Introduction of Long Kui:Black Nightshade Herb or Herba Solani Nigri.

TCM Herbalism:Medicinals and Classifications. ✵The article gives records of the herb Black Nightshade Herb, its English name, Latin name, property and flavor, its botanical source one plant species, ①.Solanum nigrum L., with a detailed introduction to the botanical features of this plant species, the growth characteristics, and ecological environment of this plant species, the features of the herb Black Nightshade Herb, its pharmacological actions, medicinal efficacy, and administration guide.

Herba Solani Nigri(Black Nightshade Herb).

Black Nightshade Herb Pin Yin Name: Lónɡ Kuí.
 English Name: Black Nightshade Herb.
 Latin Name: Herba Solani Nigri.
 Property and flavor: cold, bitter.

 Brief introduction: The herb Herba Solani Nigri is the dried aerial part of Solanum nigrum L., used for the treatment of cancer of the stomach and esophagus. The herb is commonly known as Herba Solani Nigri, Black Nightshade Herb, Lónɡ Kuí.

 Solanum nigrum L.:fruits Botanical source: Herbal classic book and official herbal classics defined the herb Herba Solani Nigri (Black Nightshade Herb) as the dried aerial part of (1). Solanum nigrum L. It is a plant of the Solanum L. Genus, Solanaceae family (nightshade, potato family), Tubiflorae order plant. This commonly used species is introduced:

(1).Solanum nigrum L.

 Solanum nigrum L.:fruiting plant Botanical description: Solanum nigrum L., is also known as Lónɡ Kuí. An annual herb, the plant grows up to about 25~100 cm tall. The stem is upright, angular or inconspicuous, glabrate, or sparsely covered with fine hairs. Leaves are alternate; the petiole is 1~2 cm long; the leaf blade is oval (egg-shaped), the apex is shortly pointed, the base is cuneate or broadly cuneate and decurrent to the petiole, usually 2.5~10 cm long, 1.5~5.5 cm wide, entire or irregularly undulated coarse teeth, smooth or sparsely pubescent on both surfaces.

 Scorpioid cyme, extraaxillary, composed of 3~6~10 flowers; Pedicels are 1~2.5 cm long; the calyx is small, shallow cup-shaped, sparsely covered with pubescence, 5-lobed, lobes are ovoid, about 2 mm long; corolla is white, radiate, 5-parted, lobes are ovoid, about 2 mm long; 5 stamens, inserted on corolla tube opening, filaments are separated, anthers are yellow, the apical orifice is inward; 1 pistil, spheric shape, the ovary is 2-loculed, the lower part of style is densely white pilose, stigma is rounded.

 The berry is spheric shape, shiny, about 8 mm in diameter, and black when mature; Seeds are mostly oblate. Its flowering and fruiting period is from September to October.

 Solanum nigrum L.:flowering plant Ecological environment: The plant grows in fields, roadsides, or wastelands. The plant is distributed all over the country area of China.

 Growth characteristics: The plant prefers a warm and humid climate. The soil requirements are not strict, better to choose fertile sandy loam with good drainage.

 Black Nightshade Herb:herb photo Characters of herbs: The stem is cylindrical, many branched, 30~70 cm long, 2~10 mm in diameter, and the surface is yellow-green, with longitudinal wrinkles. The texture of the herb is hard and fragile, the fracture surface is yellow-white, and hollow. The leaves are shriveled or broken, and the intact leaves are oval (egg-shaped) or elliptic, 2~12 cm long, and 2~6 cm wide, apex is sharp-pointed or blunt, entire edge or with irregular undulated serrations, dark green, both surfaces are smooth or sparsely pubescent; The petiole is 0.3~2.2 cm long. Flowers and fruits are rare. Cymes are cincinnate, extraaxillary, with 4~6 flowers, the calyx is tan (chocolate brown), the corolla is brownish yellow. Berry is spheric shape, black or green, wizzled. Seeds are many, and brown. The herb has a slight odor and a mild taste. The herb of better grade has green stems and leaves, with berries.

 Pharmacological actions: ①.anti-inflammatory effect: it has a protective effect on allergic, burn, and histamine shock of animals, and can promote the formation of antibodies, can inhibit the effect of peripheral glucose, so it has the effect of raising blood sugar; ②.relieving cough; ③.expectorant; ④.exciting smooth muscle and central nervous function, etc.

 Medicinal efficacy: Clear heat, detoxify, activate blood circulation and detumescence (reduce swelling). It is indicated for the treatment of malignant boils, carbuncle, carbuncle sore ulcer, erysipelas, acute nephritis, nephritis and edema, dysuria (difficulty in micturition), chronic tracheitis, elderly chronic tracheitis, leukorrhagia, prostatitis, dysentery, skin eczema, traumatic injury of fall, etc.

 Administration of Herba Solani Nigri (Lónɡ Kuí): 
Reference: Administration Guide of Herba Solani Nigri (Lónɡ Kuí)
TCM Books: ①.Internally:water decoction, 0.5~1 liang (about 15~30 grams).Externally:mashed and apply stick, or wash with water decoction; ②.Internally:water decoction, 15~30 grams.Externally:proper amount, mashed and apply stick, or wash with water decoction.

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