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E listings of Popular Herbs ✵E listing of popular herbs gives an introduction to herbs: Echinacea, Elder, Elecampane, English Walnut Leaf, Epilobium Herb, Eucalyptus, Evening Primrose Oil.

 ✵There are Totally [7] kinds of herbs, [8+37=45] kinds of related plant species, are recorded and introduced, till the date April 5th, 2022.

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 Echinacea Brief Introduction: Echinacea purpurea is a member of the daisy family, native to the American midwest, there are nine species of Echinacea that grow in North America.Echinacea purpurea herb is the fresh, above-ground parts, harvested at flowering time.The root is the fresh or dried underground part, gathered in autumn.more introduction to Echinacea

 Elder Brief Introduction: American elder is a shrub native to the eastern part of North America. European elder is a taller shrub or tree, that can now be found in this country as well. Both are deciduous. The small cream-colored flowers, blue-black fruit, roots, and inner bark have been used medicinally.more introduction to Elder

 Elecampane Brief Introduction: Elecampane is a robust and piliferous perennial that reveals it as a member of the daisy family, it has striking, golden-yellow flowers.Elecampane root is the root of Inula helenium, it is harvested in autumn.more introduction to Elecampane
English Walnut Leaf.

 English Walnut Leaf Brief Introduction: The dried, lance-shaped leaves of the English walnut, a stately tree cultivated throughout North America and many other parts of the world, are used medicinally. They taste harsh and rather bitter. The flowering trees also bear a smooth, nutlike fruit.more introduction to English Walnut Leaf
Epilobium Herb.

 Epilobium Herb Brief Introduction: Epilobium herb is the above-ground parts or roots of the Epilobium varieties, the plant is found all over America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania, Tasmania, etc. As its leaves are similar to willow leaves, so it is commonly known as willow herb.more introduction to Epilobium Herb

 Eucalyptus Brief Introduction: Eucalyptus globulus is a big tree with a straight trunk, gray-blue bark, beautiful crown, red branches, strange flowers and fruits, it is native to Victoria and Tasmania of Australia, except for garden uses, its leaves and oil have some useful properties for health problems.more introduction to Eucalyptus
Evening Primrose Oil.

 Evening Primrose Oil Brief Introduction: Evening primrose is a wildflower native to eastern North America. The seeds contain an oil rich in an important substance called gamma-linoleic acid.The United States and Canada alone produce more than three hundred to four hundred tones of the seeds annually.more introduction to Evening Primrose Oil


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