Acceptable Use Policy


  • Acceptable Use Policy(AUP)

    FAQs Icon Acceptable Use Policy By using’s ("our", "us" or "we") website, and services ("Service", or "Services"), you ("you", "your", "Client" or "Customer") agree to comply with our policies.

  • Information

    Information Protection Information regarding how we collect and use your personal data may be found in our Privacy Policy., any information you provided is protected with the Privacy Policy.

    The information provided from client side should be correct and in its exactness, as the services available and provided will need certain information from the communication with client side, to help our herbalist to make a reasonable judgment and differentiation, to make reasonable advice for your specific case.

    The information which related with the right of privacy of client-side will be protected without exceptions, those questions in inquiry sheet which we need to know basic answers from client side are designed as much as possible to avoid asking that information related with your privacy if not necessary. For examples:

    In the information of Age, to protect your privacy, the question related will Not ask your exact age, instead, you can simply choose or fill an age range. For example, your real age is 36, you can simply choose or fill in the age range 27~36 for man, or the age range 36~42 for a lady, etc.

  • Communication

    Communication Email The service or support is handled through email in general.

    We tried best to make sure the delivery of email and service provided is secure and protected with latest protocols of SPF, TLS, and stable web service with highest uptime service level agreement from a good hosting.

    Client side should make sure they have good and stable communications during the service, to receive the related service we provided, and better have a basic understanding in written or oral English(or Chinese language) in the service.

  • Payment and Discount

    Payment and Discount A client should make sure the service invoice be paid in full amount, which means the amount received should be the same as the invoice amount. This not covered the case of promotion with coupon code or discount code.

    A client could use a coupon code we provided from the website, or a coupon code directly from our herbalist, to get discount price for check out or make payment for related service. The coupon code is available and updated at the related page, or available from our herbalist directly.

    Budget plan divided payments(or pay by installments) are accepted if a service has the features which support a divided payment plan, for example, a product or service which has over than twice or triple times services included with it during a defined period.

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