0% or ≤1%
Oceania: 133.83 ms 161.88 ms 143.4 ms 0% or ≤1%
Africa: 177.79 ms 301.73 ms 221.91 ms 0% or ≤1%~2%

 Carriers: the data center is a Carrier neutral facility and support diverse carrier points of entry, support various well-known Carriers (CenturyLink, Cogent, GTT, NTT) and Peers.

 Fast NetworkPower Redundancy: 110V 20A Circuits, reliable and fault tolerant 2N+1 Power Infrastructure, the data center power is backed up by diesel generator, has dual power grids, UPS battery backup power and diesel generators. "The entire critical infrastructure is protected by redundant UPS system in 2N+1 redundancy that is backed by redundant diesel generators on the prolonged power outage. The data center provides 110V 20 Amps power circuit to each cabinet."

 Cooling Redundancy: The datacenter employs a redundant set of 11 HVAC units which are controlled by software. "The cooling and humidity in the data center is controlled through 11 x HVAC units that is controlled through an automated software. The facility has two sets of HVAC units, the primary set that utilizes building chilled water while secondary set utilizes dedicated chillers that are on the other side of the building.","Additionally, air from the top of the building is fed to the space when temperature at the top of the high-rise is lower than ambient air temperature inside the space."

 Fire Detection and Suppression: The data center is protected from fire through the use of a FM 200 fire suppression system.

 SOC2, PCI, HIPAA Colocation CertificationsCertifications: SOC2, PCI, HIPAA. The data center has been certified with the SOC2 collocation certifications, PCI, HIPAA, the SOC Reports (Service Organization Reports) are used to assist service organizations “that operate information systems and provide information system services to other entities, build trust and confidence in their service delivery processes and controls through a report by an independent Certified Public Accountant.”

Safe Browsing and Security:

SSLTrust scan SSLTrust Verified: Web site is tested by a third-party Free Website Safety & Security Scanner SSLTrust :it is a Free Website Security Check Tool to scan and check the safety of public facing websites. Checking over 60 databases from companies such as Google Safe Browsing, Comodo, Opera, Securi ,K7 Security, OpenPhish, Alien Vault, CRDF, Fortinet, Trustwave, CyRadar, Dr.WEB, EMSISOFT, Avira, Kaspersky, Sucuri, Blueliv, Bitdefender, DGDATA, Forcepoint, Eset, CMC Threat Intelligence, Snort IP sample list, VX Vault, ViriBack, CINS Army, Quttera, BlockList, Feodo Tracker, Web Security Guard, Scantitan, Sophos, SecureBrain, and more. This tool can help determine whether the web site is secure to visit and share information with.

 Test date:Fri, 2 December 2022
  Trust ReportTLS Report
Test Result:
 ①.Malware, Spam, Trust Report:
 Status: Finished. Results: 90 Tests Complete, 0 Positives.
 ②.SSL/TLS Report:
 Status: Finished. Results:No Issues Found.

WOT:Web of Trust WOT Verified: Web site is tested by Website Security Scanner WOT :"WOT combines machine learning algorithms with over 140 million website ratings and reviews from a global community of users that create a safety score for every website and app."

 WOT Safe Browsing Tested Test Result: Is Safe? Trusted by WOT: " is safe:The site is considered safe by WOT's security algorithms and by our community."

 "WOT (Web of Trust) is an online service that allows you to see how trustworthy are the sites that you are visiting on daily basis. With the help several million users who are continuously building WOT database, you can be assured that whenever your browsing lead you, you will always know how secure you are."

HTTP2:Hypertext Transfer Protocol version 2 HTTP2 Support: Web site supports HTTP/2:"HTTP/2 (Hypertext Transfer Protocol version 2) is a major revision of the HTTP protocol, which is the foundation of data communication on the World Wide Web. It was developed as an improvement over the previous HTTP/1.1 version to enhance web performance and efficiency.",according to related introductions, HTTP/2 protocal support brings web users main benefits including better web performance, better Mobile Web Performance, Cheaper Internet, Media Rich Experience.

 HTTP2 is supported Better web performance: users can access better web content quicker, HTTP/2 is a major new iteration of the HTTP protocol, Networking protocol for low-latency transport of content over the web. Originally started out from the SPDY protocol, now standardized as HTTP version 2, that provides a far more efficient transport, with potential performance benefits, and is supported by main versions of all major browswers:Chrome (40~50+), Edge (12~18+), Safari (11~17.2+), Firefox (36~52+), Opera (28~37+), etc.

 Better Mobile Web Performance: HTTP/2 is designed in the context of current-day web usage. It optimizes web experience for mobile users with high performance and security; this was previously only available to desktop users, and is supported by main versions of major mobile browswers:Chrome for Android (121+), Safari on iOS (9~17.2+), Firefox for Android (122+), Opera Mobile (73+), UC Browser for Android (15.5+), Android Browser (121+), etc.

 Cheaper Internet: The features of HTTP/2 will allow telecom operators to shrink operational expenses while maintaining high-speed internet standards;

 Media Rich Experience: The current web experience is about delivering rich media content faster.Features like Header Compression reduce a few bytes from the resource-consuming media-rich content transfer.

TLS Certificate Security by DigiCert:

DigiCert scan Web site is tested by a third-party Free SSL Scanner Digicert scan :DigiCert SSL Installation Diagnostics Tool is another fantastic tool for providing you DNS resolves IP address, certificate details including Issuer, Serial number, key length, signature algorithm, SSL cipher are supported by the server and expiry details.

 Scan Result from DigiCert scan Test date:Fri, 2 December 2022

 Test Result:
 HTTP Server Header: nginx[✔]
 DNS resolves:[✔]
 TLS Certificate:[✔]
 TLS Certificate has not been revoked:[✔]
 TLS Certificate expiration:[✔]
 Certificate Name matches[✔]
 TLS Certificate is correctly installed:[✔]Congratulations!
 Heartbleed Vulnerability:[✔]
 TLS Certificate has not been revoked:[✔]
 Protocol Support:[✔]TLS 1.2
 TLS ciphers supported by the server:[✔]TLSv1.2

 The specific test results in details is available at:Test report from Rescan Pro scan

Antivirus Safety Scan by VirusTotal:

VirusTotal scan Web site is tested by a third-party Free SSL Scanner VirusTotal :VirusTotal inspects items with more than 70 antivirus scanners and URL/domain blacklisting services, plus a myriad of tools for extracting signals from the studied content.

 Scan Result from VirusTotal Test date:Fri, 2 December 2022
 Test Result:
 [✔]Clean:Abusix,Acronis,ADMINUSLabs,AICC (MONITORAPP),Artists Against 419,AlienVault,,Antiy-AVL,Avira;
 [✔]Clean:BADWARE.INFO,,Bfore.,BlockList,BitDefender,Blueliv,C-SIRT,Certego,Certly,CLEAN MX,CINS Army,CMC Threat Intelligence,Comodo Valkyrie Verdict,CRDF,Cyble,CyRadar,,etc;
 [✔]Clean:DNS8,Dr.Web,EmergingThreats,Emsisoft,ESET,ESTsecurity,Feodo Tracker,Forcepoint ThreatSeeker,Fortinet,FraudScore,FraudSense,G-Data,Google Safebrowsing,GreenSnow,Heimdal Security,Hoplite Industries,IPsum,Juniper Networks,K7AntiVirus,Kaspersky,Lionic;
 [✔]Clean:MalBeacon,MalSilo,Malwared,MalwarePatrol,Malc0de Database,Malekal,Malware Domain Blocklist,Malwarebytes hpHosts,MalwareDomainList,MalwarePatrol, URL checker;
 [✔]Clean:Nucleon,OpenPhish,Opera,Phishing Database,Phishtank,PREBYTES,Quick Heal,Quttera,Rising,Sangfor,Scantitan,,Seclookup,SecureBrain,securolytics,Snort IP sample list,Sophos,Spam404,StopForumSpam,Sucuri SiteCheck;
 [✔]Clean:ThreatHive,Threatsourcing,Trustwave,URLhaus,Viettel Threat Intelligence,ViriBack,Virusdie External Site Scan,VX Vault;
 [✔]Clean:Web Security Guard,Webroot,Yandex Safebrowsing,ZeroCERT;
 The specific test results in details is available at:Test report from VirusTotal

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