Kidney Asthenia:Kidney consumption,introduction of its pathological reasons,syndrome differentiation and common syndromes.

Syndromes of Traditional Chinese Medicine. ✵Traditional Chinese medicine has been used for thousands of years. Through thousands of years of practice, it has been proved that Chinese medicine is effective and feasible in treating diseases, preventing diseases and maintaining health. The treatment of diseases with traditional Chinese medicine has saved countless lives. The treatment of diseases in traditional Chinese medicine is macro and comprehensive.

 The theoretical system of traditional Chinese medicine is derived from and guided by long-term clinical practice. Through the analysis of the phenomenon, the internal mechanism is explored. Therefore, this unique theoretical system of traditional Chinese medicine has two basic characteristics, one is the overall-concept, the other is the dialectical treatment.

Kidney Asthenia(Kidney consumption).
 ✵Kidney Asthenia(Kidney consumption):the kidney asthenia, is also known as kidney consumption, or kidney strain, mainly due to taxation or consumption hurt of the kidney, main symptoms are lumbago(low back pain), inhibited urinate or dribbling urination, fullness and pain in lower abdomen, spermatorrhea(seminal emission), gonorrhea(white cloudy urine), scrotum wet and itch. Other symptoms might be observed include back difficulty in bending or lifting, yellow red urine, phallalgia(phalloaynia, posthalgia), scrotum dampness and sores, fearsome and lost will, short of breath, backbone bending, withered complexion, general fever or low fever, dry mouth and dry throat(dry pharynx), even cough and spit blood.                      

 ✵The kidney asthenia, is mainly due to consumption hurt of the kidney, from sexual strain(exhaustion due to sexual indulgence), deficiency of Yin, water exhaustion at the lower energizer and fire burning at the upper energizer.

Common syndromes of kidney asthenia.
 ✦For the kidney asthenia or kidney strain, should replenish the liver Qi and benefit it. Affected by cold pathogen in winter, the foot Shao Yin do not hided, kidney Qi sinking and turbid. Follow it and will live, against it and will die, follow it and will in order, against it and will disorder. Turn the order to disorder, is known as obstruction and rejection(anuria, difficulty in defecation and vomiting, Guan Ge, ancient symptom name.), will be affected by the disease. The common syndromes of kidney asthenia are introduced as:                      

 ✧Kidney asthenia, excess heat, distension and fullness in lower abdomen, yellow-red urine, dribbling urination, frequent urination and less volume, phallalgia(phalloaynia, posthalgia), sores grow on scrotum;  

 ✧Kidney asthenia heat, sores grow on scrotum;  

 ✧Kidney asthenia heat, irritability(testiness) abruptly, waist and back could not bend of lift and stretch;  

 ✧Kidney asthenia, Yin and Yang lost balance, hurt tendons and collaterals, short of breath and heavily breath, spermatorrhea or metrorrhagia and diarrhea(seminal emission for man, uterine bleeding for women, and diarrhea), yellow-red urine, wet and itchy scrotum, low back and backbone as bending, complexion faded or withered;  

 ✧Kidney asthenia or strain, deficiency cold, dryness and withered, sorrow regret and endogenous emotional hurt, sit on wet ground for long period and hurt the kidney;

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