Different methods are used for different types of obesity.

Obesity and Weight Loss. The Shape Building subjects is useful specific for shape building plan or project.According to the UN website, a recent report published in the Journal of Lancet declared that 2.3 billion people living on the planet earth are overweight. Obeisity is a common group of metabolic disorders. When the body eats more calories than it consumes, the excess calories are stored in the body in the form of fat, which exceeds the normal physiological requirement, and reaches a certain value, then obesity develops.

 ✵For different types of obeisity:Slightly obese,Moderately obese,Severe obesity, different methods should be used!

Different methods are used for different types of obesity
Exercise Weight Loss 
 ✦Different methods are used for different types of obesity:

 ✧Slightly obese: Control dinner, insist on an hour of exercise after dinner, weight can be controlled in most cases.

 ✧ Moderately obese: Diet control and exercise, use of some tonics to help weight loss, weight control, such as TCM recipes have good treatment effects for obesity type 2 diabetes. Provide enough dietary fiber with your diet to increase satiety.

 ✧Severe obesity: Severe obesity with diabetes can choose surgical treatment. The international diabetes federation has issued a statement advising patients eligible for bariatric surgery (BMI ≥32kg/m2) to consider surgery early to prevent complications of obesity and diabetes. But herbal recipes also have possible good effects for severe obesity, normally it needs a longer period than moderate obese.

 Obesity and Diet control ✧Obesity is the most dangerous environmental factor for diabetes. More than 80% of type 2 diabetes is associated with overweight and obesity, especially in recent years, the proportion of adolescents and children with obesity has increased significantly, so diabetes is also known as "sugar obesity disease". There are 1/2-2/3 diabetes patients with lipid metabolism disorder, "lipid toxicity" caused by islet damage and abnormal increase in triglyceride before the rise in blood glucose, so diabetes is also known as "glycolipidosis". Although many diabetic patients receive treatment, they do not pay attention to the strict control of blood glucose and other risk factors(such as hypertension, dyslipidemia, and obesity), which is also an important reason for the high number of diabetic complications.

The secret to weight loss success lies in "three insists"
Obesity really trouble beauty 
 ✦The secret to weight loss success lies in "three insists": Weight loss is to fight with the human appetite and the instinct that does not love to move, its difficulty is conceivable, do not have determination, confidence, and perseverance, impossible success in reduces weight; Even if temporarily thin down, will soon rebound.

 ✧1. Lose weight with determination or decision:

 First of all, we need to figure out why we want to lose weight, because unhealthy obesity threatens the health, will get diabetes, hypertension, fatty liver, tumors, hormone secretion abnormalities, stroke, coronary heart disease, and osteoarthritis and other serious diseases. Weight loss can prevent and alleviate these obesity-related diseases. Understand the reasons and truth, will be determined to lose weight.

 ✧2. Lose weight with confidence:

 It is often said that "I gain weight by drinking water", which is scientifically impossible. If you balance your energy intake and consumption, you won't gain weight, and if your energy expenditure is greater than your intake, you will lose weight. The confidence to lose weight comes from the knowledge, into the power to abstain from snacks and appetite addiction. Fat is "a kind of disease enters from the mouth", reduce a bit every day then you can have confidence.

 Beauty dream of Obese Lady ✧3. Lose weight with perseverance:

 It is impossible to reduce weight at one stroke, should establish lifelong perseverance to lose weight, unremittingly do not relax, otherwise will lose all previous efforts, lose some weight but turn fat again. Reduce weight with a few points: in a short time may not see an apparent effect. But a month half kilograms, a year can reduce 6 kilograms, long insist will have a great effect. Avoid social intercourse and banquets properly to avoid environmental temptation. Often ask yourself the question: does my energy today exceed the limit? Do whatever it takes to burn energy. Consult your herbalist if necessary to take appropriate treatment.

  • Different methods are used for different types of obesity.

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