Graphs of the Fourteen Meridians.

Graphs of the Fourteen Meridians Icon 01 ✵Ancient graphs of the fourteen meridians are introduced:Graph of the lung meridian, Graph of large intestine meridian, Graph of stomach meridian, Graph of spleen meridian, Graph of heart meridian, Graph of small intestine meridian, Graph of bladder meridian, Graph of kidney meridian, Graph of pericardium meridian, Graph of triple energizer meridian, Graph of gallbladder meridian, Graph of liver meridian, Graph of governor vessel, Graph of conception vessel.

Graphs of the Fourteen Meridians.

 Click the links for graphs of the Fourteen Meridians: Graph of the lung meridian,Graph of large intestine meridian,Graph of stomach meridian,Graph of spleen meridian,Graph of heart meridian,Graph of small intestine meridian,Graph of bladder meridian,Graph of kidney meridian,Graph of pericardium meridian,Graph of triple energizer meridian,Graph of gallbladder meridian,Graph of liver meridian.,Graph of governor vessel,Graph of conception vessel.
Graphs link of the Fourteen Meridians.

 Click the links and view big size graphs of the Fourteen Meridians:
 Graph of the lung meridian Graph of large intestine meridian
 Graph of stomach meridian Graph of spleen meridian
 Graph of heart meridian Graph of small intestine meridian
 Graph of kidney meridian Graph of bladder meridian
 Graph of pericardium meridian Graph of triple energizer meridian
 Graph of gallbladder meridian Graph of liver meridian
 Graph of governor vessel Graph of  conception vessel

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