Service Level Agreement


  • Service Level Agreement(SLA)

    Service Level Agreement or SLA By using’s ("our", "us" or "we") website, and services ("Service", or "Services"), you ("you", "your", "Client" or "Customer") agree to comply with our service level agreement.

    Creating an account and ordering service through our website constitutes your acceptance and agreement about the level of the service to be bound by the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

  • Service Support

    Communication Email With the services provided, email-based service support for the services available is provided at no extra cost, which means the service or support is handled through email in general.

    Beyond this, would not provide support for other ways based service, except clearly mentioned or appointed and accepted, because normally they need the extra cost than the email-based service, or for the irrelevant service of any kind. Nor would Tcmfans. club be able to provide support for services held by third-party providers.

  • Type of Service Not in Support

     To better help our clients, guarantee the correctness, exactness and satisfaction of service level, before giving a reasonable guide for service choice or offer a relevant service for help, a sufficient communication during the consulting procedure is necessary and needed without exceptions, for herbalist to receive, read and to get know, to understand related information from the client-side, to evaluate the condition our client is consulting with, as a result, our service response speed is in hours or up to half working day to one working day or a little longer which depend on specific conditions.

    Type of Service Not in Support Due to its nature of this necessary consulting procedure and possible time difference in time zones, clients should not rely on us if they need service in below-listed conditions:

    (1). a consulting service needed very urgently, for example, in five minutes to one hour;

    (2). a consulting service needed by clients, but after evaluation, we are sure all the services available could Not help you even a little;

  • Available Hours

     To better help our clients, has a clear available hours information. The list below details when relevant service support is available:

    Open hours  Available Hours Monday ~ Friday: 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM, 2:00 PM to 5:30 PM.
     Available Hours Saturday: 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM.
     Closed Sunday: Closed.

    Email consulting Support is available 5 and a half days/7 a week.
    Billing Support is available from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Mon-Fri.

    The service or support is normally only available during working days, which means in working hours from Monday to Friday and the morning of Saturday, except holiday.

    We are open to help clients around the clock, 8hours/5 and half days weekly/52 weeks a year, except public holiday. Our herbalist takes care of all cases during working hours (8:00 AM - 5:30 PM).

  • Response Time

    Response Time To better help our clients, Tcmfans. club will always respond to help you as soon as possible, however, email consulting for clients with an account is handled in the order marked by the sequence of date/time and urgency level in which they are received.

    The reply speed is counted in hours of working days, in general, the service efficiency or response speed is introduced as:

     Consulting for common cases: ❂about 1 hour, or up to 4 to 8 hours (half to 1 working day).

     Consulting for difficult cases: ❂about up to 1 working days or more time.

     Follow up consulting: ❂about 1 hour, or up to 4 to 8 hours.

    Service Support Email Please understand that the reply speed is counted from the time once herbalist receives and reads an email from our client successfully, gets a detailed and clear knowledge about the conditions our client are consulting. In the condition our client's consulting is not very well described or not well understood, we need a further clarification from our client side.

    Detailed questions and answer we both cared will help your inquiry standing out in the list: please understand that our clients in service feedback detailed answers in exactness with the Inquiry Form Sheet and other questions which asked by herbalist for reference during the procedure to help, the faster and exact the help from herbalist could be expected.

    Please understand that multiple emails will not ensure that you receive a faster response. But if our client forgot to send all the detailed questions in the first email, of course, you could feel free to ask and send them again in another email.

    The service or support is normally only available during working days, which means in working hours from Monday to Friday and the morning of Saturday.

    Anyway, the reply speed is slow in public holidays, but there is a reply on holidays occasionally, as we know our client might need help too at that time.

  • Uptime Level Guarantee

    Uptime Level Guarantee To guarantee our clients get better service, We do take measures and try to make the uptime level reaches an optimal state, thus our clients could enjoy a reliable and stable network connection.

    The hosting guarantee us at 99.90%+ SLA (Service Level Agreement) uptime level of server and network. With exception offline cases for necessary server deployment tasks and scheduled system maintenance tasks (such as offline time due to regular and periodical system configuration, maintenance and upgrading, system monitoring, system restart, scheduled hosting change, etc.), we try to make the real uptime level close to 99.90%~99.95%, or even a little higher uptime level.

    This uptime level guarantee would exclude some services such as TLS, and certain other Software licenses, the renewal of these certificates or software need some extra time.

    Please understand in a condition that our hosting provider is affected by natural disasters and other natural or social calamities, as a result, the hosting uptime level might be affected, this would be an exception from those unresistant risks. In the condition it happened, we will try to launch a reserve standby system in 1 working day to guarantee the stable availability.

      Thank you for visiting our website.

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