Endogenous and Exogenous types of Yang Collapse.

Yin and Yang 
 ✵This section gave an introduction about the Endogenous types of Yang Collapse., and Exogenous types of Yang Collapse, related pulse manifestations..

Endogenous and Exogenous types of Yang Collapse.
Yin Syndromes 
 ✦The Endogenous and Exogenous types of Yang Collapse are introduced as:

 ✧ In case of endogenous hurt from cold drink, the Yang of the whole body eliminate from internal or endogenously, cool on the body surface(exterior), cold limbs(cold in arms legs hands feet), pulse sinking and fine, is the condition of Yin syndrome, is easy to know it. or

  In case Yang disappear from external, heat on the body surface(exterior), warm in limbs(warm in arms legs hands feet), heaviness in head and do not want to lift head, pulse floating and string-like, powerless if pressed.

  If not recognize the difference, and gave recipes to relieve the exterior or recipes to double relieve(relieve both exterior and interior), etc, and induce perspiration again, the Qi of the Triple Energizer exhaust, there are many similar cases with bad results! Or,

 Take honey tea and take a bath then sleep with a thick quilt, induce perspiration forcedly, as a result, the syndrome varied and could not be saved, there are also many similar cases of suicide too! Or,

  » Case body cold and pulse sinking, take recipes to regulate the middle, the Yang goes from internal to the external, body warm harmonized and gradually recovered.

  » Case pulse floating string-like and fine, take recipes to regulate the middle, the Yang generates from internal, recall exogenous heat inside, get normal pulse again warm harmonized and recovered.

 Thus the syndromes should not be identified carefully. So as herbalist Zhongjing said: "in case Tai Yang syndrome fever and aversion to cold, more fever and less cold, pulse weak, is the condition Yang collapse, could not induce perspiration."

 Above entry, in case double relieved, honey tea, bath, and Yin syndrome all could not be used.

 ✧Also the works said: "Pulse soft and tight, soft then the stomach Qi is weak, tight then cold in Ying system, Yang weak and wind affect the Wei system, fever, and aversion to cold, Ying tight and stomach Qi cold, slightly vomit and vexation in the heart." Herbalist know there is high fever, relieve the muscle(expelling pathogenic factors from muscles and skin) and induce perspiration again, Yang collapse and deficiency vexation restless, epigastric oppression and hard below the heart, deficiency and exhaustion of the exterior and interior, suddenly stand up and dizziness, pseudo-heat in the skin, unhappy and could not sleep, do not know stomach Qi is cold, tight and cold in the Guānyuán(CV4, RN4).

 Above two soft pulse and tight pulse of Zhongjing, is the syndrome of exogenous heat and endogenous cold(External Heat Internal Cold Syndrome).

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