Introduction of TCM Diagnostics.

Introduction of TCM Diagnostics:Diagnostic Methods ✵The TCM Diagnostics is the science and practice of diagnosis, mainly composed of diagnosis, disease identification, disease differentiation, syndrome differentiation, syndrome pattern and syndrome manifestation.

Introduction of TCM Diagnostics.

 TCM Diagnostics Icon 01 Introduction: The main content of TCM Diagnostics are introduced as:

 ✵Diagnostics:the science and practice of diagnosis.

 ✵Diagnosis:determination of the nature of a disease and the state of health of the patient based on information collected through inspection, inquiry and examination.

 ✵Disease Identification:determination of the category of a disease, also known as disease differentiation.

 ✵Disease differentiation:act of distinguishing one category of disease from others, also known as disease identification.

 ✵Syndrome differentiation:also known as pattern identification, determination of the location, cause and nature of a disease as well as the trend of its development at a certain period of a case in the light of traditional Chinese medicine theories.

 ✵Syndrome pattern:one of the commonly encountered and typical syndromes with a well-established name.

 ✵Syndrome manifestation:manifestation of a syndrome, including symptoms and signs.

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