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J listings of Popular Herbs ✵J listing of popular herbs gives an introduction to herbs: Jasmine, Jewelweed, Jojoba Oil, Jujube(Common), Juniper Berry.

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 J J: , , , Jujube(Common), .
  Among above herbs, Jujube is introduced in TCM herbalism.

 Jasmine Brief Introduction: Jasminum species are native to China, Western Asia, and South Asia and are now extensively cultivated in Mediterranean countries and other parts of the world as garden plants. The flowers and the oil are used medicinally.Jasminum grandiflorum prefers warm and humid natural conditions, sandy soil rich in humus is the best soil, it grows on a limestone mountain at altitudes about 1800 meters above sea level.more introduction to Jasmine

 Jewelweed Brief Introduction: The Impatiens species referred to as jewelweed are typically found growing wild in wet and shady soils along the East Coast of North America, or cultivated as bedding or houseplants. The flowers are pendant like with red spots. The oval leaves and stem juice have been used medicinally.Impatiens are common in the temperate regions and in South Africa, but it grows mostly in the mountainous, tropical regions of Asia and Africa.more introduction to Jewelweed
Jojoba Oil.

 Jojoba Oil Brief Introduction: The oil is extracted from the seeds enclosed in the coriaceous, nutlike fruits of this desert shrub native to parts of California, Arizona, and Mexico. It is a liquid wax, not an oil. Animals forage on the woody flowering evergreen and its thick bluish-green leaves. The colorless and odor-free oil can be hydrogenated to a solid wax.more introduction to Jojoba Oil
Juniper Berry.

 Juniper Berry Brief Introduction: More than seventy species of Juniperus, an aromatic evergreen shrub and small tree, populate the Northern Hemisphere. Small yellow flowers bloom every spring, but it takes two years for the pulpose miniature cones to mature to a deep blue-black. At this point, they are picked and dried. Steam distillation yields an essential oil. Traditionally, Juniper berry is famous for its spicy-sweet contribution to gin.more introduction to Juniper Berry


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