Introduction of Wang Bu Liu Xing:Cow-Herb Seed or Semen Vaccariae.

TCM Herbalism:Medicinals and Classifications. ✵The article gives records of the herb Cow-Herb Seed, its English name, Latin name, property and flavor, its botanical source one plant species, ①.Vaccaria segetalis (Neck.) Garcke., with a detailed introduction to the botanical features of this plant species, the growth characteristics, and ecological environment of this plant species, the features of the herb Cow-Herb Seed, its pharmacological actions, medicinal efficacy, and administration guide.

Semen Vaccariae(Cow-Herb Seed).

dried herb seeds of Semen Vaccariae Pin Yin Name: Wánɡ Bù Liú Xínɡ.
 English Name: Cow-Herb Seed.
 Latin Name: Semen Vaccariae.
 Property and flavor: neutral in nature, bitter.

 Brief introduction: The herb Semen Vaccariae is the dried ripe seed of Vaccaria segetalis (Neck.) Garcke., used as an emmenagogue and galactagogue for treating amenorrhea and lack of lactation, and also used for treating urinary calculus. The herb is commonly known as Semen Vaccariae, Cow-Herb Seed, Wánɡ Bù Liú Xínɡ.

 Botanical source: Herbal classic book defined the herb Semen Vaccariae (Cow-Herb Seed) as the dried ripe seed of the species (1).Vaccaria segetalis (Neck.) Garcke. It is a plant of the Vaccaria genus, the Caryophyllaceae family (carnation, pink family) of the Centrospermae order. This commonly used species is introduced:

(1).Vaccaria segetalis (Neck.) Garcke.

 flowering plant of Vaccaria segetalis Neck.Garcke. with many pink flowers Botanical description: Vaccaria segetalis (Neck.) Garcke is also known as Saponaria sagetalis Neck., Vaccaria pyramidata Medic., is commonly known as Mài Lán Cài. An annual or biennial herb, the plant grows up to 30~70 cm tall, the whole plant is smooth and glabrous, glaucous, celadon (grayish-green). The root is the primary root system. The stem is solitary and upright, the upper part is bifurcated, nodes near to base are thick and stout and shorter, nodes are slightly enlarged, and the surface is creamy white (milky white). Simple leaves are opposite; sessile; leaf-blades are ovate-elliptic to ovate-lanceolate, 1.5~7.5 cm long, 0.5~3.5 cm wide, front tip is acuminate, the base is circular or subcordate, slightly connate and amplexicaul (stem-clasping), entire, both surfaces are pink green, midvein is protuberant on the under surface, the part near to base is wider, the apex is pointed, with 3-base exfoliating veins.

 flowering plant of Vaccaria segetalis Neck.Garcke. with three pink flowers Sparse cymes inserted on the branch tip; Pedicels are thin and long, 1~4 cm long, have 2 scaly bracteoles below; Bracts are oblanceolate, inserted on upper-middle pedicel; Calyx is cylindraceous or ovoid conical, 10~15 mm long, 5~9 mm wide, enlarged to 5-prismatic ovoid, the apex is 5-dentate lobed; 5 flower petals, pink or reddish, 14~17 mm long, 2~3 mm wide, narrowly obovate, oblique or explanate, slightly concave, sometimes with inconspicuous lacunae, the front tip has irregular small teeth; 10 stamens, unequal length; ovary is superior, 1 loculus, 2 styles, style is linear, slightly exserted.

 The capsularfruit is wrapped in a persistent calyx, broadly ovate or suborbicular, 8~10 mm long, the apex is 4-dentate lobed at maturity; Seeds are many, spheric shape (globular), about 2 mm in diameter, reddish-brown to furvous, has conspicuous verrucous protrusions. Its flowering period is from April to June, the fruiting period is from May to July.

 flowering plants of Vaccaria segetalis Neck.Garcke. with pink flowers and buds grow in a field Ecological Environment: The plant grows on grassy slopes, abandoned land, roadsides, and wheat fields, and is a common weed in a wheat field. Cold resistance, fear of high temperature, like a cool, humid climate. Soil requirements are not strict, general land soil is suitable. Avoid low-lying water soil. The plant is widely distributed in Asia and Europe. It is distributed in most areas of China except the south.

 Growth characteristics: The plant vaccaria segetalis prefers a warm and moist climate, resistant to drought, its requirement in the soil is not strict, it is appropriate to choose loose, fertile, sandy loam with good drainage for cultivation.

 flowering plants of Vaccaria segetalis Neck.Garcke with pink flowers grow in a field Characters of herbs: The seeds of the herb are spherical shape (globular) or subsphaeroidal, 1.5~2 mm in diameter. The surface is black, a few are reddish brown, slightly glossy, densely covered with tiny granular protrusions. The hilum is dot-shaped, sunken, and light in color, one side of the hilum has a band-shaped concave groove, and the granular protrusions in the groove are arranged in columns vertically. The texture of the herb is hard, difficult to break. When the spermoderm (seed coat) is removed, the white endosperm is visible, and the embryo bends into a ring shape, two cotyledons. The herb has a slight odor, it tastes mild or slightly puckery and bitter. The herb of a better grade has full grains and the color is black.

 Pharmacological actions: ①.contraction effect on the uterus; ②.analgesic effect; ③.anti-inflammatory effect.

 Medicinal efficacy: Activating blood circulation and stimulate the menstrual flow, galactagogue and reduce swelling, reduce swelling and collect sores, prompt diuresis, and treating stranguria. It is indicated for amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, abdominal pain during menstruation, dystocia (difficult labour), no milk, acute mastitis and swelling pain, carbuncle swelling, stranguria and difficulty of urination with pain, bloody stranguria (stranguria complicated by hematuria), carbuncle swelling, incised (metal-inflicted) wound and bleeding.

 Administration of Semen Vaccariae (Wánɡ Bù Liú Xínɡ): 
Reference: Administration Guide of Semen Vaccariae (Wánɡ Bù Liú Xínɡ)
TCM Books: ①.Internally: 5~10 grams; ②.Internally:water decoction,1.5~3 qian (about 4.5~9 grams), or prepare to pill,powder.Externally:prepare to finely ground herb powder and apply stick; ③.Internally:water decoction,6~10 grams.
 Contraindications,Precautions and Adverse Reactions:the herb Semen Vaccariae should be used cautiously during pregnancy,or should avoid using during pregnancy, should avoid using in syndromes lose blood, metrorrhagia and metrostaxis, etc.




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