What are the bad effects and danger of being overweight?

Obesity and Weight Loss:What is the standard weight calculation method and formula? The Shape Building subjects is useful specific for shape building plan or project.According to the UN website, a recent report published in the Journal of Lancet declared that 2.3 billion people living on the planet earth are overweight. Obeisity is a common group of metabolic disorders. When the body eats more calories than it consumes, the excess calories are stored in the body in the form of fat, which exceeds the normal physiological requirement, and reaches a certain value, then obesity develops.

 ✵What are the bad effects and danger of being overweight?High blood pressure,Diabetes,Dyslipidemia, Arthritis,Sleep apnea,Physical discomfort, and more...

What are the bad effects and danger of being overweight?
the bad effects and danger of being overweight 
 ✦What are the bad effects and dangers of being overweight? Briefly, they are:

 ✧1. High blood pressure: when there is too much fat, the body retains sodium. When the body retains sodium, blood volume increases and blood pressure rises. High blood pressure causes the heart to work harder, causing harm to the heart.

 ✧2. Diabetes: Obesity is the main cause of type 2 diabetes. Too much fat makes the body resistant to insulin. When the body becomes resistant to insulin, cells don't get the energy they need.

 ✧3. Dyslipidemia: a diet high in saturated fats can increase the level of LDL cholesterol.

 ✧4. Arthritis: the extra weight puts pressure on the joints and increases wear and tear while protecting the cartilage.

 ✧5. Sleep apnea: the fatter a person is, the more severe the condition of sleep apnea becomes.

 ✧6. Cancer: for both men and women, being overweight increases the risk and chances of various cancers.

 ✧7. Gallstones: Gallstones are very common in overweight people. The relationship between gallstones and weight is unclear.

 ✧8. Physical discomfort: fat accumulation squeezes the space normally occupied by viscera. People who are overweight can have difficulty breathing, walking or sitting.

  But above mentioned bad effects, is only a part of dangers of being overweight, there are sure more bad effects of being overweight than listed.

Obesity is upstream to the diabetes outbreak!
Obesity is upstream to the diabetes outbreak! 
 ✦The size of the body's fat store is fixed. When there is too much fat in the body, the extra fat is like a refugee wandering around the body and looking for a place to stay. The first one is the liver, so a lot of people get the fatty liver disease, And then the muscles, and then the islets. Once the islets store fat, insulin is secreted abnormally and blood sugar is elevated. Besides, the more fat, the worse the hypoglycemic function of insulin, and the more insulin resistance will be generated over time, leading to more insulin secreted by pancreatic islet cells, forming a vicious circle, which will cause serious damage to blood vessels and the whole body.

 ✧At present, we believe that obesity is the main cause of diabetes in obese people, accounting for about 50%. Of course, there are also other factors contributing to diabetes, such as family history of disease, damage to pancreatic islets and so on. For the obese population with a family history of diabetes, the acquired lifestyle needs more attention. It is described as "genes keep the bullet in your chest, lifestyle pulls the trigger."

 ✧Therefore, the related agency should do something to promote healthy lifestyle for the people, and better design some simple and convenient specific measures to control diet and active exercise, instead of simply staying on slogans. Especially among adolescents. Type 2 diabetes has already broken out among teenagers, and it will be difficult to control the situation if we don't plan for the future and if the related agency doesn't invest more in obesity.

  • What are the bad effects and danger of being overweight?

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