Health Preservation of TCM:Introduction.

Health Preservation of TCM:Introduction. ✵Some basic health preservation tips of TCM are introduced: TCM health preservation and its concepts, health preservation maxim of ancient herbalist., health preservation principles for 8 types body constitutions, principles for Tonics, health preservation method of old herbalist, and health preservation tips for daily life, etc.

Introduction of TCM Health Preservation.
Introduction of TCM Health Preservation.  Introduction of TCM Health Preservation:Maintenance or Preservation refers to follow the law of life, through moderate exercise, plus external care and other means, so that the body function and external skin can rest and recuperate, restore due function, which is the first level of health.more

Health Preservation Maxim of ancient herbalist.
Health Preservation Maxim of ancient herbalist  Health Preservation Maxim of ancient herbalists:Wan quan, a famous herbalist in the Ming dynasty, was born in the family. He was taught by his teachers and gathered many leaders. He was proficient in the way of health maintenance. In his book Yang Sheng Si Yao(the four essentials of keeping in good health) , he summarized his secret of keeping in good health in his whole life as follows: "less desire, be careful to move, follow time, away from ill."more

Health Preservation Principles for 8 types body constitutions.
Health Preservation Principles for 8 types body constitutions Icon01  Health Preservation Principles for 8 types body constitutions:According to TCM system and Chinese medicine, clinical symptoms, pulse conditions, tongue coating, there are mainly the following eight types of body constitutions: Yin deficiency constitution, Yang deficiency constitution, Qi deficiency constitution, Blood deficiency constitution, Yang excess constitution, Blood stasis constitution, Phlegm and dampness constitution, Qi stagnation constitution.more

Principles for Tonics.
Principles for Tonics  Principles for Tonics:As the tonic laws in the health preservation, has a long history in China, as the saying goes "tonic food is better than tonic medicine", in the spring season all things are sprouting, it is a good time to take care of the body.more

Health Preservation method of old herbalist:enjoy what they have, not to seek fame and wealth.
Health Preservation method of old herbalist  Health Preservation method of old herbalist:enjoy what they have, not to seek fame and wealth.The better way to cure a disease is to prevent it before it starts. We should not wait until we are really sick before considering how to treat it.A person who wants to live a long life should not wait until he or she is old enough to consider how to eat and have fun in order to live longer.more

Health Preservation Tips for daily life.
Health Preservation Tips for daily life  Health Preservation Tips for daily life: some useful health preservation tips for your daily life, they are common and easy to remember to help, Taking more vitamin C is not always better, Physical activity prevents hardening of the arteries, Coffee may protect liver in heavy drinkers, Orange peel can lower cholesterol, Sea fish can fight neonatal asthma, One more language to slow aging, Proper exercise is the secret to longevity, Drinking black tea improves blood flow to the heart, Calcium supplements can prevent colon polyps from proliferating, etc...more

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