Thirst,Cough,Fever,Constipation,Urinary stoppage and red urine of Yin syndrome.

Yin and Yang 
 ✵This section gave an introduction about other symptoms of Yin syndromes, including Thirst of Yin Syndromes, Cough of Yin Syndromes, Fever of Yin Syndromes, Constipation of Yin Syndromes, Urinary stoppage of Yin Syndromes, and Red urine of Yin syndromes.

Thirst of Yin Syndromes.
Yin Syndromes 
 ✦The Thirst of Yin Syndromes is introduced as:

 ✧Case of Yang Syndrome, the foot Shao Yin kidney meridian, its straight branch, go up through the liver viscus and the diaphragm and enter into the lung viscus, connect to the tongue body, the kidney aversion to dryness, as a result, thirst and drink a lot of water. As ancient works Shang Han Lun said: "case dry mouth dry tongue and thirst, cunkou pulse and chi pulse are all sinking, then know the kidney is affected by heat pathogen, is the Yang syndrome, should use purgation method."

 ✧In case of Yin syndrome, dry mouth and dry tongue, not caused by heat pathogen affect the kidney meridian, but the person addict to lust and desire, exhaust own essence and Qi, the true water exhaust and dried, the Yang collapse from the primordial Qi. Take cold food and drink cold water and affected by cold, develop to wither Yin, in case Yang eliminated internally, or not thirst, in case Yang going outward, surely thirst and desire to drink. But in case desire to drink, would rather drink soup instead of water, or there is case drink water, mistakenly drink much water, syndrome develops from it. For such a syndrome dry tongue and desire to drink cold water, stop it and gave soup, until drink some soup, unhappy and depression in the chest and heart, the thirst is relieved. If understood thirst as heat, will soup relieve it? Not only could not stop the thirst, but the heat will also aggravate too. Thus know it is Yin syndrome and no doubt!

Cough of Yin Syndromes.
Yin Syndromes 
 ✦The Cough of Yin Syndromes is introduced as: The cough and rising of Qi, fire burning upward, as a result, the Yin Qi not entering inside. The Yin Qi, is the Yin Qi inhaled. In the endogenous cold of Yin syndrome, is same kind of inhaled Yin Qi, should flow downward and no cough and rising. The case cough of Yin syndrome, the inhaled Yin Qi could not enter, what is the reason?

 ✧In case cough of Yang syndrome, the stomach head could not going downward. The Yin Qi exhaust first, the Yang Qi will collapse later, only fire burning upward, the Yin Qi rising reversely as cough.

 ✧In case Yin syndrome, the Yin pathogen already hidden endogenously, the Yin Qi is excessive and extreme, the kidney water is governing, the liver Qi could not be generated, the stomach fire already sick, the Ding fire(Ding, the fourth of the ten Heavenly Stems) is eliminating, there are free moving ministerial fire, cold pathogen forceful and accumulated in the chest, also will collapse. As a result lead to restlessness, great thirst and drink the whole cup of water, and take away the quilt, the patient only feel the heat, others touch and press, all cold of the body muscle bone narrow blood and channels. This fire is the rootless fire, use...its fire going downward itself, the cough and rising of Qi will be relieved.

 ✧In case of Yang syndrome, treat Yang syndrome, from up to the lower, discharge the fire, the Yin Qi will grow.

 ✧In case cough of Yin syndrome, caused by vomit and throw up, the stomach cold and vomit could not be relieved, cough and rising of Qi followed, the voice is unhappy, continuous, at the end of the voice turn to cough, the ancient folks called it vexation sorrow emotions. The one in vexation sorrow, could not tell their own emotions, could not tell their sorrow, as a result, leads to unhappy, only the cough of Yin syndrome with Yang collapse, the symptom is similar to it.

 ✧In case cough of Yang syndrome, the endogenous heat connect with the upper heat, thirst and cough only affect the throat;

 ✧In case cough of Yin syndrome, the vomit and throw up comes from internal, or falling tone first, or come together with falling tone to the throat(larynx), thus should...Once the middle is warmed, the five Qi of the heaven and the residue fire going down itself, connect with the warm recipes in the stomach, develop and generate Yang Qi. Not different from those people who lost their home, in fearsome and no dependence, strolling around and want to stay, as a result, support from surroundings, the Yin Qi starts to withdraw, the Yang Qi gradually grow, the pulse also gets a vivid chance from it.

  »In case cough of Yin syndrome...

  »In case cough of Yin toxin...

Fever of Yin Syndromes.
Yin Syndromes 
 ✦The Fever of Yin Syndromes is introduced as:

 ✧The works Huo Ren(Nan Yang Huo Ren Shu: the book of Nanyang for life saving) said:"in case fever and aversion to cold, is the Tai Yang. In case fever and body sweating as in clustering, is the Yang Ming. In case pulse fine cephalea(headache) vomit and fever, is the Shao Yang."

 ✧There is fever of Yin syndrome, what is it? In case of Tai Yin, Jue Yin, all not fever, only two entries of Shao Yin has a fever, herbalist Zhongjing named it as reverse-fever. In the initial stage of Shao Yin syndrome, in case fever and pulse sinking...In case Shao Yin syndrome diarrhea with indigested grains, endogenous cold and exogenous heat, cold limbs(reverse cold in arms legs hands and feet), the pulse could not get...Judgement: in general, fever of Yin syndrome, eventually is not the same, needs pulse sinking and fine, or diarrhea, syncope or cold in hands and feet. There is also a case of Yin restlessness and fever, desire to sit in a well, should be under the entries of Yin syndromes.

 ✧As Zhongjing said: in case vomit diarrhea with sweating, fever and aversion to cold, spasm in limbs(spasm in arms legs hands and feet), syncope of hands and feet, use...Also said: vomit and diarrhea, urination is uninhibited again and great perspiration, diarrhea with indigested grains(indigested food), endogenous cold and exogenous heat, pulse weak and will collapse, better use...In case fever with cephalea(headache), not pain and ache in the body, should relieve the interior, better use...In case diarrhea with indigested grains(indigested food), endogenous cold and exogenous heat, perspiration, and syncope(cold in limbs), better use...In case great sweating, heat not relieved, internal spasm, pain in four limbs(pain in arms legs hands and feet), also diarrhea cold limbs and aversion to cold, better use...

Constipation of Yin Syndromes.
Yin Syndromes 
 ✦The Constipation of Yin Syndromes is introduced as:

 ✧The case of Yin Jie(Yin constipation) and Yang Jie(Yang constipation), different in cold and heat, but restlessness is the same. Similar to metals are heated in hot summer, the seawater freeze in cold winter.

 ✧The works Shang Han Lun said: in case pulse floating and rapid, has appetite but could not defecate(constipation), this is a syndrome of excess, known as the condition of Yang Jie(Yang constipation); In case pulse sinking and slow(retarded), no appetite(do not take food), heaviness of body, on the contrary stool is hard(constipated), is known as the condition of Yin Jie(Yin constipation).

 ✧Also said: "in case there is No Yang and Yang is flourishing, the stool is hard(constipated), could not use purgation method, if use purgation method then diarrhea with indigested grains(indigested food) and fullness in abdomen, better use..." As herbalist Wang ShuHe said:"in case pulse string-like and cold, binding in the intestines(constipation)", and herbalist Jie Gu said:"in case of pulse sinking and string-like, no appetite(could not take food) and could not defecate(constipation), is the condition of Yin coldness binding."

Urinary stoppage of Yin Syndromes.
Yin Syndromes 
 ✦The Urinary stoppage of Yin Syndromes is introduced as: examples from Zhong Jing, and Huo Ren.

 ✧In case of Yang syndrome, the symptoms of the Tai Yang not relieved, enter to the root again, fever aversion to cold and thirst, better use. For the reason dampness and heat accumulated in the lower, as a result, lead to urinary stoppage and not free. In other syndromes with the urinary stoppage, better treat it according to meridians.

 ✧In case of Yin syndrome with urinary stoppage, pulse slow(retarded) and fine, floating and sinking not the same, Yin Qi already flourishing(excessive), the Yang Qi will collapse, the urination should be un-inhibited, in case complexion white and urinary stoppage, the Yin could not be transformed, concreting and withering, as the water freezing, the body fluid could not move and circulate, as a result blocking and obstacles, should use recipe of heat nature. In case Yin gets Yang and could be transformed, the body fluid could move and circulate, as a result, urination stoppage is relieved. Should not use a recipe with the function of prompting diuresis to prompt it.

 ✧The works Shang Han Lun said:"in case cold affection with Yang Ming, could not take food(no appetite), inhibited urination, sweating on hands and feet, will form abdominal mass, is the condition of cold affection, same meaning as this." The ancient works Nei Jing said: "various cold syndrome and contraction, all belong to kidney water." Guide and discharge it, the urination will be uninhibited, collect and blocking it, the urination will stop. And the kidney is main for urination and defecation. Although there are Yin syndrome and Yang syndrome, two types, but they are all among it.

 ✧Herbalist Cheng Wuji said: the Yin and Yang mixed is the condition of harmonization, the Yin and Yang separate from each other is the condition of binding.

  »Case urination is uninhibited...

  »Case urination is inhibited...

  »Case Yin syndrome and pain in abdomen, urination is inhibited...

 ✧The works Huo Ren(Nan Yang Huo Ren Shu: book of Nanyang for life saving) said: In case Yin syndrome and urinary stoppage, and scrotum retract into the lower abdomen, colic pain and desire to die...should not use common recipes to prompt diuresis. As common recipes to prompt diuresis mostly use herbs nature cold and slippery. But this case is the condition caused by Yin toxin in the lower abdomen, should know it.

  »Case of Zhongjing, wind and dampness complication(pathogens of wind and wetness blended to attack the body), irritable pain in joints, could not stretch out and drawback, close and pain aggravated, sweating and short of breath, urination inconvenient(urinary stoppage), aversion to wind and do not want to take off clothes, or swelling of body...

  »In above Case,induced perspiration and not relieved, on the contrary aversion to cold, is the condition of deficiency...

  »In case pain in abdomen(abdominal pain), better use this. Zhongjing said:"in case cold affect Yang Ming, could not take food(no appetite), urination is inhibited, sweating on hands and feet, will form a mass, is the condition of cold affection."

Red urine of Yin syndromes.
Yin Syndromes 
 ✦The Red urine of Yin syndromes is introduced as:

 ✧In case exogenous cold affection, slight syncope of limbs(slight reverse cold limbs), pathogenic heat enter into the interior, stool dry, urine red and difficult with less volume, is the condition of heat syndrome.

 ✧Only in case of Yin syndrome with endogenous affection, Yang moves at the exterior, deficient heat in the skins, the lung is affected by pathogen, flow down to the urinary bladder, as a result, the urine is like gray liquid, also stomach deficiency and could not take food(no appetite). Wu and Gui combined(Wu and Gui, are the fifth stem and the tenth stem of the ten Heavenly Stems), deficiency pathogen transformed, red as a gray liquid, although the color is such kind, but not difficult in urination but free and quick.

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