Febrile disease:an introduction.

Febrile disease.
TCM Knowledge:Febrile Disease and Cold-induced Disease according to ShangHanLun. ✵The Febrile disease a general term for (1).Disease due to exogenous pathogenic factors with fever as its main manifestation;(2).one of the cold-induced diseases;(3).febrile disease caused by summer heat.

 ✵Herbalist Zhang Zhongjing defined the Febrile disease in 5 syndromes. These 5 syndromes are all defined in details by his famous works:

Febrile disease.
Shang Han Lun,Treatise on Cold-induced Diseases 
 ✧Febrile disease, there are types caused by exogenous pathogens, and types caused by endogenous pathogens. Those caused by exogenous pathogens could be dispelled, those caused by endogenous pathogens has certain locations, not follow the meridian or channel orders, hosted at where it suitable, similar as the warm disease, but are different from the pathogenic reason.

 ✦ Febrile disease, red face, erosion of mouth, pain in the heart, want to vomit, pulse full and rapid, this is the case pathogenic heat trouble the heart.

 ✧ Febrile disease, general fever(hot body), pain in the left hypochondrium, insane babbling in serious cases, pulse stringy and rapid, this is the case pathogenic heat attack the liver.

 ✦ Febrile disease, pain in the abdomen, could not bear massage, heavy body(somatic heaviness), could not pitch, difficult defecation, pulse rapid and large, this is the case pathogenic heat attack the spleen.

 ✧ Febrile disease, thirsty, asthma, cough, pain trouble the chest, hard to breathe from its depths, pulse short and rapid, this is the case pathogenic heat attack the lung.

 ✦ Febrile disease, dry pharynx, lumbago(low back pain), heat on the underside of the feet, pulse collapsing and rapid, this is the case pathogenic heat moved to the kidney.

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