Convulsive Disease,Coital transmission of febrile disease,Taxation relapse disease:an introduction.

TCM Knowledge:Miscellaneous Internal Disease according to Jin Kui Yao Lue. ✵Convulsive Disease, Coital transmission of febrile disease, Taxation relapse disease: The convulsive disease is a disease state characterized by rigidity of the nape, convulsion of the limbs and opisthotonos. The Taxation relapse disease is a relapse of disease due to over-fatigue.

 ✵Herbalist Zhang Zhongjing defined the Convulsive Disease in about 14 syndromes, defined Coital transmission of febrile disease in 1 syndrome, defined the Taxation relapse disease in 5 syndromes. These syndromes are all defined in details by his famous works:

Convulsive Disease.
Miscellaneous Internal Disease according to Jin Kui Yao Lue 
 ✦TaiYang syndrome, cases fever, no sweating(no perspiration), but aversion to cold, in case pulse sunken and slow, is the case of Gang Jing(Tense Convulsive Disease).

 ✦ TaiYang syndrome, cases fever, sweating(perspiration), not aversion to cold, in case pulse floating and rapid, is the case of Rou Jing(Sweating Convulsive Disease).

 ✦ TaiYang syndrome, cases fever, pulse sunken and fine, is the case of Jing(Convulsive Disease), is difficult to treat.

 ✦TaiYang syndrome, induced excessive perspiration(excessive sweating), thus lead to Jing(Convulsive Disease).

 ✦ Wind syndrome, used the purgative method and will lead to Jing(Convulsive Disease), induced perspiration(induced sweating) again, surely will limb spasm.

 ✦Sores syndrome, should not induce perspiration(induce sweating), or perspired(sweating) and will lead to Jing(convulsive disease).

 ✦Cases general fever(fever on whole body) and cold in feet, spasm of nape(stiffness of the neck and nape), aversion to cold, cephalic fever(feverish sensation in the head) now and then, red face(red facial complexion) and hot eyes(pink eyes), head shaking, lockjaw(trismus), opisthotonos, is the case of Jing(convulsive disease). If induced perspiration(induced sweating), cold and dampness pathogen support each other, the exterior will turn more deficient, and will aversion to cold worse than past, induced perspiration yet, pulse manifestation like snake, fulminating pulse and distention enlarged, is the case not relieved; cases pulse as past, and pulse hidden and wiry, is the case not relieved.

 ✦ Jing syndrome(convulsive disease), pulse tight and wiry in taken, going upward or downward direction directly.

 ✦Cases Jing syndrome(convulsive disease), observed sores from moxibustion, is the case difficult to treat.

 ✦ TaiYang syndrome, all symptoms observed, body stiffness, pulse sunken and slow, on the contrary, this is the case of Jing(convulsive disease), use...

 ✦TaiYang syndrome, no sweating(no perspiration), on the contrary less urine, counterflow of Qi upward to the chest(upward adverseness of Qi to the chest),lockjaw(trismus) and could not talk, will turn to Gang Jing(Tense Convulsive Disease), use...

 ✦ Cases Jing syndrome(convulsive disease), counterflow cold of hands and feet, fever now and then, cyanotic lips and eyeball invagination, pulse sunken and wiry, is the case wind pathogen enter into JueYin, use...

 ✦ Jing syndrome(convulsive disease), originally belong to TaiYang, in cases fever, sweating(perspiration), pulse wiry and excess, transmitted to YangMing, better use...

 ✦ Jing syndrome(convulsive disease), cases fullness in the chest, lockjaw(trismus), could not sleep on the bed, spasm feet(hypertonicity of the feet), surely will grind teeth in sleep, better use...

Coital transmission of febrile disease.
Miscellaneous Internal Disease according to Jin Kui Yao Lue 
 ✦Cold-induced disease, coital transmission between Yin and Yang, cases heaviness of body, short of breath, hypogastric pain(contraction of genital organ, or pain in the lower abdomen), or protraction induced spams of genital organ, heat counterflow upward to the chest, heaviness in the head and could not lift up, dim eyesight(see flowers in eyes), spams of knees, use...

Taxation relapse disease.
Miscellaneous Internal Disease according to Jin Kui Yao Lue 
 ✦Serious disease already recovered, cases of taxation relapse(recurrence caused by overexertion), use...In cases abiding food, add herb...

 ✦ Cold-induced disease already relieved, cases fever again, use...cases pulse floating, induce perspiration(induce sweating) to relieve it; cases pulse sunken and excess(replete pulse), use the purgative method to relieve it.

 ✦Serious disease already recovered, cases water Qi(accumulated water pathogen) at region below the waist, use...

 ✦Serious disease already recovered, favor to spit, could not be relieved in a long period, for the reason cold pathogen at the region above the chest, should use pills to warm it, use...

 ✦ Cold-induced disease already relieved, weak and thin, short of breath, reversed flow of Qi and desire to vomit, use...

 ✦Serious disease already recovered, cases slightly vexed(upset, slight annoyance), for the reason new disease relieved, was given grains(food) to take by others, the stomach Qi is still weak, could not digest grains(unable to digest food), thus lead to slightly vexed, reduce food intake and will be relieved.

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