Introduction of TCM Therapeutics.

TCM Knowledge:Introduction of TCM Therapeutics ✵To help clients and TCM fans know better with the common knowledge of ancient TCM and syndrome differentiation, there comes the online knowledge database in classified categories.

 ✵The main content including: the introduction of the most famous and talented Ancient Herbalists and Distinguished Physicians, the most influential and Well-Known Ancient Works, common Diagnostic Methods, the introduction of Common Disease and Syndromes, etc.

 ✵The TCM Therapeutics are majorly composed of the princiles of TCM treatment and the Methods of treatment.

Principle of Treatment:Introduction
Principle of Treatment:Introduction  The princiles of TCM treatment are mainly:syndrome differentiation, cause determination and treatment, holistic conception, suited to person, suited to time, place and person, different treatment for the same disease, same treatment for different disease, treating disease from the root, treating the fundamental and the incidental, preventive treatment, supporting the healthy and eliminating the evil, dispel the evil with support for the healthy, etc.more

Methods of Treatment:Introduction
Methods of Treatment:Introduction  The Methods of treatment in TCM are known briefly as three principal therapeutic methods and eight principal therapeutic methods.more

Methods of Treatment:Diaphoretic Therapy(Exterior-Releasing Therapy)
Methods of Treatment:Diaphoretic Therapy  The diaphoretic therapy is one of the eight principla therapeutic methods used for relieving exterior syndromes, also known as exterior-releasing therapy, a general term for dispelling pathogenic factors from the exterior of the body, commonly used in the treatment of exterior syndromes.more

Methods of Treatment:Emesis
Methods of Treatment:Emesis  The Emesis is also known as emetic method, one of the eight principal therapeutic methods used to expel noxious substances(such as retained phlegm, undigested food or toxic substances) by using emetics or mechanical stimulation to induce vomiting.more

Methods of Treatment:Purgation
Methods of Treatment:Purgation  The Purgation is also known as purgative therapy, one of the eight principal therapeutic methods used to relieve constipation, remove stagnation of food or blood, and expel internal heat and excessive fluid through the bowels, also known as purgation.more

Methods of Treatment:Harmonization
Methods of Treatment:Harmonization  The Harmonization, is therapy involving the administering of herbs with regulatory or intermediary action to restore normal correlation between the internal viscera or eliminate pathogenic factors from the part between the exterior and interior of the body, also known as harmonizing therapy.more

Methods of Treatment:Heat Reduction
Methods of Treatment:Heat Reduction  The Heat Reduction is also known as Heat-clearing therapy, one of the eight principal therapeutic methods by administering herbs of cool or cold nature to treat fire or heat syndromes, also known as (heat-)clearing therapy, the heat-clearing therapy is a general term for therapeutic methods for treating various kinds of heat syndromes, also abbreviated as clearing therapy.more

Methods of Treatment:Warming
Methods of Treatment:Warming  The Warming is also known as warming therapy, is one of the eight principal therapeutic methods in which warming herbs are used for treating cold syndromes, also known as cold-dispelling therapy.more

Methods of Treatment:Resolution
Methods of Treatment:Resolution  The Resolution is also known as resolving method, one of the eight principal therapeutic methods for removing retained food and mass due to stagnation of Qi and blood with digestants or resolvents.more

Methods of Treatment:Tonification
Methods of Treatment:Tonification  The Tonification is also known as tonic therapy, a general term for the methods of treating various deficiency syndromes by using tonics, one of the eight principal therapeutic methods.more

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