Common Internal Syndromes.

Common Internal Syndromes ✵Common Internal Syndromes are introduced: common cold, tinnitus and deafness, rhinopathy, stomatopathy and odontopathy, throat disease, cephalea, vertigo, shoulder pain, back pain, thoracalgia, hypochondriac pain, celialgia, ventosity, abdominal distention and fullness, diarrhea, constipation, lumbago, cough, dyspnea, wheeze, asthenic disease, hematemesis, hemoptysis, hematochezia, hematuria, palpitation, insomnia, hypnosia, amnesia, seminal emission, enuresis, uroclepsia, turbid urine, hernia, melancholia, depression syndrome, etc.

Common Cold
TCM Knowledge:Common Cold  Common Cold: or colds, is affliction of the lung-superficies by pathogenic wind, mainly manifested as fever, chills, headache, general aching, congested nose, sneezing, itching throat and cough.Normally including:Wind-cold affliction(Feng Han Gan Mao), Wind-heat affliction(Feng Re Gan Mao),Summer-Qi affliction(Shu Qi Gan Mao),Dampness-Qi affliction(Shi Qi Gan Mao),Dryness-Qi affliction(Zao Qi Gan Mao),Jia Shi Gan Mao, Jia Qi Gan Mao...more

Stomatopathy and Odontopathy(Disease of mouth and teeth)
TCM Knowledge:Stomatopathy and Odontopathy  Stomatopathy and Odontopathy(Disease of mouth and teeth):tastelessness(bland taste in the mouth), bitter taste, sweet taste, salty taste, sour taste of mouth, Spicy mouth, sticky and greasy in mouth, halitosis(fetid breath halitosis), aphtha, oral ulceration(aphthous stomatitis), Wind-cold toothache, Stomach-fire toothache ,Kidney deficiency stomach fire toothache, tooth decay toothache, Cold and hot toothache, gingival bleeding of stomach-fire, gingival bleeding of kidney deficiency, etc.more

Rhinopathy(Nasal Disease)
TCM Knowledge:Rhinopathy,Nasal Disease  Rhinopathy(Nasal Disease):thick nasal discharge, red apex of the nose, rhinopolyp(nasal polyp), hemorrhinia(nasal hemorrhage), etc.more

Tinnitus and Deafness
TCM Knowledge:Tinnitus and Deafness  Tinnitus and Deafness:The tinnitus is ringing in the ear.The Deafness is lack or loss, complete or partial, of the sense of hearing.Ear Pain and Ear Pus.more

Vertigo(black out)
TCM Knowledge:Vertigo,black out  Vertigo(black out):Wind-fire vertigo(vertigo due to wind-heat), Liver Yang vertigo(dizziness due to hyperactivity of liver-YANG), Phlegm turbid vertigo(vertigo due to Phlegm turbid), Qi and blood deficiency vertigo, Nephrasthenia vertigo(vertigo due to kidney deficiency), etc.more

TCM Knowledge:Cephalea,Headache  Cephalea(Headache):Anemofrigid headache(headache due to wind-cold pathogens), Wind-heat headache(headache due to pathogenic wind-heat), Wind-damp headache(headache due to pathogenic wind-wetness), Liver Yang Headache, Phlegm turbid headache, Stagnant-blood headache, nephrasthenia headache(headache due to kidney deficiency),Qi-deficiency headache(headache with asthenia qi), Hematasthenic headache(headache due to deficiency of blood),Supra-orbital neuralgia(eyebrow bone pain,pain in the supra-orbital bone), etc.more

Throat disease
TCM Knowledge:Throat disease  Throat disease:sore swollen throat(swelling and pain in the throat), itchy throat, globus hysteriocus, toneless voice, etc.more

Shoulder pain
TCM Knowledge:Shoulder pain  Shoulder pain: Wind-cold shoulder pain(Shoulder pain due to wind-cold), Wind-heat Shoulder pain(Shoulder pain due to wind-heat), Sprained shoulder pain(Shoulder pain due to sprain), etc.more

Back pain
TCM Knowledge:Back pain  Back pain: Wind-cold Back pain(Back pain due to wind-cold), Qi and blood stagnation back pain(Back pain due to Qi and blood stagnation), etc.more

Thoracalgia(chest pain)
TCM Knowledge:Thoracalgia,chest pain  Thoracalgia(chest pain):Cold obstruction Thoracalgia(Cold obstruction chest pain), Qi stagnation Thoracalgia(Qi stagnation chest pain), Phlegm turbid Thoracalgia(Phlegm turbid chest pain), Blood stasis Thoracalgia(Blood stasis chest pain), etc.more

Hypochondriac pain(pain in the rib-side)
TCM Knowledge:Hypochondriac pain  Hypochondriac pain(pain in the rib-side):Depressed hypochondriac pain(hypochondriac pain of depressed vital energy type), Blood stasis hypochondriac pain(hypochondriac pain of blood stasis type), Yin-deficiency hypochondriac pain(hypochondriac pain of Yin-deficiency type), Calculus hypochondriac pain(Hypochondriac pain of calculus type), Pleural effusion hypochondriac pain(Hypochondriac pain of pleural effusion type),Side Stitches hypochondriac pain(Hypochondriac pain of side stitches type), etc.more

Celialgia(abdominal pain)
TCM Knowledge:Celialgia,abdominal pain  Celialgia(abdominal pain):Cold accumulative abdominal pain, stomach disorder due to liver-QI(hyperactive liver-QI attacking the stomach), Liver-fire invading the stomach, Gastric blood stasis, insufficiency of spleen-YANG(deficient cold of spleen and stomach),dyspeptic abdominalgia(food accumulation abdominal pain), Ascariasis abdominal pain(roundworm abdominal pain), Abdominalgia with intestinal abscess(abdominal pain due to intestinal abscess), etc.more

Ventosity(Abdominal distention and Abdominal fullness)
TCM Knowledge:Ventosity,Abdominal distention and Abdominal fullness  Ventosity(Abdominal distention and Abdominal fullness):Qi stagnation impassable(stagnation of the circulation of vital energy), Ventosity due to stomach spleen cold deficiency(Abdominal distention due to stomach spleen cold deficiency), Dampness encumbering the spleen, Damp-heat blocking in the body, Heat-fire accumulated internally, Phlegm and blood stasis, deficiency of liver-yin and kidney-yin, etc.more

TCM Knowledge:Diarrhea  Diarrhea:Cold diarrhea, Cold and dampness diarrhea(Diarrhea due to Cold and dampness), Damp-heat diarrhea, Dyspeptic diarrhea(Diarrhea due to dyspepsia), Qi stagnation diarrhea, Spleen and stomach asthenia diarrhea, Kidney deficiency diarrhea, etc.more

TCM Knowledge:Cough  Cough:anemofrigid cough(cough due to wind-cold), cough due to wind-heat, Cold and wet cough, Dry Qi cough, Cough due to diaphragm retention of fluid, Phlegmatic hygrosis cough(Cough due to phlegm and dampness), hepatic fire cough(cough due to liver-fire), pulmonary flaccidity cough, pulmonary abscess cough(cough due to abscess of lung), etc.more

Lumbago(Low Back Pain)
TCM Knowledge:Lumbago,Low Back Pain  Lumbago(Low Back Pain):anemofrigid lumbago(Lumbago due to wind-cold), cold-damp lumbago(Lumbago due to cold dampness), Hygropyretic lumbago(Lumbago due to heat dampness), Kidney deficiency low back pain(lumbago due to deficiency of the kidney), Congestive lumbago(static blood lumbar pain), Phlegmatic lumbago(Phlegmatic low back pain), etc.more

TCM Knowledge:Constipation  Constipation:Heat Constipation, Qi stagnant constipation, Qi deficiency constipation, Blood deficiency constipation, Intestinal cold constipation, etc.more

TCM Knowledge:Dyspnea  Dyspnea:sthenia dyspnea(dyspnea of excess type), deficient dyspnea(dyspnea due to deficiency), etc.more

Wheeze(heavy breathing)
TCM Knowledge:Wheeze,heavy breathing  Wheeze(heavy breathing):cold wheezing(wheezing of cold type), heat wheezing(wheezing of heat type), etc.more

Asthenic syndromes
TCM Knowledge:Asthenic disease  Asthenic syndromes:Qi deficiency(deficiency of vital energy), Blood asthenia(blood-insufficiency), Yang-deficiency(deficiency of yang,lack of vital energy), Deficiency of yin(yin deficiency), etc.more

TCM Knowledge:Hematemesis  Hematemesis:hematemesis due to accumulation of heat in stomach(spitting blood due to accumulation of heat in stomach), hematemesis due to liver-fire invading the stomach(spitting blood due to liver-fire invading the stomach), etc.more

TCM Knowledge:Hemoptysis  Hemoptysis:Hemoptysis due to wind-heat injury lung(coughing blood/expectoration of blood due to wind-heat injury lung), Hemoptysis due to liver-fire invading the lung(coughing blood/expectoration of blood due to liver-fire invading the lung), etc.more

TCM Knowledge:Hematochezia  Hematochezia:Spleen deficiency hematochezia(bloody stool due to spleen deficiency), Hygropyretic hematochezia(bloody stool due to heat-dampness), Wind-heat hematochezia(bloody stool due to wind-heat), Heat-turbid hematochezia(bloody stool due to heat-turbid), etc.more

TCM Knowledge:Hematuria  Hematuria:Excess-fire Hematuria(Bloody Urine due to excess-fire), Deficiency fire Hematuria(Bloody Urine due to deficiency fire), Spleen-Kidney deficiency Hematuria(Bloody Urine due to asthenia of both the spleen and kidney), etc.more

TCM Knowledge:Palpitation  Palpitation:Fright and Angry Palpitation(Palpitation due to Fright and Angry), Blood-Deficiency Palpitation(Palpitation due to blood deficiency), Yang-deficiency Palpitation(Palpitation due to Yang-deficiency), Yin-fire Palpitation(Palpitation due to Yin-fire), Phlegm and retained fluid Palpitation(Palpitation due to phlegm and retained fluid), Pyrophlegm Palpitation(Palpitation due to pyrophlegm), etc.more

TCM Knowledge:Insomnia  Insomnia:Insomnia of the heart and spleen blood deficiency type(Sleeplessness due to Deficiency of heart and spleen blood), Insomnia of the hyperactivity of fire due to yin deficiency type(Sleeplessness due to hyperactivity of fire due to yin deficiency), Insomnia of the exuberance of heart and liver fire type(Insomnia due to hyperactivity of heart-fire and liver-fire), Insomnia of the Heart and gallbladder qi deficiency type, Insomnia of the incoordination between spleen and stomach type, etc.more

TCM Knowledge:Hypnosia,lethargy  Hypnosia(lethargy):Spleen deficiency Hypnosia(sleepiness or somnolence due to spleen deficiency), Heavy Dampness Hypnosia(sleepiness or somnolence due to heavy dampness), Yang-Deficiency Hypnosis(sleepiness or somnolence due to Yang-Deficiency), Blood-deficiency Hypnosis(sleepiness or somnolence due to blood deficiency), etc.more

TCM Knowledge:Amnesia,forgetfulness  Amnesia(forgetfulness):Spleen deficiency Amnesia(forgetfulness due to spleen deficiency), Kidney deficiency Amnesia(forgetfulness due to kidney deficiency), Heart deficiency Amnesia(forgetfulness due to heart deficiency), etc.more

Seminal emission
TCM Knowledge:Seminal emission  Seminal emission:Seminal emission of the disharmony between heart and kidney type(spermatorrhea or nocturnal emission due to disharmony between heart and kidney), Seminal emission of the kidney deficiency not collecting type(spermatorrhea or nocturnal emission due to kidney deficiency not collecting), Seminal emission of the internal disturbance type(spermatorrhea or nocturnal emission due to internal disturbance), etc.more

TCM Knowledge:Enuresis,bed-wetting  Enuresis(bed-wetting):Kidney-Qi insufficiency type Enuresis(bed-wetting due to kidney-Qi insufficiency), Spleen-Lung Qi deficiency type Enuresis(bed-wetting due to spleen-lung Qi deficiency), etc.more

Uroclepsia(urinary incontinence)
TCM Knowledge:Uroclepsia,urinary incontinence  Uroclepsia(urinary incontinence):Kidney-deficiency type Uroclepsia(urinary incontinence due to kidney-Qi deficiency), Spleen-Lung Qi deficiency type Uroclepsia(urinary incontinence due to spleen-lung Qi deficiency), etc.more

Turbid Urine(urine cloudy or urinary turbidity)
TCM Knowledge:Turbid Urine,urine cloudy or urinary turbidity  Turbid Urine(urine cloudy or urinary turbidity):Damp-heat invasion of lower energizer type Turbid Urine(urine cloudy or urinary turbidity due to damp-heat invasion), Turbid Urine caused by sinking of QI due to deficiency of the spleen, Turbid Urine of fire excess from yin deficiency type(urine cloudy or urinary turbidity due to fire excess from yin deficiency), Turbid Urine of lower energizer deficiency type(urine cloudy or urinary turbidity due to lower energizer deficiency), etc.more

TCM Knowledge:Hernia,scrotum  Hernia:cold hernia, scrotal edema(edema of scrotum), Physocele or Qi hernia, inguinal hernia(foxy mounting wind), Epileptic hernia, etc.more

Melancholia(depression syndrome)
TCM Knowledge:Melancholia,depression syndrome  Melancholia(depression syndrome):Melancholia due to depression of liver-QI(depression syndrome due to depression of liver-QI), Melancholia of qi depression with fire(depression syndrome due to Qi depression with fire), Melancholia of fire excess from yin deficiency(depression syndrome due to fire excess from yin deficiency), Melancholia of enduring depression overtax one's nerves, Menlancholia of chaotic pulse manifestation, etc.more

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