A brief introduction of the Postpartum Syndromes.

 TCM Knowledge:Gynecology Syndromes,Women Syndromes ✵Gynecology of TCM is a branch to study the physiological and pathological characteristics of women and to prevent and treat syndromes specific to women. Gynecology of TCM research scope including irregular menstruation, amenia, metrorrhagia, infertility, postpartum syndromes, breast syndromes, and miscellaneous syndromes, etc.

A brief introduction of the Postpartum Syndromes.
Irregular menstrual cycle 
 ✵The postpartum syndromes is also known as the postpartum disease, or disease following childbirth, or syndromes occurring following the childbirth, the diseases occurring in the puerperal period and related to labor and puerperium.

 ✧The most common postpartum syndromes in TCM system are introduced:

 ✦Postpartum fainting syndromes:postpartum fainting, postpartum syncope.

 ✦Postpartum madness and related syndromes:postpartum madness, postpartum wild talk, postpartum sudden seeing of ghosts and spirits, postpartum fright palpitation.

 ✦Postpartum loss of speech syndrome.

 ✦Postpartum consumptive and related syndromes:postpartum Ru Lao(postpartum consumption due to Yin deficiency), postpartum asthenia, postpartum wind deficiency and consumptive cold, postpartum shortness of breath and hasty panting, postpartum dyspneal fullness, postpartum blackness of mouth and nose, postpartum hectic fever, postpartum dry cough, postpartum tremor(trembling), women's postpartum consumption with hematemesis, postpartum blood exhaustion, postpartum consumptive thirst, etc.

 ✦Postpartum wind-stroke and related syndromes:postpartum wind-stroke, postpartum palpitation wind stroke, postpartum wind stroke and trance, postpartum wind-stroke and spasm of limbs, postpartum wind stroke with spontaneous perspiration, postpartum wind stroke with hemiplegia, postpartum blood-wind, postpartum syndrome similar to stroke, postpartum limbs numbness, etc.

 ✦Postpartum sweating and related syndromes:postpartum persistent vacuity sweating, postpartum night sweating, postpartum depression sweating and unable to recognize people, postpartum hydrosis and spasmodic syndrome, postpartum stagnancy-heat and beriberi, etc.

 ✦Postpartum pain syndromes and pain related syndromes:postpartum generalized pain, generalized pain, postpartum cephalea or headache, postpartum neck pain and stiffness, postpartum arm pain, postpartum lumbago(low back pain), pain in low back and knees, postpartum leg pain, postpartum heartache, postpartum stomachache, postpartum distention and fullness of hypochondria, postpartum pain of hypochondria, postpartum abdominal pain, postpartum cold hernia, postpartum blood stasis in the abdomen, postpartum pain in the lower abdomen, postpartum concretions and gatherings, postpartum pain of blood clots, postpartum hematic abdominal mass, pains and itching in genital regions, etc.

 ✦Postpartum lochiorrhea and related syndromes:postpartum lochiorrhea, postpartum cough of lochia, postpartum lochiometra, postpartum lochiostasis, postpartum prolonged lochiorrhea, postpartum residue blood flow upward and heartache, postpartum lochiorrhea with abdominal pain, postpartum metrorrhagia(flooding), postpartum irregular menses, postpartum absence of menses, etc.

 ✦Postpartum dysphoria and related syndromes:postpartum dysphoria(postpartum vacuity vexation), postpartum residue blood flows to the heart and vexed annoyed, etc.

 ✦Postpartum dry mouth and related syndromes:postpartum dry mouth distention and fullness, postpartum blood-thirst(postpartum thirst due to hemorrhage), postpartum thirst and difficulty in urination(dysuria, difficulty in micturition), postpartum abdominal distension fullness and oppression vomit, postpartum retching counter flow no appetite, etc.

 ✦Postpartum cold-induced syndrome and related syndromes:postpartum cold-induced syndrome, postpartum cough, postpartum cough and reverse flow of Qi, postpartum cough and belch, etc.

 ✦Postpartum diarrhea and related syndromes: postpartum abdominal pain diarrhea and dysentery, postpartum red white dysentery and diarrhea due to Qi disorder of asthenia, postpartum dysentery with thirst, postpartum dysentery of spleen and stomach deficiency, postpartum diarrhea with undigested food, postpartum dysentery and lochia not discharge, postpartum bloody stool, postpartum acute gastroenteritis, etc.

 ✦Postpartum urinary syndromes and related syndromes:postpartum gonorrhea, postpartum frequent urination, postpartum dripping discharge of urine, postpartum urinary incontinence, postpartum urinary stoppage, postpartum difficulty in micturition, postpartum urine bleeding, postpartum urinary bladder problems, postpartum prolapse of the uterus, postpartum genital erosion and five types of malnutrition, etc.

 ✦Postpartum constipation and related syndromes:postpartum constipation, postpartum constipation and urinary stoppage, postpartum constipation and urination uninhibited, postpartum encopresis(postpartum fecal incontinence), etc.

 ✦Postpartum galactorrhea and related syndromes:postpartum periodical breast milk stoppage, No milk, short of breast milk, postpartum galactorrhea(loss of breast milk), postpartum galactostasis, postpartum mammary abscess(acute mastitis), postpartum Ru Yan(mammary cancer), etc.

 ✦Postpartum limb edema and swollen syndromes:postpartum limb edema, postpartum swollen, partially swollen or edema during menses, etc.

 ✦Postpartum alternative chill and fever, and related syndromes:postpartum alternative chill and fever, postpartum similar to Two-Yang syndrome, postpartum similar to Three-Yin syndrome, postpartum aversion to cold syndrome.

 ✦Postpartum hurt from improper diet and related syndromes:postpartum hurt from the improper diet, the woman feels hungry after the diet syndrome, woman spits phlegm in the morning and fever at night syndrome, woman stomach full and no appetite syndrome, woman Zheng Pi syndrome, woman Shi-Zheng syndrome, etc.

 ✦Postpartum febrile syndrome and related heat syndromes:postpartum heat from fire syndrome, postpartum heat from Yin deficiency, postpartum heat from Qi deficiency, postpartum periodical cold and periodical fever, etc.

 ✦Postpartum wind affection syndrome and related wind syndromes:postpartum Tai Yang wind affection syndrome, postpartum Shao Yang wind affection syndrome, postpartum Yang Ming wind affection syndrome, postpartum Jue Yin wind affection syndrome, postpartum Shao Yin wind affection syndrome, etc.

 ✦Postpartum risk syndromes:postpartum risk syndromes and related incurable syndromes are introduced.

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