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Y listings of Popular Herbs ✵Y listing of popular herbs gives an introduction to herbs: Yarrow, Yellow Dock, Yerba Santa, Yogurt, Yucca.

 ✵There are Totally [3] kinds of herbs, [1] kinds of dairy product, [3] kinds of related plant species, are recorded and introduced, till the date April 5th, 2022.

A-to-Z listings of Popular Herbs.

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 Y Y: , Yellow Dock, , , .
  Among above herbs, Yellow Dock is introduced in TCM herbalism part.

 Yarrow Brief Introduction: Yarrow has been applied to many barely distinguishable species and subspecies of plants. The profusion of narrow, divided leaves that emerge off the stem lends it a feathery or even lacy appearance. In summer, dense clusters of small white, pink, or yellow flowers appear on umbrella-like stalks. The entire above ground plant, from the stems to the leaves and flower tops, is used medicinally.more introduction to Yarrow
Yerba Santa.

 Yerba Santa Brief Introduction: This aromatic, flowering evergreen shrub is native to mountainous regions of the American southwest. It bears clusters of bluish to lavender flowers, and has thick, lance-shaped leaves. The dried leaves are used medicinally. The herb got the name Yerba Santa or Holy Weed as the early priests including Spanish missionaries and later settlers held it in high esteem.more introduction to Yerba Santa

 Yogurt Brief Introduction: Yogurt is a fermented milk product, it is made by adding friendly bacteria to the heated whole or skimmed cow's milk. Some individuals intolerant to the lactose in milk products consume yogurt because they seem to be able to digest it more easily than other dairy products.more introduction to Yogurt


 Yucca Brief Introduction: There are forty or more species of Yucca grow across North America, primarily in arid, warmer sections. Many of these hardy trees or shrubs have stiff, evergreen lance-shaped leaves that emerge off erect central stems, and candlelike white or greenish flower heads. All rely on nocturnal yucca moths for pollination. The dried leaves and occasionally the dried roots are used medicinally.more introduction to Yucca


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