Asthenic Disease:an introduction about its pathogenic reasons,syndrome differentiation and common syndromes.

Syndromes of Traditional Chinese Medicine. ✵Traditional Chinese medicine has been used for thousands of years. Through thousands of years of practice, it has been proved that Chinese medicine is effective and feasible in treating diseases, preventing diseases and maintaining health. The treatment of diseases with traditional Chinese medicine has saved countless lives. The treatment of diseases in traditional Chinese medicine is macro and comprehensive.

 The theoretical system of traditional Chinese medicine is derived from and guided by long-term clinical practice. Through the analysis of the phenomenon, the internal mechanism is explored. Therefore, this unique theoretical system of traditional Chinese medicine has two basic characteristics, one is the overall-concept, the other is the dialectical treatment.

Asthenic Disease
Asthenic Disease 
 ✵Asthenic Disease: the Asthenia is a kind of consumption, generally it is due to deficiency of Qi and blood, and deficiency hurt of the five-Zang viscera, and hurt the Yin constitution.                      

 ✵The major pathogenic reasons of the asthenic disease, are known including:addiction to alcohol, intercourse after drunk, exhaust essence with carnal desires, seek pleasure to desires and wills, no regular reservation in daily lives, loss essence and Qi, etc. In general, the pathogenic reasons for factors of the Asthenic disease are attributed to:                      

 (1).hurt of heart Qi, (2).hurt from happy or joy, (3).hurt from worry and thinking, (4).hurt from lust desire, (5).hurt from the fear or pavor, (6).hurt from anger, (7). Scare and pavor affect the heart, (8). Excessive lust, mostly lead to consumption and strain,  (9). Addicted to alcohol since early youth, (10). The chronic illness or disease ever mistreated or lack in taking care in recovery, mostly develops to consumption and deficiency.

Common Syndromes of Asthenia.
Common Syndromes of Asthenia. 
 ✦In general, the asthenia, majorly due to alcohol, lust, over strain, seven emotions, drink and diet, so firstly hurt the Qi, and hurt Qi later. The common syndromes of Asthenia are introduced as:                      

 ✧Asthenia and hurt the essence and Qi, hurt the Yin and constitution, are known as the Yin of the Yin, and the Yang of the Yin:                      

  »In the condition of the Yin Asthenia of the Yin, symptoms fever and fidgety(irritable), red on face and head(face and head region looks red), dry lips and dryness in mouth, pharyngalgia(pain in pharynx) and aphtha, hematemesis(spitting blood), hematochezia(hemafecia, passing blood in stool), dry feces, painful urination(difficulty and pain in micturition);                      

  »In the condition of the Yang Asthenia of the Yin, symptoms aversion to cold and haggard(fear cold, thin and pallid emaciation), shortness of breath and spiritlessness(gasp for breath, heavily breath, mental fatigue), dizziness and dazzled, vomit nausea and reduced appetite(throw up, take fewer food), abdominal pain and diarrhea, aconuresis(incontinence of urine) and encopresis(incontinence of feces, fecal incontinence), even cough and spit sputum, seminal emission and night sweating, panting(asthma or heavily breath, gasp for breath) and hoarseness, pain in tendons muscles and bones, faintly trance(in a trance), thin and emaciated and maransis, intercourse with ghost in dreams, amenorrhea of woman(menostasis), whatever Yin or Yang, in severe case, mostly due to the collapse of primordial Yin.                      

 ✧Asthenia and hurt the kidney primordial water, the kidney is the basis of the five-Zang viscera, in the condition of kidney water lost, lead to loss support for the liver and dryness in blood, phlegm accumulated in the spleen, complexion faded, hurt the lung Qi and frequent panting cough(gasp for breath, short of breath, cough), deficient fire excessive. As a result, asthenia is a result from the hurt of the life root and exhaustion of the primordial essence, the deficiency pathogen hurt to the most, surely hurt the Yin, and the hurt of the five-Zang viscera, surely transfer to the kidney, normally it is the last hurt before the collapse.                      

 ✧Asthenia condition with symptoms red on two cheeks or red on lips, is the condition of Yin deficiency at the lower energizer, and force Yang flow to the upper. Herbalist Zhang Zhongjing ever proposed, floating yang(Dai Yang, red on face and red on cheeks after severe disease), is due to deficiency at the lower; asthenia with thirst, insufficiency of kidney water, drink water for self relieve; hoarseness and could not voice, due to exhaustion of the kidney Qi, for voice come from the larynx but rooted in the kidney;                      

 ✧Asthenia with symptoms dyspnea with rapid respiration(fast panting), Yin deficiency lead to obstruction of the lung(Fei Ge), Qi could not return;                      

 ✧Asthenia with symptoms dryness in larynx and pain in pharynx(dry and pain in throat), loss and deficiency of primordial water, deficient fire floating up;                      

 ✧Asthenia with symptoms insomnia and faintly trance(loss sleep, could not sleep, in a trance), blood could not nourish the heart, vitality and spirit could not be hidden;                      

 ✧Asthenia with symptoms often fidgety(agitated, irritable,restless), loss Yin from Yang;                      

 ✧Asthenia with symptoms easy to get angry, or muscular contracture(spasm) and aching pain, is the condition of kidney water deficiency and dryness of the wood, the liver lost its support;                      

 ✧Asthenia with symptoms eat without relish(tasteless in diet, find one's food tasteless, eat food but without knowing its taste, have no appetite for food), muscle gradually thin, spleen essence lost and transformation function degraded gradually;                      

 ✧Asthenian with symptoms beating below the heart, palpitation and uneasy, for Qi not return to Essence; The ancient works Huang Di Nei Jing recorded: the big collateral of the stomach, is known as Xu Li, starts below the left nipple, is circulating related with the cloth, Zong Qi discharge;                      

 ✧Asthenia with symptoms night sweat could not be relieved, there is fire and Yin could not hold, there is no fire and Yang could not guard;                      

 ✧Asthenia with symptoms deficiency with much phlegm, or similar to clear water, or with many white foams, this is the condition water and dampness accumulated and condensed into phlegm, spleen deficiency and lost regulation of water;                      

 ✧Asthenia with symptoms pain in bones and sense like a fracture, for kidney governs the bones, primordial Yin collapse and exhaustion;                      

 ✧Asthenia with symptoms pain in the low back and hypochondria pain, mainly due to deficiency of kidney and liver;                      

 ✧Asthenia with symptoms coldness below knees, deficiency and weakness of life gate, the fire could not return to its origin;                      

 ✧Asthenia with symptoms urine yellow and difficulty in micturition(difficulty in urination), dripping urine, mainly due to primordial Yin deficiency and exhaustion, Qi could not be transformed to water;                      

 ✧Asthenia with symptoms heat in the palm of feet, sense like ironing or burning, mainly due to deficiency fire burning the Yin, liquid depletion from Yong Quan.                      

 ✧For conditions of Yang deficiency, mainly due to Qi deficiency. Once Yang Qi turns deficient, then could not sneeze. As herbalist Zhang Zhongjing proposed:desire to sneeze but could not, surely cold in the abdomen. So for all the conditions of Yang deficiency syndrome, and suddenly observe sneezing, then there is a chance for recovery.

Hands of Asthenia.
Hands of Asthenia. 
 ✦The asthenia and consumption syndrome, belong to the Yin deficiency, in Yin deficiency conditions surely deficiency of blood, the finger and nails are the external residue part of essence and blood, thus in observation, symptoms dryness and yellow in finger and nails, withered complexion, it could be a symptom for identify the asthenia and judgment of its develop levels.

Dangerous Syndromes of Asthenia.
Dangerous Syndromes of Asthenia. 
 ✦The dangerous symptoms and syndromes of Asthenia are introduced:

 ✧In the condition of asthenia or severe Yin deficiency, strain hurt vomit blood and hematemesis(spitting blood), cough could not be relieved and much phlegm, this is due to extreme deficiency and exhaustion of the spleen, food and drink could not be transformed to essence and blood, but turned to phlegm, this is not blood but similar to blood. As ancient works Huang Di Nei Jing(the Inner Canon) recorded: white blood out, will die. Thus, the condition with much phlegm and most turbid, not treatable;                      

 ✧In the condition could not sleep on the right or left side, difficulty to turn around, this mostly due to exhaustion of Yin or exhaustion of Yang, most of these conditions are not treatable;                      

 ✧In the condition of asthenia, originally not affected by an exogenous pathogen, so even sick to severe condition, is still in order and symptoms. In cases with asthenia without pathogenic heat but wild talk and lost consciousness of relationships, this is the failure of the heart and mind, a symptom of vitality and spirit is leaving, surely will die;                      

 ✧In the condition of consumptive cough and hoarseness, could not speak, or dyspnea with rapid respiration and polypnea, this is the condition of lung failure, surely will die;                      

 ✧In the condition of asthenia or consumption strain, muscle collapse and exhausted, is the condition of spleen failure, surely will die;                      

 ✧The tendons are basis of the muscle and exhaustion, in conditions of asthenia, normally with symptoms ache and pain in tendons muscles and bones, in conditions of extreme pain and unbearable, is the condition of blood exhaustion and could not support tendons, this is the condition of liver failure, surely will die;                      

 ✧In conditions of chronic asthenia, and with symptoms diarrhea unstoppable, encopresis(incontinence of feces), is the condition of kidney failure, surely will die.

Differentiation of Asthenia from other Syndromes with similar symptoms.
Differentiation of Asthenia from other Syndromes with similar symptoms. 
 ✦The asthenia is different from certain other syndromes with similar symptoms. In general, the syndrome which is similar to asthenia but not the same as asthenia, is only the exogenous cold-induced syndrome:

 ✧The exogenous cold-induced syndrome, in its initial stage, not dissipated and relieved, easily misidentified as internal affection or internal deficiency, use clearing herbs or discharge method, result cold pathogen depressed and hidden inside, alternating cold and fever, or attack as cough and hot flash, its symptoms are similar as asthenia and consumption, if use method for asthenia and Yin consumption, use Yin nourishing herbs and result pathogen stagnant internally, burning for long period, not the asthenia case but finally developed to asthenia. Thus, should identify it with details for interior and exterior, pathogenic origins, for examples:

 ✧Pain in body, slight perspire and heat eliminated, no perspire but heat again, or cough with big voice, pulse string-like tight and not rapid, sick up to one or two months, but pathogen not relieved, and syndrome not recovered, actually not asthenia;

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