TCM Fundamental Theories:Essence and Qi,Yin and Yang,Five-Elements,Correspondence.

TCM Fundamental Theories:Essence and Qi,Yin and Yang,Five-Elements,Correspondence. ✵The TCM Fundamental Theories are majorly composed of the Theory of Essence and Qi, Theory of Yin and Yang, Theory of Five-Elements, Correspondence between Human and the Universe, Theory of Zang-Fu Viscera, Theory of Sense Organs and Structures, Theory of Qi,Blood,Essence and Body Fluids, Causes of Disease Theory, Mechanism of Disease Theory, etc.

 The theoretical system of traditional Chinese medicine is a whole including theory, method, prescription, and medicine. It is a scientific knowledge system about the basic concepts, basic principles, and methods of traditional Chinese medicine. It is a unique medical theoretical system with the concept of holism as the leading thought, the theory of essence, Yin and Yang, and the five elements as the philosophical basis and method of thinking, the Zang-Fu viscera, meridians system and the Essence, Qi, blood and body fluids are the basis of physiology and pathology, and the syndrome differentiation is the characteristics of its diagnosis and treatment. Essence theory, Yin and Yang theory, and Five Elements theory are ancient Chinese cosmology and methodology about the origin and development of the world, the ancient philosophical thought that has the most influence on the formation and development of the theoretical system of traditional Chinese medicine, and an important method of thinking in traditional Chinese medicine.

TCM Fundamental Theories:Theory of Essence and Qi
Theory of Essence and Qi  The theory of Essence and Qi:is an ancient Chinese philosophical system which explains the formation of the universe by an invisible substance called Qi.The ceaseless movement of Qi causes all kinds of changes, and the essential part of Qi gives rise to life.more

TCM Fundamental Theories:Theory of Yin and Yang
Theory of Yin and Yang  Theory of Yin and Yang:an ancient Chinese philosophical concept of naive dialectics, expressing the law of the unity of opposites.more

TCM Fundamental Theories:Theory of Five-Elements
Theory of Five-Elements  Theory of Five Elements:one of the basic theories in traditional Chinese medicine, introduced from ancient natural philosophy concerning the composition and evolution of the physical universe.more

TCM Fundamental Theories:Correspondence between Human and the Universe.
Correspondence between Human and the Universe  Correspondence between Human and the Universe:one of the basic theories in traditional Chinese medicine, according to which the physical structure and physiological phenomena of the human body as well as the pathological changes are in adaptive conformity with the variations of the natural environment, and hence in diagnosis and treatment the influences of environmental factors such as climatic conditions, geographical localities, should be considered.more

TCM Fundamental Theories:Theory of Zang-Fu Viscera
Theory of Zang-Fu Viscera  Theory of Zang-Fu Viscera:the Zang-fu viscera is a collective term for all internal viscera, including Zang-viscera, Fu-viscera and extra Fu-viscera.The theory of Zang-Fu viscera is a theory about the Zang-viscera and Fu-viscera.more

TCM Fundamental Theories:Theory of Sense Organs and Structures.
Theory of Sense Organs and Structures  Theory of Sense Organs and Structures:the theory of sense organs is theory about five sense organs and seven orifices, and other orifices, the five sense organs is a collective term for the nose, eyes, ears, mouth and throat, the seven orifices is a collective term for the eyes, ears, nostrils and mouth.more

TCM Fundamental Theories:Theory of Qi,Blood,Essence and Body Fluids.
Theory of Qi,Blood,Essence and Body Fluids  Theory of Qi,Blood,Essence and Body Fluids:the theory of Qi,Blood,Essence and Body Fluids is theory about Qi, Blood, Essence and Body fluids, the Qi is referred to as the basic element which makes up the human body and supports its vital activities, the essence and blood often representing all the nourishing substances necessary for maintaining human life, the body fluids is a general term for all fluids in the body.more

TCM Fundamental Theories:Causes of Disease Theory.
Causes of Disease Theory  Causes of Disease Theory:the causes of disease theory is about the theory of the disease cause, or that which produces disease, including various disease factors, pathogens, abnormal weather changes, seven and five emotions, etc.more

TCM Fundamental Theories:Mechanism of Disease Theory.
Mechanism of Disease Theory  Mechanism of Disease Theory:the mechanism of disease or pathogenesis is the mechanism of the origination, development and outcome of a disease.more

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