Bone Exhaustion:introduction of its pathological reasons,syndrome differentiation and common syndromes.

Syndromes of Traditional Chinese Medicine. ✵Traditional Chinese medicine has been used for thousands of years. Through thousands of years of practice, it has been proved that Chinese medicine is effective and feasible in treating diseases, preventing diseases and maintaining health. The treatment of diseases with traditional Chinese medicine has saved countless lives. The treatment of diseases in traditional Chinese medicine is macro and comprehensive.

 The theoretical system of traditional Chinese medicine is derived from and guided by long-term clinical practice. Through the analysis of the phenomenon, the internal mechanism is explored. Therefore, this unique theoretical system of traditional Chinese medicine has two basic characteristics, one is the overall-concept, the other is the dialectical treatment.

Bone Exhaustion.
Bone Exhaustion 
 ✵Bone Exhaustion: the bone exhaustion, is also known as bone strain or Gu Ji, is a syndrome of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which mainly understood as weakness of bones and exhaustion of marrows, it is one of the six exhaustions, teeth are the odds and ends of bone. The condition in winter is known as bone numbness(bone bi-disease), the bone numbness not relieved, affected by pathogen again, hosted internally in the kidney, tinnitus(ringing in ears), observe the black appearance, is the symptoms. Should refinely differentiate the Yin and Yang, clear or turbidity, know its location, panting and breathing conditions. Better start treatment when it affects the skin muscle tendons and collaterals, or once it hosted in Zang-viscera and Fu-viscera, already half-dead yet and difficulty for treatment.

 ✵Bian Que: bone exhaustion and could not be treated, Yuan(ancient symptom name, ache and pain in joints) and cutting pain, could not stretch out and drawback, will die in ten days.

Common Syndromes of Bone Exhaustion.
Bone Exhaustion Syndrome 
 ✦The common syndromes of bone exhaustion are introduced:

 ✧Kidney deficiency, pain in teeth, pain in hands and feet, could not stand for long period, difficulty in lift or bend or stretch, body numbness, sour pain in brains, tinnitus(ringing in ears), observe black appearance, is the condition of bone exhaustion.                      

 ✧Affected by wind pathogen in the Ren and Gui days in winter(Ren and Gui are ninth and tenth of the ten Heavenly Stems), is the kidney wind, wind affect the bone, is the condition of bone exhaustion due to wind pathogen.                      

 ✧Yin Qi pathogen affection, Yin and deficiency, deficiency and cold, cold and edema of face and black complexion(looks dark or black), pain in low back and backbone, could not stand for long period, not free in physical movement, the Qi collapse and then teeth withering and hair dropping, dragging pain of low back and back, severe pain leads to serious cough and spit, is the condition of bone exhaustion due to Yin Qi pathogen;                       

 ✧Yang Qi pathogen affection, Yang and excess, excess and heat, heat and Tai on face(Tai, ancient symptoms name, means smoke dust or sooty), inhibited urinary bladder and inhibited urination, pain in teeth and brains(encephala), pain in hands and feet, tinnitus(ringing in ears) and color black(looks dark), is the condition of severe bone exhaustion due to Yang Qi pathogen.                      

 ✧Bone exhaustion, main symptom are kidney heat and inhibited urinary bladder, urine and defecation closed(difficulty in urination or defecation, or stopped), withered black complexion(looks withered, dark or black on face or appearance), tinnitus(ringing in ears) and deficient heat(asthenic fever, or general lower fever);                      

 ✧Bone exhaustion, low back and back difficulty in stretch out and drawback(normally stiffness of low back and back), spasm and numbness of tendons and muscles, deficient heat(asthenic fever, or general lower fever), inhibited urination or defecation(difficulty in urination, constipation);                      

 ✧Bone exhaustion, difficulty in urination(difficulty in micturition), distension fullness of lower abdomen, tired and worn out(fatigue, lassitude,worn out, lack in strength);

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