Yin and Yang Differentiation of Wild talk,Spontaneous perspiration,Shaking of body,Syncope.

Yin and Yang 
 ✵This section gave an introduction about the Yin and Yang Differentiation of Wild talk, the Yin and Yang Differentiation of Spontaneous perspiration, Shaking of body, the Yin and Yang of Syncope.

The Yin and Yang Differentiation of Wild talk.
Yin Syndromes 
 ✦The Yin and Yang Differentiation of Wild talk are introduced as:

 ✧In the works Huo Ren(Nan Yang Huo Ren Shu: the book of Nanyang for life saving) said: restlessness, wild walk and wild talk, complexion bloody and pharyngalgia(looks red or bloody on face, pain in pharynx), stripes on the body and looks like stripes on silk clothing, or diarrhea yellow and red is the case of Yang toxin, for pulse bounding large and forceful, or slippery or abrupt(rapid but intermittent pulse), thus use recipe sour and bitter to treat it.

 ✧Herbalist Cheng Wuji said: there is case sweating and wild talk, there are case diarrhea and wild talk, there is case passing blood and wild talk, there is case heat enter into blood chamber and wild talk, there is case disease of all three Yang and wild talk, there is case pass meridian not relieved and wild talk, these are all Yang syndromes. Only in case induced excessive perspiration(excessively sweating), Yang exhaustion and wild talk, could not use the purgation method, better use...This is the case exogenous affection and much sweating Yang exhaust and wild talk.

 ✧Herbalist Wáng Hǎogǔ concluded: there is case of endogenous affection from cold, wild talk(paraphasia), folks misunderstood as somniloquy(words uttered in one's sleep), is because the Shen(spirit) could not hold its host, this is the Yin syndrome, and its pulse is feeble and not forceful! As the ancient works Nei Jing(the Huangdi's Internal Canon) said:" somniloquy, rash, sorrow, laugh, are all due to heat.", and the ancient works Nan Jing(the Difficult Classics) said:"complexion bloody(looks red and bloody on face), like to laugh, vexation in the heart, also belong to heat." In general, these syndromes the pulses are all bounding and forceful, powerful in press. In such a case powerless pulse in the press, Yin Qi is fullness inside, the Yang Qi flow out in the skin, is the rootless fire. The Yang Qi and heart fire enter into the skin, the lung is main for skin and hair, as a result, there are somniloquy, rash, sorrow, laugh, and complexion bloody(looks red or bloody) likes to laugh vexation syndromes. Not only these! All case stripes appear on chest back and hands, there is case vomit blood, case slight bleeding in the nose, should not be identified as Yang syndrome, should be treated as Yin syndrome. Thus the syndrome differentiation from the works Huo Ren(Nan Yang Huo Ren Shu: the book of Nanyang for life saving), not from other aspects, but only from the pulse, no more effective or real as this! Its conclusion is very kind and perfect.

 ✧The dead pulse in case of wild talk:

  »Bian Que said: in case wild talk and talk nonsense, often fever, pulse should be bounding and large, on the contrary, cold limbs(cold in arms legs hands and feet), pulse sinking fine and weak will die. Also said: In case affect the heart, how to know it was from cold-induced disease? and in case wild talk and talk nonsense, what it is? The lung is main for sound(voice), thus know that lung pathogen enters into the heart, as a result, wild talk and talk nonsense. Its symptoms fever on body, chills and aversion to cold, in the severe case will spit and cough. Its pulse is floating large and uneven.

  »Zhongjing said: wild talk and talk nonsense, case slight fever on the body, pulse floating and large, warm in hands and feet will survive, case reverse cold pulse sinking fine, will die in not more than one day! Also said: in case wild talk and talk nonsense, pulse uneven will die. Above are all Yang syndrome with Yin pulse manifestation.

  »Also said: induced much perspiration(sweating a lot), double induce perspiration surely exhaust Yang, case wild talk and pulse short will die. Above is the case double induce perspiration and Yang exhaust, develop to Yin syndrome, and get Yin pulse so will die.

The Yin and Yang Differentiation of Spontaneous perspiration.
Yin Syndromes 
 ✦The Yin and Yang Differentiation of Spontaneous perspiration are introduced as:

 ✧Herbalist Cheng Wuji said: wind affection and spontaneous perspiration(involuntary sweating), sweating and aversion to wind and cold, there is an exterior syndrome. In case sweating, not an aversion to wind and cold, the exterior is relieved and the interior is unknown. There is a case fever in Yang Ming and sweating, is the condition of pyretic seepage(Re Yue). There is a case fever in Yang Ming and much sweating, use purgation method.

 ✧Herbalist Wáng Hǎogǔ concluded: endogenous hurt from cold affection, involuntary sweating, great aversion to wind and cold, sweating and body cool not heat(not fever), is the Yin syndrome; case sweating and body heat(general fever) with Yin pulse, is also Yin syndrome.

Spontanous perspiration in hands and feet:
Yin Syndromes 
 ✦The Spontanous perspiration in hands and feet is introduced as:

 ✧The ancient works Nei Jing said: sweating on hands and feet, the stool is hard and wild talk, use purgation method and it will be relieved. For heat accumulated in the stomach, body fluids flowing to sideways, as a result sweating on hands and feet.

 ✧As herbalist Cheng Wuji said: cold pathogen accumulated in the stomach, is there any case sweating on hands and feet? The works Nei Jing said: the cold pathogen affects Yang Ming, could not take food(no appetite), difficulty in urination(difficulty in micturition), sweating on hands and feet, will form an abdominal mass, is the condition affected by cold.

 ✧Herbalist Wáng Hǎogǔ concluded: thus Yin syndrome of endogenous affection type, there is a case of reverse cold and involuntary sweating of hands and feet, there is case of involuntary warm and spontaneous sweating, are the differences of Jue Yin, Tai Yin. Above entry, although is the warm and harmonization of triple energizer and four cold limbs, it is related to the other two meridians, should not not know it.

Shaking of body.
Yin Syndromes 
 ✦The Shaking of body is introduced as:

 ✧Herbalist Cheng Wuji attribute the reason of body shaking to deficiency and cold, want to induce perspiration, the patient surely deficiency sweating and shaking, in case used purgation method and sweating and shaking, is the condition of deficiency in both exterior and interior. There is case shaking shaking and will fall on the ground, or shaking shaking and move around, these 2 cases are all due to much perspiration and Yang exhaust, meridian deficiency and could not hold itself, thus shaking, not same as the condition of trembling.

 ✧The works Shang Han Lun said: "In case vomit and used purgation method, reverse and full below the heart, Qi rising to the chest, stand up and dizziness, induce perspiration and affect the meridian, body shaking, better use..."

 ✧In case Tai Yang syndrome, induced perspiration and still not relieved, still fever, palpitation below the heart, dizziness, body shaking, shaking shaking and want to fall on the ground, better use...The two recipes are all with function warm meridian benefit blood and Qi.

 ✧Herbalist Wáng Hǎogǔ concluded: in case who hobby drink alcohol and addict to sexual intercourse, the Primordial Essence exhausted and disappeared, deficiency in both Qi and blood, or shaking due to strain and consumption, or shaking not due to strain, or shaking due to endogenous pathogenic affection and Yin flourishing and Yang collapse, these are all cases of Yin syndromes.

  »The initial stage of syndromes and symptoms: In the case due to sexual intercourse, there are symptoms which recorded in the entry "Yin Yang Exchange", heaviness in head and not want to lift, dark in eyes and flowers in eyes, heat rising to the chest, lack in Qi, voice could not come out, pain in lower abdomen and dragging pain to the genital region, or genital shrink inside, cold and pain in shanks. This kind of Yin syndrome, thus four limbs often shaking. In the initial stage of this disease, although pulse is powerful if pressed, could not be treated as Yang syndrome, if gave the recipe of Yin nature, surely develop to a syndrome of cold nature. Also should not use a recipe of too hot nature, and treated as extreme Yin syndrome, because overheat will develop to other syndromes.Should use recipes that could invigorate Qi and warm blood to regulate it, the primordial Qi grows gradually, then could be relieved and recover. In case pulse already weak, turn black at the region between the eyebrows(the glabella) of the complexion(looks black at the region between the eyebrows), the lips could not collect back, slight bluish in nails, hands and feet(slight bluish or cyanotic in nails, hands or feet), should use recipe of hot nature to attack it. If induce perspiration and purgation, recipes of hot nature could not be taken hot, should leave it cool down and take it warmly, then the Yin Qi will not reject it. As the ancient works said: the hot should be used for the cause of cold, is this meaning.

 The above discussion, is reasonable, could be an innovation of what ancient herbalist not ever discussed.

  »On the symptoms of Yin syndrome from the initial stage to late-stage and cases exampled: In case complexion bloody(looks red or bloody on face), is the condition of deficiency at lower. In case shaking of hands and feet, due to the Primordial Qi not in mastering. In case heaviness in waist and legs, is the condition cold and dampness pathogen affect the three Yin meridians. In case of fear or palpitation, know the Yin and cold pathogen affect the Shao Yin of hands and feet. In case like to laugh is silly, sorrow is tragic, is the condition affection the Shao Yin of hand, Tai Yin. In case not very pain in head and neck, walk and steps are as normal, then know the cold pathogen not in the meridian but the interior. In case pain in head and neck, pathogen flows from internal to external and rising upward to the meridians. Or there is case cold pathogen hidden in winter, attack from endogenous affection in the initial stage, uncertain pain or no pain in head and neck. Or in case of sigh from time to time, ancient works Ling Shu(the Spiritual Pivot of Huangdi's Internal Classic.) said:"the heart is deficient and the heart system is in oppression, the heart system is in oppression and will sigh to comfort it." Thus know that the heart fire of hand Shao Yin is insufficient.

  In above-mentioned cases, at the initial stage, there are various symptoms examples as such: In case the body sense like being hit by sticks, is the condition Yang Qi exhaust and blood collateral coagulate and blocking, could not support the body. In case complexion bluish-black(looks bluish or cyanotic and black), the mother and son color of the liver and kidney viscera, the abnormal visceral color is visible. In case spasm of hands and feet and stay in bed, the Yang Qi of four limbs exhaust(in legs and arms hands and feet), and Yin Qi is precious to collect.In case face the wall in sleeping, the Yin desire to stay quiet. In case sick to hear other's voice and speaking, Yin desire to silence. In case dizziness and desire to sleep, the primordial Qi mixed and exhaust, the pathogenic heat attack the lung. In case desire to sleep and self-support, and the white of the eyes turn red(or bloody), the lung is affected by the pathogenic fire. In case three to four days, still could walk, not feel heaviness, the Yang Qi is still in the exterior. In case five to six days and Yin flourishing, the recipe of hot nature could not be saved, the Yin is mastering killing and will suddenly die, not the case Yang Qi strolling around, and want to revive the life force. In the initial stage complexion bloody and swelling on the face(looks red or bloody on the face, distension of face), for the reason deficiency at the lower. Till the case of dying, bluish(or cyanotic) firstly and bloody(red) later, for the reason Yang Qi not generated, the warm order not in action, as a result, similar to cold in the north area, its reverse flow is just like this. The ancient works Nei Jing said:"In case the Yang Qi collapse first, the Yin Qi exhaust later, the person died, the body color surely bluish(or cyanotic); In case the Yin Qi collapse first, the Yang Qi exhaust later, the person died, the body color surely bloody(red or bloody in color)." In case Yin toxin and Yang toxin hide with each other, or only hidden Yang, for such Yin syndromes, or perspiration at upper half part of the body and die, so there is also case not bluish and black.

  »Overall body bluish-black as flower syncope: there is case of Jue Yin syndrome with symptoms bluish-black color overall body, as the flower syncope, what is it? The Yang Qi could not circulate and support in limbs(arms legs hands feet), the meridians and collaterals on the exterior part of the body is blocked and obstacles, Qi desire to circulate but could not, until it moves but blocked, so where it moves looks light purple, and where it could not moves looks bluish(cyanotic) or black. As a result, the body looks as being hit by sticks, some areas look being hit, some looks not being hit. In case black on the whole body, is the condition there no Yang Qi at all. Thus the works Jing Luo Lun(it might be an ancient article, or one article in ancient works Nei Jing) said: "much cold pathogen then concretion, concretion then turn bluish-black; much heat pathogen then as a mud marsh, as a marsh then turn yellow and bloody.", The overall body bluish-black as flower syncope is this meaning.

The Yin and Yang of Syncope.
Yin Syndromes 
 ✦The Syncope, has types of Yin and Yang too, the Yin and Yang of Syncope are introduced as:

 ✧In the initial stage and fever of the body, after three to four days, heat Qi gradually deepens, stool constipated, urine yellow bloody, or wild talk and fever, on the contrary, is the condition of Yang Syncope.

 ✧In the initial stage, no fever of the body, after three to four days, Yang Qi gradually eliminated, stool soft and free, urination is clear and white, or low voice and not fever, is the condition of Yin Syncope.

 Herbalists have much confusion in it, for the pulses of them are both sinking. The main differences are:

  »In case Yang Syncope and pulse sinking, the pulse is powerful; In case of Yin Syncope and pulse sinking, the pulse is powerless.

  »In case Yang Syncope, the fingers and nails are warm sometimes; In case Yin Syncope, the fingers and nails are often cold.

 ✧As herbalist Zhongjing said: in cold-induced disease, two to three days, four to five days and syncope, surely will fever, fever first and surely syncope later, syncope in depth and heat is in deep, should use purgation method. Also said: in case cold-induced disease, pulse slippery and syncope, there is endogenous heat. And said: in cold-induced disease and diarrhea with indigested grains, endogenous cold and exogenous heat(cold interior and heat exterior), syncope of hands and feet and pulse weak, pulse weak and there is cold in the interior. In case perspiration and syncope are the same. Also said: in case Yin syndrome with diarrhea and pulse weak, there is cold in the interior. In another case, no pulse and diarrhea could not be relieved.

  Above cases, urgent, or very urgent, most of them normally have these symptoms.

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