An introduction of the Yin Yang Figure-mode.

Yin Yang Figure ✵The Yin Yang Figure-mode was originated from the ancient classics Huang Di Nei Jing.

 The main content of Yin Yang Figure-mode are introduced as: Basic classification of Yin Yang Figure-mode, TaiYang Figure, TaiYin Figure, ShaoYang Figure, ShaoYin Figure, Yin-Yang Harmonized Figure.

Basic classification of Yin Yang Figure-mode

 TaiJi and Yin Yang Introduction about the Yin Yang Figure-mode: The Yin Yang Figure-mode was originated from the ancient works Huang Di Nei Jing(Huangdi's Internal Classic)

 ✵The Huangdi's Internal Classic recorded: Yin and Yang, are the Tao between the heaven and the earth, principles of everything, parents of all changes, the beginning of birth and death.

 ✵The original definition of the Yin Yang Figure-mode was recorded by Huang Di Nei Jing(Huangdi's Internal Classic), in the section Ling Shu, it recorded there are five figure-mode of the Yin Yang to classify human beings, and they are known as:TaiYin Figure, ShaoYang Figure, TaiYang Figure, ShaoYin Figure, Yin-Yang Harmonized Figure.

Introduction of TaiYang Figure

 TaiYang Figure TaiYang Figure: The TaiYang Figure, have much [Yang] and have no [Yin], appearance impressive(inspiring looks), chest out(hollowing of back), prefer to bent back, abdomen out, looks self-sufficiency.

 ✵The TaiYang Figure, prefer to boast self up, not very practical, fail to carry out the promise, curry people's favor by saying something impressive.

 ✵The TaiYang Figure, prefer to declare great ambition, talk about the affairs of the world, speak big in public but lack of practice, often be more in name than in reality.

Introduction of TaiYin Figure

 TaiYin Figure TaiYin Figure: The TaiYin Figure, much [Yin] and have no [Yang], their Yin blood is turbid, Yin is in excess and Yang is weak, their Wei Qi(defense Qi) is weak and less, the Yin and Yang are not in harmonized state, the Qi and blood is in an imbalanced state, the tendons are slow and the skin is thick, blood is sufficient.

 ✵The TaiYin Figure, their complexion is black(the facial expression looks dark and black), their expression looks or appearance color looks similar as mulberry black, act humble modest and courteous, normally looks downward and do not see others straightly, the behavior is sticky, and their body looks tall and big, looks bent in front of the body when walks, bow their head, chest, and waist, this is the looks of the TaiYin figure.

Introduction of ShaoYang Figure.

 ShaoYang Figure ShaoYang Figure: The ShaoYang Figure, much [Yang] and less [Yin], small in channels and big in collaterals, blood in the center and Qi outside.

 ✵The ShaoYang Figure, prefer to chin up and chest out, shaking when walking, shake when sitting, spread in sleeping, arms and legs often stretch in front of the body.

Introduction of ShaoYin Figure.

 ShaoYin Figure ShaoYin Figure: The ShaoYin Figure, much [Yin] and less [Yang], small stomach and large intestine, not harmonized in the Six-Fu-viscera, small in Yangming pulse and big in Taiyang pulse, internal deficiency in Fu-viscera, deficiency in blood and Qi, blood easily exhausted, Qi easily collapse.

 ✵The ShaoYin Figure, the complexion is not smooth, meagre face(thin and lean face), looks insidious, bend over in walking, look sideways and bend head.

Introduction of Yin-Yang Harmonized Figure.

 Yin-Yang Harmonized Figure Yin-Yang Harmonized Figure: The Yin-Yang Harmonized Figure, [Yin] and [Yang] in harmonization, blood and pulse are in coordination. Should take care of the Yin and Yang, regulate positive and pathogenic reasons, according to excess or deficiency cases.

 ✵The Yin-Yang Harmonized Figure, looks modest and courteous, gentle and kind, solemn and just, peaceful and carefree, kindly and amiable, good eyes and appearance, polite, happy and in a good manner, all others say he(or she) is a good man.

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