Unhealthy obesity must be reduced.

Obesity and Weight Loss:What is the standard weight calculation method and formula? The Shape Building subjects is useful specific for shape building plan or project.According to the UN website, a recent report published in the Journal of Lancet declared that 2.3 billion people living on the planet earth are overweight. Obeisity is a common group of metabolic disorders. When the body eats more calories than it consumes, the excess calories are stored in the body in the form of fat, which exceeds the normal physiological requirement, and reaches a certain value, then obesity develops.

 ✵Another kind is bad fat, or unhealthy obesity account for about 2/3, often have a characteristic disease, carbohydrate metabolizes abnormally, fat metabolizes abnormally, hypertensive wait, these situations are easy to cause heart disease.

Unhealthy obesity must be reduced.
Boney Girl and weight loss 
 ✦Modern understanding of fat is not quite comprehensive, often take two extremes: one end is the person that should not reduce weight loses weight violently, for example, a few women pursuit boney, control weight through stop taking diet(starve) or picky food, this is harmful to health; At the other end are people who already have high blood pressure, high blood lipids and abnormal blood sugar, who don't take weight loss seriously and don't think of treatment until they get serious illness.

 ✧Modern Medical science classified obesity into two categories: benign obesity, which affects about a third of obese people. They did not show any metabolic abnormalities, whereas the long-lived tended to be fatter and had no need for outside intervention. Another kind is bad fat(adverse obesity), account for about 2/3, often have the characteristic disease, carbohydrate metabolizes abnormally, fat metabolize abnormally, hypertensive problems, etc, these situations are easy to cause heart disease. We use indicators such as triglycerides, fatty liver, and inflammatory markers to determine whether there is an adverse tendency to obesity, which is a very important first step. Once confirm the existence of adverse obesity, should lose weight immediately, rather than take measures and waiting for the onset of diabetes, heart disease, especially those with a family history of diabetes.

 Fat Lady Turn Slim Again ✧At present, it is found that about one-third of the obese people, their blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipids, and others are mostly normal, without metabolic abnormalities. This benign fat person bodily form is not good-looking outside, but it is okay if they try not to let weight increase continuously. Should avoid excessive reduce weight, especially a lot of young girl lose weight blindly, easy cause drops in immunity ability, stress ability, resistance ability, cause harm to health.

 ✧And those who are suffering from adverse obesity or unhealthy obesity need to actively lose weight. The person with undesirable fat basically distributes in the abdomen, at the same time accompanied by triglyceride, blood pressure, blood sugar rises, sleep snore (apnea syndrome). Without weight loss, hypertension, diabetes, and dyslipidemia cannot be effectively controlled.

 Fat Lady and Slim Lady ✧We recommend that healthy people keep their body mass index below 25. Young people should stay below 23 and middle-aged and old people below 24. Particular attention should be paid to child obesity. People who were obese as teenagers are more likely to become obese as adults and have a harder time losing weight, the study found.

  • Unhealthy obesity must be reduced.

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