Hematemesis:spitting blood,introduction of its pathological reasons,syndrome differentiation and common syndromes.

Syndromes of Traditional Chinese Medicine. ✵Traditional Chinese medicine has been used for thousands of years. Through thousands of years of practice, it has been proved that Chinese medicine is effective and feasible in treating diseases, preventing diseases and maintaining health. The treatment of diseases with traditional Chinese medicine has saved countless lives. The treatment of diseases in traditional Chinese medicine is macro and comprehensive.

 The theoretical system of traditional Chinese medicine is derived from and guided by long-term clinical practice. Through the analysis of the phenomenon, the internal mechanism is explored. Therefore, this unique theoretical system of traditional Chinese medicine has two basic characteristics, one is the overall-concept, the other is the dialectical treatment.

Hematemesis:spitting blood.
Hematemesis:spitting blood. 
 ✵Hematemesis: spitting blood. Hematemesis can be upper gastrointestinal bleeding or bronchiectated hemoptysis. Vomiting blood mainly from the stomach lesions, due to exogenous pathogen into the stomach, stomach collateral injury or the influence of other viscera conditions and the stomach can cause this syndrome.

 ✵Etiology and pathogenesis: Vomiting blood is mainly caused by the stomach lesions, due to external pathogen in the stomach, stomach collateral injury or the influence of other viscera disease and the stomach can cause this syndrome.

 (1).The accumulation of heat in the stomach,(2).Liver heat attacks the stomach,(3).Qi does not regulate blood.

Common syndromes of Hematemesis or spitting blood.
Common syndromes of Hematemesis or spitting blood. 
 ✦The common Hematemesis or spitting blood syndromes are:

 ✧Stomach-heat type vomiting blood(Hematemesis of stomach-heat type):

 The common symptoms are:abdominal distension or pain, vomiting blood-red or purple dark, halitosis, dry mouth, stool color black. Tongue red and tongue coating yellow, etc.

 ✧Liver-fire type vomiting blood(Hematemesis of liver-fire type):

 The common symptoms are:vomiting blood-red or purple, bitter in the mouth, hypochondriac pain, irritability and easy to angry(upset and angry), tongue color red and dark purple.

 ✧Spleen deficiency type vomiting blood(Hematemesis of spleen deficiency type)

 The common symptoms are:recurrent attacks of vomiting blood, mild or severe, yellow complexion, fatigue, palpitations, shortness of breath, black stool. The tongue coating is pale with white tongue coating, etc.

Other types of Hematemesis
Other types of Hematemesis 
 ✦In ancient TCM works, the hematemesis or spitting blood, is normally classified into different types, mainly are hematemesis due to internal bleeding, hematemesis due to abscess of the lung, hematemesis due to stomach hurt.

 ✧Hematemesis due to internal bleeding: internal bleeding, as nose bleeding, but not from the nose, but bleeding from the body fluid in the heart and lung, and flow back to the stomach, blood clot and stay in the stomach, and vomit out for full and depression, the main pathological reason is consumption and overeating.

 ✧Hematemesis due to abscess of the lung: the spitting blood from abscess of the lung, depression and full in the stomach after drinking alcohol, blood follows vomiting, half to one liter;

 ✧Hematemesis due to stomach hurt: the spitting blood from the stomach hurt, for eating too much, cold in the stomach and could not digest, then vexation and worry, vomit it forcibly, the food and Qi flow upward and hurt the stomach opening, blood fresh and red, colic pain in abdomen, white sweating, difficult to treat.

 ✧Other common syndrome of hematemesis or spitting blood were recorded as:

 Blood exhaustion: full and depression in the chest and costal regions, affect food intake, once the disease attack, smelly first, clear liquid, spitting blood, dazzled, this is blood exhaustion. This is due to blood loss in a young age, intercourse after drinking alcohol, Qi exhaustion and hurt the liver, menstruation fewer and not come again.

 Hematemesis or spitting blood, due to sorrow and worry, vexation and full in the chest, short of breath, pain in chest;

 Hematemesis or spitting blood, deficiency consumption and internal hurt, cold-heat alternating vomiting, spitting blood;

 Hematemesis or spitting blood, choking pain and obstacle in chest;

 Hematemesis or spitting blood, mainly due to internal collapse, complexion like earth;

 Hematemesis or spitting blood, fans of alcohol, warm disease, affected by toxic heat, dry vomit, and vexation;

 Hematemesis or spitting blood, acu-injury of diaphragm and contraction of genital organ, spastic pain in chest and hypochondrium, want to vomit blood, cold and heat alternation, red-yellow urine, this is the condition due to hurt of sexual strain(exhaustion due to sexual indulgence);

 Hematemesis or spitting blood, one to two mouth, due to heart bleeding, or internal collapse;

 Hematemesis or spitting blood, deficiency and consumption, pain in chest;

 Cold-induced disease or febrile disease, should induce perspiration but not induced, blood stored internally, and nose bleeding or vomit blood with residues, residue blood left interior, complexion yellow, stool color black, is the condition of blood stasis;

 Heat accumulation in five Zang-viscera, hematemesis and spitting blood;

 Diaphragm hurt due to heat in the upper energizer, hematemesis or spitting blood, or discharge blood(hematochezia or uterine bleeding) for days and ceaselessly, desire to die;

 Deficiency consumption and metrorrhagia, spitting blood and discharge blood(hematochezia or uterine bleeding), short of breath and gasp, complexion dark and black;

 Hematemesis or spitting blood, sweating with blood, bloody stool and blood in urine;

 Blood stool or blood urine, blood first, this is the condition of bleeding from distant part; blood second and after urine or stool, this is the condition of nearby bleeding;

 Blood deficiency and consumption, vexation and full in chest and abdomen, pains, blood stasis, Zang-viscera deficiency and could not digest grains(the spleen and stomach deficiency), Qi counterflow, no appetite, this is the hematemesis mainly due to the middle hurt;

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