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 Application Sheet Download Application Sheet: at this popular and commonly used Application Sheet Download page, Download links of several Application Sheet which are useful during consulting are provided, including the commonly used Application Sheets: , , .

 These application documents in PDF format or Word format are both available, had been scanned via anti-virus software and they are safe for our clients to download, simply click the "Click to Download" button, then the document could be downloaded automatically with self-help.

Inquery Form Sheet and download link

 Inquery Form Sheet Inquery Form Sheet: you need to fill it with basic answers and feedback for herbalist to help you, and answer other relevant questions if necessary. "The Inquiry is one of the four examinations of TCM Diagnostic methods, also known as interrogation, an important way of gaining information for diagnosis by asking the patient about the complaint and the history of the illness."

Decoction Preparation Guide(Brief version) and download link

 Decoction Guide Brief version Decoction Preparation Guide(Brief version): the Decoction Preparation Guide Brief version is a document sheet give an introduction about decoction preparation in a brief and in tips, it is suitable for those who has basic knowledge about TCM decoction and use it as a simple reference, normally do not need to read a professional version.
  Download PDF version of Decoction Preparation Guide  Download Word version of Decoction Preparation Guide

Decoction Preparation Guide(Professional version)

 Decoction Guide Professional version Decoction Preparation Guide(Professional version): the Decoction Preparation Guide Professional version gives introduction about decoction preparation in a professional details and total 16 pages, it help you to know well about how to prepare a decoction in details and with necessary tips, it is suitable for those who has very little knowledge or has no knowledge about TCM decoction for reference, and for those who need to use it for a detailed reference.

  The Decoction Preparation Guide Professional version is one part of our consulting service and it is available to our clients with an account.

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