Yin Syndromes of Wang Haogu.

Yin and Yang 
 ✵The Yin Syndromes theory of herbalist Wang Haogu, are mainly:(1).Yin Syndromes Classifications;(2).Fog and Dew, Cold Drinks are both Turbid Pathogens;(3).Restlessness and Non-restlessness, Life pulse and death pulse of Yin syndromes;(4).Endogenous and Exogenous types of Yang Collapse;(5).Yin and Yang Differentiation of Wild talk, Spontaneous perspiration, Shaking of body, Syncope;(6).Thirst, Cough, Fever, Constipation, Urinary stoppage and red urine of Yin syndrome;(7).Yin Yang Exchange.

Yin Syndromes of Wang Haogu.
Yin Syndromes 
 ✦The Yin Syndromes of herbalist Wang Haogu is introduced as:

 ✧Case endogenous hurt from cold drink, exogenous cold pathogen affection, no perspiration. use...Plus and minus:

  »Case Tai Yang syndrome, fever and aversion to cold, pulse floating and tight, plus...

  »Case Tai Yang syndrome, pulse floating tight, string-like and rapid, is with Shao Yang, plus...

  »Case Tai Yang syndrome, pulse floating tight and bounding, is with Yang Ming, plus...

 ✧Above three syndromes, whatever type of the three Yang syndromes, better add Dang Gui in the prescription for a woman.

 ✧Case of plus and minus for Six Qi(six kinds of natural factors):

  »Tai Yang Han Shui governs the sky, add...

  »Yang Ming Zao Jin governs the sky, add...

  »Shao Yang Xiang Huo governs the sky, add...

  »Tai Yin Shi Tu governs the sky, add...

  »Shao Yin Jun Huo governs the sky, add...

  »Jue Yin Feng Mu governs the sky, add...

 The plus and minus method, is not only set for the Six Qi govern the sky. And for the Sheng Qi(life Qi) of the year, the same as the month and day, in case the date comes, should plus or minus accordingly and refer to above-listed cases.

 ✧The Qi was generated in dawn time, and flourishing at the noon, turn deficiency at sunset, the gate of Qi is closed. Thus at sunset, should not disturb your muscle tendons and bones, do not stay in fogs and dews, against this three times, body appearance turns thin and stranded. At the time Yang Qi is rising up then go outside, at the time Yang Qi is hiding then he should hide too. At sunset or night the Yang Qi collapse, Yin phase circulates internally, so better collect and refuse deficiency pathogens. Move tendon muscle bones then Yang essence will be exhausted, stay in fogs dews then affected by cold and dampness, follow the three times, could live to your deserved life span.

 ✧Asked: Case patient is affected by fogs dews, frost, clouds and mists in the mountains, not very pain in head neck and body, but sinking and tiredness in limbs, reduced appetite, or oppression and fullness in abdomen after taking diet, pulse hidden and small, similar to endogenous hurt from cold drink, what is it?

 Answer: This person takes few fat types of meat and fine grain, Qi weakness often suffer from it, for Yin already hidden endogenously, or walk in the morning on an empty stomach, or too much speaking, Qi eliminated in mouth and nose, Yin Qi accumulated again, as a result, lead to sickness.As the ancient works Nei Jing recorded: "the pathogenic Qi of the sky, affected and hurt the five Zang-viscera.Although not drink cold, Cunkou pulse is also small." Also said: "who is affected and hurt by dampness, affect the lower energizer firstly." Thus seek its syndromes classification from endogenous pathogens. As Zhongjing said: "turbid pathogen attack the lower energizer, for this reason."

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