Cold-induced disease:an introduction.

TCM Knowledge:Febrile Disease and Cold-induced Disease according to ShangHanLun. ✵The cold-induced disease is a general term for various externally contracted febrile diseases; Sometimes it is only used for cold affection, a condition caused by cold, manifested as chills and fever, an absence of sweating, headache, floating and tense pulse.

 ✵Herbalist Zhang Zhongjing defined the Cold-induced disease in about 5 syndromes. These syndromes are all defined in details by his famous works:

Cold-induced disease.
Shang Han Lun,Treatise on Cold-induced Diseases 
 ✦ Cold attack, or Cold-induced disease, attack the kidney first, it intruding the five-Zang viscera, pulse-induced pain. In the case it intruding in the eight empty houses (five-Fu viscera and Triple Energizers), the extravagated blood will stagnant, accumulated in long days and not disappear, turned into an apparent disease, shouldn't it be treated carefully with cautions! .

 ✦ Cold-induced disease, symptoms ostealgia(bone pain), yin arthralgia,abdominal distension, lumbago(backache), difficult defecation, induced pain in shoulder and back,neck and nape, pulse deep and slow, this is the case the cold pathogen attack the kidney...In severe conditions, pain in both popliteal area.

 ✦ Cold-induced disease, symptoms pain in bilateral hypochondria, cold pathogen spreading in the middle and pulling or stagnant, head pain if counterflow attack, deafness, pulse stringy deep and slow, this is the case the cold pathogen attack the liver...In severe conditions, acute pain in bilateral hypochondria, unable to move around.

 ✦ Cold-induced disease, symptoms distention and full in the chest and hypochondrium, pain in the shoulder and back scapula, sadness in severe conditions, vertiginous falling and could not recognize others(lose of consciousness), this is the case the cold pathogen attack the heart...In severe conditions, pain in the external part of the elbows, arms unable to stretch...

 ✦ Cold-induced disease, symptoms abdominal fullness and rumbling sound(borborygmus), indigestion, diarrhea with undigested food(undigested food in stool), in severe conditions, limp wilting(weak wilting lower limbs and feet) and could not bend, pulse slow and uneven, this is the case the cold pathogen attack the spleen...In severe conditions, strong pain in the trochanteric region, could not bend and stretch.

 ✦ Cold-induced disease, symptoms panting, cough, weak breath, unable to smooth breath, spit spittle and saliva(drool foaming at the mouth), deaf, dry throat, this is the case the cold pathogen attack the lung, thus the pulse deep and slow...In severe conditions, pain in the internal part of the elbows, arms unable to stretch...

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