Summer-heat affliction:an introduction.

Summer-heat affliction.
TCM Knowledge:Febrile Disease and Cold-induced Disease according to ShangHanLun. ✵The Summer-heat affliction a general term for various conditions cause by summer-heat, especially for mild cases of heatstroke and sunstroke.

 ✵Herbalist Zhang Zhongjing defined the Summer-heat affliction in 12 syndromes. These 12 syndromes are all defined in details by his famous works:

Summer-heat affliction.
Shang Han Lun,Treatise on Cold-induced Diseases 
 ✧Summer-heat affliction, the lung was affected first, the lung was the Qi-viscera(Qi-Fu viscera), the summer heat pathogen hurt the Premordial Qi, wrist pulse is weak, thirsty, sweating, loss of conscious(coma), short breath.

 ✦Summer-heat affliction, fever, sweating, thirsty, pulse is floating and large, known as Zhong He(Summer Attack).

 ✧Summer-heat affliction, sweating yet, fever, dysphoria(fidgets), hoarseness(hoarse voice), pulse floating and rapid pulse, this is the Fei Ye Shang(lung-liquid affliction).

 ✦Summer-heat affliction, pathogenic water stagnating in the epigastrium, sweating, cough, thirst with desire to drink water, immediate vomiting of ingested fluids, weak pulse and slippery pulse.

 ✧Summer-heat affliction, fever, adiaphoresis, for the cause the pathogenetic water moving under the skin, pulse floating and slippery.

 ✦Tai Yang syndrome attacked by pathogenic heat, known as heat attack, the patient sweating, fear cold, fever and thirst.

 ✧Tai Yang syndrome attacked by pathogenic heat, fever, pain and feel heavy, pulse weak, for the reason hurt by cold water in summer months, pathogenetic water moving under the skin.

 ✦Summer-heat affliction, unquiet sleep, dysphoria(fidgets), delirious speech, red tongue, rapid pulse, this is because the summer heat pathogen attack the heart.

 ✧Tai Yang syndrome attacked by pathogenic heat, fever, fear cold, pain and feel heavy, pulse stringy slow, urinate stop, standing hair, reversal cold of hand and feet; a little overworked then fever, open mouth, front teeth dry. In case sweating, then fear cold extremely; acupuncture with warmed needle, then feel fever extremely; urinate several times, then dripping extremely.

 ✦Summer-heat affliction, pulse weak, thirsty, great sweating, dizziness.

 ✧Summer-heat affliction, no headache, those with headache are wind syndrome, those heaviness of the head are diseases caused by dampness.

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