Essence Exhaustion:Jing Ji,introduction of its pathological reasons,syndrome differentiation and common syndromes.

Syndromes of Traditional Chinese Medicine. ✵Traditional Chinese medicine has been used for thousands of years. Through thousands of years of practice, it has been proved that Chinese medicine is effective and feasible in treating diseases, preventing diseases and maintaining health. The treatment of diseases with traditional Chinese medicine has saved countless lives. The treatment of diseases in traditional Chinese medicine is macro and comprehensive.

 The theoretical system of traditional Chinese medicine is derived from and guided by long-term clinical practice. Through the analysis of the phenomenon, the internal mechanism is explored. Therefore, this unique theoretical system of traditional Chinese medicine has two basic characteristics, one is the overall-concept, the other is the dialectical treatment.

Essence Exhaustion.
Essence Exhaustion 
 ✵Essence Exhaustion:the essence exhaustion, is also known as Jing Ji, is mainly due to the lost and exhaustion of the Essence, it related with the syndromes of five-Zang and six-Fu viscera. In the condition deficiency and decline of the five-Zang and six-Fu viscera, the shape decay and body hurt, eyes could look but blurred vision or could not see clearly, charred tooth(severe dryness of teeth) and hair dropping, body heavy and kidney water generating, deaf, could not walk straightly. Yang pathogen hurt the five-Zang viscera, Yin pathogen hurt the six-Fu viscera. In the case pathogen invading the five-Zang viscera, already a case of half-dead.

Common Syndromes of Essence Exhaustion.
Essence Exhaustion 
 ✦The common syndromes of essence exhaustion are introduced:

 ✧Essence exhaustion, excess heat, eyes could not see clearly, charred tooth(severe dryness of teeth) and hair dropping, shape decay and body pain, deficiency heat on the body(general low fever or deficiency heat whole body);  

 ✧Essence exhaustion, hurt of five-Zang and six-Fu viscera, deficiency heat, vexation pain whole body, pain in bones, irritancy(unhappy, worried, sick in the heart);  

 ✧Five-exhaustion and six-lesion(exhaustion or lesion of the five-Zang viscera heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys, and the six-Fu viscera small intestine, gallbladder, stomach, large intestine, urinary bladder, triple energizer), deficiency and emaciation, palpitation and cardiac terror, weakness, much nightmare and amnesia(short memories);  

 ✧Asthenia and consumption, lack in essence;  

 ✧Asthenia and consumption, deficiency of Qi, nocturnal emission and spermatorrhea(wet dream and seminal emission);  

 ✧Essence exhaustion, nocturnal emission(wet dream), dribbling urination, urine essence(essence loss from urine);  

 ✧Asthenia and deficiency, urine white turbid, nocturnal emission(wet dream);  

 ✧Asthenia and deficiency, essence loss from urine, nocturnal emission(wet dream, seminal emission in dreams);  

 ✧Severe asthenia and consumption, nocturnal emission(wet dream, seminal emission in dreams), weakness and deficiency in priapus, withered and exhaustion of blood and Qi, or hurt from sexual intercourse after drinking alcohol or eat full, palpitation, contraction of genital organ at lower abdomen;  

 ✧Sexual strain(exhaustion due to sexual indulgence), unhibited seminal emission and could not hold, low back and back could not lift and bend, take food but not grow muscle, weakness in feet;  

 ✧Asthenia and consumption, deficiency, pass essence from urine;                      

 ✧Spermatorrhea(seminal emission), thin and emaciation, ache all over the body and short of Qi, eyes could not see clearly, aversion to other's voice;  

 ✧Spermatorrhea(seminal emission), drowsiness(somnolence, much sleep), blurred vision;

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