Yin Syndromes of Xu Shuwei.

Yin and Yang 
 ✵许叔微(Xǔ Shūwēi): his popular name is known as 许学士(Xǔ Xuéshì, Scholar Xǔ), leading physician of the Song Dynasty, he was the representative herbalist of Meng He School during Song Dynasty period. His representative works related to Shang Han are 《伤寒百证歌》(Shang Han Bai Zheng Ge, or A hundred syndromes of cold-induced disease) 5 volumes,《伤寒发微论》(Shang Han Fa Wei Lun, or meticulous thesis of cold-induced disease) 2 volumes,《伤寒九十论》(Shang Han Jiu Shi Lun, or ninety thesis about cold-induced disease).

 The Yin Syndromes from herbalist Xu Shuwei are mainly about three syndromes of Yin toxin.

Three Syndromes of Yin Toxin.
Yin Syndromes 
 ✦The three syndromes of Yin Toxin are introduced:

 ✧Syndromes of Yin Toxin at the initial stage: Yin toxin is originated and based from deficiency and cold of kidney Qi, for the cause of desires or take cold food, and then affected by wind, Yin is hidden endogenously, cold affected exogenously, or affected by exogenous cold first and Yin is hidden later, both Yin endogenous and exogenous, then Yang could not guard, as a result, cephalea(headache) and heavy in waist, pain in eyes, lassitude(fatigue of body) and great fever, cold in limbs(cold in arms hands and legs feet below knees), cold perspiration unstoppable on forehead and back of hand, or much polydipsia(vexed and thirst), faintly trance(delirious, absent-minded), as lose something, could get up in two to three days, not feel too heavy. If case take pulse and the six pulse sinking fine and urgent, Chi short and small, cunkou or big six pulses are both floating and big, or sinking and big in taken while not very urgent, not Yin syndrome. If take cool recipes, then thirst turns severe, restlessness turn acute. For such a case, should immediately take Yang revive and Yin eliminating recipe then could be safe, should replenish deficiency and harmonize Qi. For Yin syndrome, should not induce perspiration, in case Qi is positive and the pulse is big, fever and not relieved, use the recipe to induce perspiration has no problems.

 ✧Syndromes of Yin Toxin gradually deepens: or cunkou pulse small and chi pulse slight big is also the same. Accumulated Yin affected at the lower, and slight Yang diminishes at the upper, as a result, its symptoms are heavy sensations, cold limbs(cold in arms hand legs and feet below knees), pain in abdomen and turn severe, or sore throat, or swelling and fullness below the heart, constipation restlessness and thirst, deficient sweating(abnormal sweating due to general debility) unstoppable, or wild talk from time to time, bluish-black in nails hands and complexion(bluish or cyanotic in nails and hands, looks bluish-black on face), six pulses sinking fine and seven arrives in one breath. Case with these symptoms, should...until feet and hands turn warm as effective, and then take...

 ✧Syndromes of Yin Toxin critically severe: the symptoms of Yin Toxin critically severe, is the same as the previous syndrome of Yin toxin gradually deepens, but severer and critical. Six pulses could be taken close to the bone, but no pulse in the press, arrive over 8 in one breath, or could not be counted, develop to such a condition herb recipes could not work anymore. But..., and untreatable until hands and feet turn warm. Occasionally return warm, use recipe with heat nature to aid. In case Yin Qi dissipates, and Yang Qi revives, reduces herbs in which nature is heat gradually and treats with harmonization method, to get it relieved. Cases are introduced as:

  »Cold-induced disease, in the initial stage cold in limbs and head eyes, pain in joints,...will relieved until perspiration. In case cold-induced disease of Yin toxin type,...or hurt from cold or from diet, dizziness and Qi fullness, and various syndrome of heart and abdomen related. If the case of Yin toxin, should not use...to induce perspiration.

  »Cold-induced disease of Yin toxin type, cold in limbs(cold in arms legs hands feet below knees), pulse sinking and fine, cephalea(headache) and heavy in the waist. Or cold affection in lower abdomen...or cough due to Yin toxin syndrome...

  »Cold-induced disease, cephalea(headache) and high fever(strong heat), ache and pain in joints, dizziness and lassitude, cough and nasal obstruction(stuffy nose), no appetite(no desire to take food)...Also for cold-induced disease with cold Qi pathogen, chronic Yin toxin.

  »Yin toxin syndrome, rising of Qi and pain in the lower abdomen, cold limbs(cold in arms legs hands feet) and severe syndrome.

  »Yin toxin syndrome, bluish complexion(looks bluish or cyanotic), cold in limbs(cold in arms legs hands and feet below knees), vexation restlessness in the heart and pain in the lower abdomen.

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