Yin Syndromes of Zhu Gong.

 ✵朱肱(Zhū Gōng, year 1050—1125): physician at end years of the North Song Dynasty, he has an indepth study with the ancient works Shang Han Lun(the Treatise on Cold-induced Diseases), his main works is known as Nan Yang Huo Ren Shu(book of Nanyang for life saving), and the book was briefly known and quoted by later herbalists as Huo Ren Shu or Huo Ren.

 ✵The Yin Syndromes of 朱肱(Zhū Gōng) mainly including Three Yin Syndromes, theory of Yin toxin and three Yin, Yin syndrome similar to Yang, Exessive Yin refusing Yang, Yin Yang Exchange, Untreatable for Yin Toxin three syndromes till seven days, etc.

Three Yin Syndromes.
 ✦The Three Yin Syndromes of Zhū Gōng is introduced as:

 ✧The Tai Yin, Shao Yin, Jue Yin, are all Yin syndromes. Tai Yin, is the spleen; Shao Yin, is the kidney; Jue Yin, is the liver.

 ✧What is the Tai Yin? Tai Yin is the meridian of the spleen, main for distension and swelling in chest and diaphragm. The pathogen affects Yang come from wind rain cold and heat; The pathogen affects Yin come from diet drink and living environment, joy and anger emotions. The harmful wind and deficiency pathogen attack affect Yang, the improper diet and irregular daily life pathogen attack affect Yin. Affect Yang and enter into the Fu-viscera, affect Yin and enter into the Zang-viscera. Enter into the six Fu-viscera then body heat(fever) and could not sleep, as panting; Enter into the five Zang-viscera then fullness in abdomen and stagnant blocking, Sun Xie(diarrhea with clear and dilute stool, with indigested food residue), in long period it turn to Chang Pi(ancient syndrome name, same as dysentery).

 ✧What is Shao Yin? Shao Yin is the meridian of the kidney, main for pulse weak and fine, vexation, only desire to sleep, or uninhibited urination and thirst. The works(Shang Han Lun) said: one or two days Shao Yin syndrome, what does it mean? In the initial stage, the Cou Li(striae and interstitial space, the grain of the skin and the texture of the subcutaneous flesh) is cold, enter into the Yin meridians, not pass three Yang. Although the cold-induced disease is three Yin and three Yang, basically speaking, it affects Yang is Tai Yang, affect Yin is Shao Yin, these two meridians are in an exterior-interior relationship, and suffering from the disease the most(chances). Yang Ming, Tai Yin suffer from disease relatively less. For Shao Yang, Jue Yin, meridians of liver and gallbladder, even fewer. For disease one day to twelve or thirteen days, the Tai Yang syndrome not relieved, just treat Tai Yang. For the case observe Shao Yin syndrome since the initial stage, for it attacks the Shao Yin directly, and not passed firstly from Jue Yang to Shao Yin in orders. Generally speaking, the cold pathogen enters to Tai Yang, fever and aversion to cold; enter to Yin meridians, only aversion to cold but not fever. Cold affects the three Yin, there are the mild case, or syncope conditions affected by cold and diarrhea, should use different methods. For the condition slight cold in hands feet fingers, is a mild condition, there is also severe condition and condition without a pulse, should use different methods.

 ✧What is Jue Yin? Jue Yin is the meridian of the liver, main for consumptive thirst, rising of Qi, pain and heat in the heart, hunger without appetite(hungry, but no appetite or do not want to take food), take food and vomit out ascarid, use purgation method and diarrhea could not be relieved. In conditions Yin Qi excess solitarily, Yang Qi suddenly collapse, is the case of Yin toxin, its syndromes cold limbs(cold in arms legs hands and feet), pain in abdomen and belly button, body as hit by stick, pulse sinking and rapid, or vomit and diarrhea, should save urgently, moxibustion below the belly button, take hot and spicy herbs, revive the Yang and excessively perspiration! In mild case should use spicy and sweet, in a severe case should use spicy bitter hot. In the condition of Yin exhaustion and restlessness, the Yin syndrome is similar to Yang, should differentiate with pulse manifestation.

Yin toxin and three Yin.
 ✦Cold in hands and feet, pain in abdomen and belly button, pain in throat, vomit and diarrhea, body pain as hit by a stick, or cold perspiration and vexation thirst, pulse fine and will collapse, what is it? This is the syndrome of Yin toxin, in the initial stage cold in hands and feet, stiff in back and pain in throat, could not take porridge, toxin pathogen attack the heart, pain in the heart and abdomen, short of breath, cold in limbs, vomit and diarrhea, as being hit by stick....In general, Yin toxin is for kidney Qi deficient and cold, or cold things hurt the spleen, affected by exogenous wind and cold, Yin hidden endogenously, affected by cold internally, or affected by cold first and Yin hidden internally, all affected by Yin internally and externally, Yang could not hold, as a result, headache and heavy in waist, pain in abdomen, pain in eyes, lassitude, cold in limbs, cold on forehead and back of hand, perspiration and unstoppable, or polydipsia, in a trance, could get up in two to three days, not feel heavy again. Take pulse and six pulses all sinking fine and rapid, short and small at Chi, big at Cunkou.

 ✧In a severe condition of Yin toxin, heaviness, cold in limbs, abdominal pain turn severe, or inhibited in the throat, distension fullness and hard below the heart, restless thirst and deficient perspiration.

 ✧Yang excess and fever with no perspiration, Yin excess and cold with perspiration.

 ✧Yin excess solely and Yang suddenly collapse, as Yin toxin; In the condition of Yang excess solely and Yin suddenly collapse, as Yang toxin. In conditions of Yin and Yang isolated and rejecting each other, without great perspiration could not revive the positive health Qi.

 ✧In conditions of Yin toxin turn severe and in-depth, serious ill, six pulses close to the bone, take and there is a pulse, press there is no pulse, arrive over 8 in one breath, or could not count, till this condition it is difficult to use herbs.

 ✧Blocking in the chest, closing and fullness in the chest, bluish lips and cold in hands and feet, pulse sinking and fine, fewer emotions, or pain in the abdomen, what is it? It is Tai Yin, also not due to addict to desires, but hurt endogenously by cold things(cold food), or hurt the stomach Qi, thus turn to Yin syndrome.

 ✧Pulse weak and fine, desire to vomit but not vomit, vexation, desire to sleep, till six to seven days and uninhibited urine and thirst, what is it? It is Shao Yin, the disease of Shao Yin, desire to vomit but not vomit, vexation, desire to sleep, involuntary urine and thirst, for deficiency, so take water to self save. In case urine color white, for deficiency and cold in the lower energizer, could not regulate water, thus complexion white.

 ✧Shao Yin syndrome, dry mouth dry tongue and thirst, should use purgation method urgently, could not be delayed. better use...In case pulse sinking and slow(retarded), should use a warm method.

 ✧Shao Yin syndrome, aversion to cold and tired, involuntary vexed time to time, do not want thick clothes, better use...Shao Yin syndrome, in the initial stage, on the contrary fever, pulse sinking, use...Shao Yin syndrome, two to three days, often observer Shao Yin and No Yang syndromes, also should slightly induce perspiration...

Yin syndrome similar to Yang.
 ✦Yin syndrome similar to Yang:

 ✧Slightly fever, vexation, red complexion(looks red on face), pulse sinking and weak, what is it? This is the Yin syndrome similar to Yang.

 ✧If not identify with the pulse, easily misidentify as excess heat syndrome with symptoms deficiency Yang and vexation restless, treat with cold herbs, then Qi eliminated and turn to a serious case.

 ✧Above exterior heat and interior cold, vexation and restless, should not use cold herbs.

Exessive Yin refusing Yang.
 ✦Exessive Yin refusing Yang:

 ✧Asked: Body cold, pulse fine sinking and rapid, vexation restless and not want to drink water, what is it?

 ✧This is the syndrome known as Excessive Yin refusing Yang. The condition of cold-induced disease till excess Yin refusing Yang, case body cold, pulse fine sinking rapid, vexation restless and not want to drink water. In case want to drink water, is not this condition.

 ✧In condition do not want to drink water, should take, sooner or later restlessness relieved and could sleep, perspiration and relieved.

Yin Yang Exchange.
 ✦Yin Yang Exchange:

 ✧Asked: heaviness in body and short of Qi, swelling in genital region and shrink inside, colic pain in abdomen, heat rising upward and affect the chest, heaviness in head and could not lift, dim eyesight, contraction of genital organ for woman, internal pain in low back waist and abdomen, what is it?

 ✧This is Yin Yang Exchange. Just recovered from the cold-induced disease, Yin and Yang are not in harmonization, intercourse, result lead to swelling of the genital region, enter into abdomen and colic pain, woman contraction of the genital organ, pain in low back waist and abdomen, is the syndrome of Yin Yang Exchange. In case man relieved just now, not recovered health, intercourse with a woman and get sick, is known as Yang Exchange; In case woman relieved just now, not recovered health, intercourse with a man and get sick, is known as Yin Exchange. The reason it is known as Exchange, Yin and Yang affected each other and move extremely, the toxin and pathogen affect the person, as exchange. Its symptoms body heat flows up to the chest, heaviness in head and could not lift up, dim eyesight(flowers in eyes), spasm or contraction of limbs(spasm of arms legs hands feet), colic pain in the lower abdomen, hands and feet hold tight as fists, will die. Also, there is a case that will not die. In case contraction of genital organ in the lower abdomen, heat rising to the chest, heaviness in head and not want to lift, joints separated, slow and weak in meridians and collaterals, Qi and blood deficiency, exhaustion of bone marrow, Qi and strength turn to weak and small, lying in bed and could not move around or shaking, get up need support and help from others, or can survive and not die in years.

Untreatable for Yin Toxin three syndromes till seven days.
 ✦Untreatable for Yin Toxin three syndromes till seven days:

 ✧For treatment of cold-induced disease and seasonal pathogens, in the initial stage one to two days, accumulated and turn to Yin Toxin, or six to seven days up to ten days after taking prescriptions, develops to Yin toxin, heaviness in body and stiffness on back, colic pain in abdomen, sore throat, toxin pathogen attack the heart, hard below the heart, short of Qi and could not breath, vomit and throw up, lip bluish or cyanotic and complexion black(looks black), cold in limbs(cold in arms legs hands feet), pulse sinking fine and urgent. As Zhong Jing said: three syndromes of Yin Toxin, the body as being hit by a stick, pain in the throat, treatable in five to six days, not treatable till seven days. This is the source of "Untreatable for Yin Toxin three syndromes till seven days." What does it mean?

 ✧In condition endogenous hurt by pathogens of Yin nature, unharmonious of the middle energizer, or present as Shao Yin, or present as Jue Yin, two pulse not certain, endogenous Yin in a extreme state, Yang Qi rising upward, arrive at Yang Ming then more wild talk, arrive at Tai Yang then slight headache, arrive at Shao Yang then alternation of fever and chill, not the Shao Yang syndrome from exogenous affection. Though there is cold and heat in this meridian, but actually the spleen is affected first, between Mao and You(Mao, the fourth of the twelve Earthly Branches, You, the tenth of the twelve Earthly Branches.), the earth sits in the middle, connect with the gallbladder and the lung, thus the result is such. The internal Yang come to out, will collapse until this condition, as a result till the seven days it is untreatable. In a condition of Yin syndrome with tongue shrink, know there is no water in Shao Yin. Exogenous affection passes six meridians, should firstly relieve the exterior then use purgation method; endogenous affection pass three Yin, only use prescriptions for three Yin with plus and minus, not use cool herbs again. Outside the internal Yang, not surely pass in order to three Yang, but only to one meridian, and up to a very high phase, as a result, untreatable till seven days. In general, it means six meridians all passed, so not definitely pass three Yang in sequences. Cases are introduced as:

  »Yin toxin type cold-induced disease, lips bluish(cyanotic lips) and complexion black(looks black), stiffness of body and back, cold in limbs(cold in arms hands legs feet).

  »Yin toxin type cold-induced disease, bluish complexion(looks bluish or cyanotic), mouth open and breath out, hardness below the heart, body not heat, only sweating on forehead, polydipsia and could not be relieved(vexed, thirst, drink water), tongue color black, drowsiness(much sleep, somnolence), cold in limbs(cold in arms hands legs feet).

  »Excess Yin and rejecting Yang, vexation and could not drink water.

  »Cold-induced disease, severe syndrome, Yin toxin, cold in limbs, pulse sinking and fine, or vomit or diarrhea, restless and vexation in five Zang-viscera, accumulation and hardness in chest, or develops to Yang hidden internally, could not take decoction and drink, or no pulse, take one prescription, if vomit out, take another. After taking it, heat in the heart, it already relieved, going down to Zang and Fu-viscera. For case exterior not relieved, strong heat whole body(strong fever), pulse big, better use exterior relieving prescriptions. Or case exterior relieved, not fever again, get sleep, sweating on the whole body, then could use...If you take this prescription two to three prescriptions and not respond, untreatable.

Should not underestimate warm first purgation later from Zhong Jing.
 ✦Should not underestimate warm first purgation later from Zhong Jing:

 ✧Case of Zhong Jing, cold-induced disease, pulse floating, involuntary perspiration, frequent urination, vexation and slight cold, spasm of feet. Gave Gui Zhi decoction, to relieve the exterior, is a mistake. As a result lead to cold limbs, dry in the pharynx, vexation and vomit throw up, revive its Yang. In case cold limbs relieved and feet warm, gave...again, feet spread out. In case of stomach Qi not harmonized and wild talk, gave...

 ✧This article warm first purgation later, should not be used easily, there are other meanings. Cases are introduced as:

  »Cold induced-disease, Yin toxin and Yang toxin hidden, dangerous severe and symptoms observable. Pulse short then there is hidden Yang in Yin.

  »Cold induced-disease, overtake cold herbs, fullness and distension in heart and abdomen, cold limbs, dizziness daze and unable to recognize people, develop to a severe case of Yin toxin.

  »Cold induced-disease of Yin toxin type, bluish complexion(looks bluish or cyanotic), cold hands and feet(cold limbs), Qi distension in heart and abdomen, pulse sinking and fine.

  »Cold induced-disease of Yin toxin type, vexation and restlessness of mind and spirit, cephalea(headache, pain in head), cold limbs(cold in arms hands legs feet below knees).

  »Cold induced-disease of Yin toxin type, heavy body and stiffness of back, pain in abdomen, sore throat, toxin pathogen attack the heart, hard below the heart, short of breath and vomit throw up, bluish lips and black complexion(lips bluish and cyanotic, looks black), cold in limbs(cold in arms hands leg feet), pulse sinking fine and rapid.

  »Cold induced-disease of Yin toxin type, vexation and restless, cold limbs(cold in arms hands and legs feet below knees).

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