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Oak Bark.

 Oak Bark Brief Introduction: The smooth bark and occasionally the acorn of hundreds of species of the ancient oak genus Quercus found in the Northern Hemisphere have been used medicinally, including that of Quercus petraea(Matt.) Liebl.(winter oak) and Quercus robur L.(British oak). Of the seventy or so species native to North America, Quercus alba probably ranks as the most important for medicinal purposes. Deciduous forms bear lobed leaves.more introduction to Oak Bark

 Oats Brief Introduction: Hearty foods such as oatmeal are made from the grains of this familiar, upright annual grass, of which there are many varieties. Oat bran is made from the ground inner husks of the grains, while oatmeal consists of the ground whole grains. The young, whole plant, and unripe grain are also used medicinally in a variety of ways.more introduction to Oats
Olive Leaf.

 Olive Leaf Brief Introduction: The coriaceous leaf of this ancient olive tree, an evergreen, the dried leaves, the oil extracted from the ripe drupes, and the fresh branches containing leaves and clusters of flowers are used medicinally.more introduction to Olive Leaf
Olive Oil.

 Olive Oil Brief Introduction: The evergreen graceful olive tree is one of the longest-surviving species in the plant kingdom. Its bark is gnarled and deeply grooved. Both the familiar oil from the green to blue-black fruits and the coriaceous leaves have been used medicinally.more introduction to Olive Oil

 Onion Brief Introduction: The common onion is cultivated worldwide. There are many forms and varieties of this aromatic vegetable, a member of the lily family, although the most common are the white, yellow, and red globe onions. Greenish-white flowers grow at the end of a long, cylindrical hollow stem that emerges from the bulb. The succulent bulb is used medicinally.more introduction to Onion

 Oregano Brief Introduction: Oregano refers to more than twenty species whose flowering tops or leaves bring to mind the characteristic oregano flavor. The dried leaves of the aromatic, flowering Origanum vulgare, a hardy perennial with purplish-red flowers native to Europe, are used, as are the leaves and dried herb of Mexican Lippia graveolens and Lippia palmeri shrubs or trees.more introduction to Oregano

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