Blood-arthralgia,Consumptive Disease:an introduction.

TCM Knowledge:Miscellaneous Internal Disease according to Jin Kui Yao Lue. ✵Blood-arthralgia, Consumptive Disease: The Blood-arthralgia is a disease caused by the deficiency of blood and Qi, sleep in wind, or wind caused in sweating due to taxation and result in obstacle of Qi and blood. The consumptive disease is a disease characterized by consumption, either infectious or non-infectious, the latter also known as consumption, the former also known as phthisis.

 ✵Herbalist Zhang Zhongjing defined the Blood-arthralgia in about 1 syndrome, defined the Consumptive Disease in about 14 syndromes. These syndromes are all defined in details by his famous works:

Miscellaneous Internal Disease according to Jin Kui Yao Lue 
 ✵Asked: the blood-arthralgia, how it developed? Master: those high-fed people of obesity, weak in bones and flourishing in muscle and flesh, for the reasons tiredness and perspiration, shaking in sleep, blown by the slight wind, so attacked by this disease. For the cunkou pulse slightly uneven, the guan pulse small and tight, better use acupuncture to guide Yang Qi, let pulse harmonized, tight pulse go and it will be relieved.

 ✵ Blood-arthralgia(blood impediment), weak in both Yin and Yang pulse, or cunkou pulse and guan pulse weak, chizhong pulse small tight, exterior syndrome body numbness, symptoms looks like wind arthralgia(wind impediment), use...

Consumptive Disease.
Miscellaneous Internal Disease according to Jin Kui Yao Lue 
 ✦Normal man, case pulse large, is the case of consumption, cases great asthenia syndrome is the case of consumption too.

 ✦ Man who looks pale and lusterless face(looks white face, and lusterless complexion), main syndromes are thirst and blood collapse.

 ✦Man whose pulse deficient deep and string-like, no coldness or fever, shortness of breath and abdominal urgency(abdominal pain,contraction of genital organ), inhibited urination, looks pale(white face, pale complexion), close eyes and nose bleeding(epistaxis, or bleeding from five aperture or subcutaneous tissue) now and then, fullness in abdomen, this is because of consumption.

 ✦The Consumptive disease(consumption), its pulse floating and large, vexed in hands and feet, turn severe in spring and summer, recovered some level in autumn and winter, coldness of the genitals(genital cold) and essence come out itself(seminal losses), aching pain and soreness could not walk.

 ✦ Cases man pulse floating weak and uneven, is the case of infertility, essence and Qi are clear and cold.

 ✦Cases seminal losses, ShaoYin pulse wiry and urgent, cold in the glans penis, dizziness(dazzled), hair loss(alopecia). Cases extremely deficient(feeble) and Kou(floating large weak) and slow, will observe symptoms diarrhea with undigested food, blood collapse, seminal losses; Cases pulse Kou(floating large weak) slightly tight, man seminal loss, women sexsomnia(sexual intercourse in a dream). use...also could use...

 ✦Cases normal man, pulse deficient fine weak, is the case often night sweat(perspire during sleep).

 ✦Cases age in fifty or sixty, pulse large, is the case impediment on the back;In cases rumbling sound(borborygmus,bowel sounds), sabre-beadstring scrofulae, all because of the consumption. In cases pulse sunken and slow, is the case Qi prostration(Tuo Qi), panting and thirst if walk fast; Cases counterflow cold in hands and feet(Jue), is also because of the consumption.

 ✦Cases consumptive disease(consumption), abdominal urgency(abdominal pain,contraction of genital organ), palpitation, nose bleeding(epistaxis,or bleeding from five aperture or subcutaneous tissue), pain in abdomen(abdominal pain), seminal losses in dream, aching pain in limbs(aching pain and soreness in arms hands legs feet), dysphoria in hands and feet(vexation heat in hands and feet), dryness in throat(dry pharynx) and dry mouth, use...

 ✦Cases consumptive disease(consumption), abdominal urgency(abdominal pain,contraction of genital organ), various deficiency, use...

 ✦Cases consumptive disease(consumption), backache(low back pain,lumbago), cramping sensation of the lower abdomen, inhibited urination, use...

 ✦Cases consumptive disease(consumption), dysphoria(vacuity vexation,restlessness due to deficiency) and insomnia(cannot sleep), use...

 ✦Cases five consumptions(exhaustion or lesion of the five internal heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys), extremely asthenia or extremely deficiency and emaciated, fullness in abdomen and no appetite(abdominal fullness and could not take food), dyspepsia(indigestion caused by improper diet or overeating), grief(sorrow,sadness),drinking impairment, sexual strain(sexual taxation,exhaustion due to sexual indulgence),hunger injury, taxation damage(internal lesion caused by overexertion), Qi exhaustion in meridians channel and exhaustion of nutrient Qi and defense Qi, blood stasis in the interior, scaly dry skin(squamous and dry skin), blackish eyelids, should relieve the middle energizer and tonify the deficiency, use...

 ✦Cases women consumptive disease(women consumption), urinary bladder urgency, fullness in lower abdomen, yellowing of the whole body, black on the forehead, heat on the underside of the feet, distention in abdomen looks like edema, loose and black stool(sloppy stool and black stool), fullness in the abdomen, is the case difficult to treat. Use...stool black, urine yellow, are its symptoms.

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