Price FAQs:Festival Coupons.

Traditional Festival Coupons:

Festival Coupon in January: 

Coupons Code: TSXJ Get 5%~10% discount.

 Valid Period: 25th~29th,the 12th lunar month (January, 28th~31st);

Festival Coupon in February: 

Coupons Code: YSTZWS Get 5%~10% discount.

 Valid Period: 1st~8th,the 1st lunar month (February, 1st~8th);

Festival Coupon in March: 

Coupons Code: LAOTZUSD Get 5%~10% discount.

 Valid Period: 15th~22nd,the 2nd lunar month (March, 16th~23rd);

Festival Coupon in April: 

Coupons Code: MGHXXTBS Get 5%~10% discount.

 Valid Period: 3rd~15th,the 3rd lunar month (April, 3rd~15th);

Festival Coupon in May: 

Coupons Code: CYL√úZUSD Get 10%~15% discount.

 Valid Period: 14th~18th,the 4th lunar month (May, 14th~18th);

Festival Coupon in August: 

Coupons Code: QXWMNNTS Get 5%~10% discount.

 Valid Period: 7th~20th,the 7th lunar month (August, 4th~16th);

Festival Coupon in October: 

Coupons Code: HXGSD Get 5%~10% discount.

 Valid Period: 8th,the 8th lunar month (October, 3rd~10th);

Occidental Festival Coupons:

Festival Coupon in January: 

Coupons Code: NEWYEARSDAY Get 5%~10% discount.

 Valid Period: January, 1st~7th.

Festival Coupon in February: 

Coupons Code: STVALENTINES Get 5%~10% discount.

 Valid Period: February, 14th~16th.

Festival Coupon in November: 

Coupons Code: THANKSGIVING Get 5%~10% discount.

 Valid Period: November, 22nd~29th.

Festival Coupon in December: 

Coupons Code: CHRISTMAS Get 5%~10% discount.

 Valid Period: December, 23th~31th.

 The validation of Traditional Festival Coupon, Occidental Festival Coupon need an approval from herbalist.

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