Fog and Dew,Cold Drinks are both Turbid Pathogens.

Yin and Yang 
 ✵In this part, herbalist Wáng Hǎogǔ explained that the natural factors Fog and Dew, Cold Drinks are both Turbid Pathogens, they could also affect a person and lead to sickness.

Fog and Dew,Cold Drinks are both Turbid Pathogens.
Yin Syndromes 
 ✦The Fog and Dew, Cold Drinks are both Turbid Pathogens is introduced as:

 ✧In the ancient works Nei Jing(the Huangdi's Internal Canon), it recorded that: "the clear pathogen affects the upper Energizer, the turbid pathogen affect the Lower Energizer, are all fogs and dews, as a result, the Cunkou pulse is small." The hurt from endogenous pathogen cold drink, the cunkou pulse is also small. The fogs and dews enter into the abdomen, although it is not from a cold drink, is the same as a cold drink, Why? Pulses are all Yin and Cunkou pulse is small, this means that Qi Bo judged that turbid pathogen affects the lower Energizer again, is the same as hurt from a cold drink. Herbalist Han Zhihe said cunkou pulse is weak and small, should not use the purgation method, then we know that the Yin Qi is excess and the Yang Qi could not rise.

  »Case endogenous hurt from cold things, exogenous hurt from wind pathogen, with sweating.

 ✧Wind-warm syndrome plus and minus: case wind-warm syndrome, complexion bloody(looks red or bloody on face) and involuntary sweating(spontaneous sweating), do not desire to talk or few speech, only desire to sleep, two hands pulse floating and slow, or weak, this syndrome better not induce perspiration. If induce perspiration, might lead to trembling of muscle and tendons(contraction or spasm), or wild talk and soliloquy, or vexation restless and could not sleep. If used purgation method, look straight and aconuresis(incontinence of urine) or fecal incontinence(incontinence of feces). If using heat method, result in mad crazy as frightened, one reverse still could be saved, reversed again could not be saved anymore.Cases plus and minus:

  »Case dizziness and sweating, trembling of tendons and muscles, plus...

  »Case dry tongue and thirst, plus...

  »Case scorching hot on body and in extreme state, plus...In case endogenous hurt and not cold, do not plus...

  »Case heavy in body and much perspiration, plus...

 ✧Cold-induced disease, spasm or contraction internally, Qi deficiency in triple energizer and spontaneous involuntary sweating, and involuntary sweating of hands and feet, or more sweating on back of hands, or body and limbs trembling, heaviness in waist and legs, complexion bloody and eyes red(looks red or bloody, red eyes), only desire to sleep, strong heat or high fever on face and head, very heat or high fever on hypochondrias, involuntary warm in hands and feet, heat in palms of two hands, uninhibited urination and not thirst, or difficulty in defecation, or as normal, or dry mouth and dryness in pharynx, or thirst and desire to drink soup, not desire to drink water, or desire to drink few water, vomit and throw up from time to time, or fullness and oppression below the heart, pain in abdomen, or like to laugh or sorrow and crying, or sigh from time to time, or chaotic talk and lost wills. Might be suspected as wild talk case, actually not, the spirit could not hold. In the initial stage, during wake up and sleeping, fear or palpitation, not very pain in head and neck, walk and steps are similar to normal, Yin Qi excess and Yang Qi disappeared.Two hands pulse floating or sinking not the same, or pulse coming and going uncertain, there is sinking, uneven, weak, string-like, slight, etc five kinds of Yin pulse, powerless in taking or press, floating and small, sinking and small, all Yin pulses. Should use moderate method first and urgent later...

 ✧Asked: case turn severe gradually in three to four days, surely vexation restless and not quiet, what is it? In the works Nei Jing(the Huangdi's Internal Canon), it said: Yang excess then syncope attack, Yin excess then restlessness attack, things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme.The works Wai Tai Mi Yao(the Medical Secrets from the Royal Library) said: Yin excess and restlessness attack, is known as Yin-restlessness, desire to sit in the well. But the syndrome of Yin-restlessness, often attacks after perspiration or purgation. As herbalist Zhong Jing said: case induced perspiration and could not be relieved, case vexation and restless, use...Case endogenous Yin syndrome, drink cold and stomach cold and restless, is the same as case restless after perspiration and purgation. Case Jue Yin heat rising upward to chest and restless, for the reason fire burning upward.

 ✧In case especially urgent, if no perspiration, better use...;in case involuntary perspiration(spontaneous sweating), better use...In case of heat on body and limbs both, not till cool or cold limbs, better not use...

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