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G listings of Popular Herbs ✵G listing of popular herbs gives an introduction to herbs: Garlic, Gentian, Ginger, Ginkgo, Ginseng(American), Ginseng(Asian), Ginseng(Siberian), Goldenrod, Goldenseal, Gotu Kola, Grape Seed, Guarana, Gymnema.

 ✵There are Totally [8] kinds of herbs, [9] kinds of related plant species, are recorded and introduced, till the date April 5th, 2022.

A-to-Z listings of Popular Herbs.

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 G G: , Gentian, Ginger, , Ginseng(American), Ginseng(Asian), Ginseng(Siberian), , , , , , .
  Among above herbs, Gentian, Ginger, Ginseng(American), Ginseng(Asian), Ginseng(Siberian), Ginkgo seed are introduced in TCM herbalism.

 Garlic Brief Introduction: Garlic is a famous food and medicine, it is the bulb of the flowering Allium sativum, pink to purple flowers bloom from July to September, it is a plant of the lily family, a family that also includes onions, leeks, and scallions.more introduction to Garlic

 Ginkgo Brief Introduction: During the Ice Age, all members of the Ginkgoaceae family were wiped out except Ginkgo biloba, it has survived more than 200 million years in China and has since become popular as a stately ornamental tree in parks, gardens, and city streets around the world. The leaves and sometimes the seeds are used medicinally. The first mentioned use of Ginkgo biloba appears in China.more introduction to Ginkgo

 Goldenrod Brief Introduction: Goldenrod is a Compositae family member found in many parts of the world, including North America and Europe, its mustard-yellow flowers bloom in late summer.more introduction to Goldenrod

 Goldenseal Brief Introduction: Hydrastis canadensis is a stout perennial that grows deep in moist, rich woods along the East Coast of North America. The dried rhizomes and roots are used medicinally.more introduction to Goldenseal
Gotu Kola.

 Gotu Kola Brief Introduction: Gotu kola is a creeping perennial, it favors wet, swamp areas of tropical environments. Some of its common names, such as pennywort, refer to the size of its fan-shaped leaves, about that of an old British penny. The plant is gathered throughout the year and dried in the sun.more introduction to Gotu Kola
Grape Seed.

 Grape Seed Brief Introduction: The ground seeds of the common red grapes processed for wine production are the source of this extract. Sometimes the skin is used as well. Grape seed is the seed of grape, which is the leftover of the winery. After drying in the sun, the grape skin and stalk are separated. Grape seeds are rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals, etc., and have effects on health care and beauty.more introduction to Grape Seed

 Guarana Brief Introduction: Guarana consists of a dried paste made from the seeds of climbing evergreen shrubs native to the Amazon, primarily Paullina cupana and Paullina sorbilis. The seeds can be found in the orange-yellow fruits of these perennials. They are typically dry-roasted, crushed, mixed into a paste with water, molded into bars or cylindrical masses, and dried.more introduction to Guarana

 Gymnema Brief Introduction: Gymnema sylvestre is a tropical plant of the milkweed family, it is now distributed worldwide. The leaves and occasionally the stem is used medicinally.Gymnema sylvestre grows on hillsides or bushes, it spread in South Asia, Indonesia, Australia and tropical Africa, South China.more introduction to Gymnema


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