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R listings of Popular Herbs ✵R listing of popular herbs gives an introduction to herbs: Raspberry, Red Bush, Red Clover, Red Pepper(Capsicum annuum), Rehmannia, Reishi Mushroom, Rhatany, Rhodiola rosea L., Rhodiola crenulata, Rhubardb(Chinese), Rosehip(Rosa canina L.), Roselle Calyx, Rosemary, Rose(Rose petals, Rose Oil and Rose Water).

 ✵There are Totally [9] kinds of herbs, [17] kinds of related plant species, are recorded and introduced, till the date April 5th, 2022.

A-to-Z listings of Popular Herbs.

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 R R: Raspberry, , , , Rehmannia, Reishi Mushroom, , , , Rhubardb(Chinese), , , .
  Among above herbs, Raspberry, Rehmannia, Reishi Mushroom, Rhubardb(Chinese), are introduced in TCM herbalism.Roselle Calyx is introduced as Hibiscus.
Red Bush.

 Red Bush Brief Introduction: Red bush is a low-lying bush, it is native to the mountainous regions of South Africa. Its dried flowering twigs and leaves are made as tea, called red bush tea or Rooibos tea. The long and needlelike leaves turn red when bruised, endowing the brew with a distinctive red color.more introduction to Red Bush

Red Clover.

 Red Clover Brief Introduction: Red clover is the fragrant round flower heads of Trifolium pratense, it is used medicinally after drying. The rose or pink flower heads are composed of miniature florets that develop on piliferous upright stems along with oval leaflets that grow in groups of three and bear a pale crescent marking.more introduction to Red Clover

Red Pepper.

 Red Pepper Brief Introduction: Plant experts estimate that hot peppers develop from about five different species and their hybrids. The shape, size, color, and pungency of the pepper can differ markedly. The dried, ripe fruit is used for medicinal purposes. The source of the coriaceous, shiny red pepper is the shrubby perennial Capsicum annum native to tropical America and now cultivated worldwide. Capsicum frutescens yields a piquant, oblong fruit also referred to as red pepper. It is a small, spreading annual native to tropical Africa. Red pepper is different from black pepper or white pepper, it is also different from sweet bell peppers.more introduction to Red Pepper

 Rhatany Brief Introduction: Rhatany is the root of Krameria triandra, an undershrub native to the Andean region of South America that bears large red flowers, and the related species Krameria ayentea. The root is dried for medicinal use.more introduction to Rhatany
Rhodiola rosea.

 Rhodiola rosea Brief Introduction: Rhodiola Rosea is a popular plant in traditional medical systems in Eastern Europe and Asia with a reputation for stimulating the nervous system, decreasing depression, enhancing work performance, eliminating fatigue, and preventing high altitude sickness, it was categorized as an adaptogen due to its observed ability to increase resistance to a variety of chemical, biological, and physical stressors.more introduction to Rhodiola rosea

Rhodiola crenulata.

 Rhodiola crenulata Brief Introduction: Rhodiola crenulata is also known as Big-Flower Rhodiola Root or Full Petals Rhodiola, it increases the activity of SOD in erythrocytes and liver of rats, and reduces the content of LPO in plasma, myocardium, and brain tissue. Other Rhodiola herbs such as Sakhalin Rhodiola herb, Sacred-land Rhodiola herb, and Tangut Rhodiola herb are also used.more introduction to Rhodiola crenulata


 Rosehip Brief Introduction: Rosebush is native to Europe and Asia, it is extensively cultivated around the world, and the plant has graceful, fragrant flowers. Rose hip is a marble-sized, brilliantly red fruit that forms on the prickly branch after the petals of the blossom fall away. The major commercial source of the rose hip is Rosa canina or dog rose.more introduction to Rosehip

 Rosemary Brief Introduction: Rosemary is a precious natural spice plant. It emits a fragrant smell during the growing season, which has a refreshing effect. Its stems, leaves, and flowers have a pleasant fragrance, and the aromatic oils from flowers and twigs can be used to formulate cosmetic raw materials such as air cleaners, perfumes, soaps, beverages, skin care oils, pilatory, and laundry creams.more introduction to Rosemary
Rose(Rose petals, Rose Oil and Rose Water).

 Rose Brief Introduction: Rose fresh flowers are harvested early in the morning when their essential oil content is the highest, and then subjected to steam distillation to produce a yellow-green oil. Rose water is the watery portion left over.more introduction to Rose:Rose petals, Rose Oil and Rose Water


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