Introduction of Ancient Lady Herbalists.

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TCM Knowledge:Ancient Lady Herbalists ✵Ancient Lady Herbalists mainly introduce traditional Chinese medicine lady herbalists who have done some study or outstanding study and application on TCM. This part gives introductions on [10] outstanding traditional Chinese medicine lady herbalists, biography and legend, main books, and academic thoughts, they are listed in the order of the epoch they lived, or according to the year their main works were published, totally [5] kinds of monographs from them are introduced.

義妁(Yì Shuò)
a portrait of Yì Shuò  義妁(Yì Shuò):a famous lady herbalist who ever lived during the Western Han Dynasty, she has been interested in herbs since she was a child. She went to the mountains to collect herbs when she was a teenager, she learned a lot of medical knowledge, and accumulated rich clinical experience, she was good in acupuncture and application of herbs.more

鮑姑(Bào Gū)
a portrait of Bào Gū  鮑姑(Bào Gū):a famous physician who ever lived during the East Jin Dynasty, the first lady moxibustionist in the history of China. She probably participated in the creation of herbalist Ge Hong's Zhou Hou Bei Ji Fang(the Handbook of Prescriptions for Emergencies), especially the summary of moxibustion experience recorded in it. Gu Bao is well-known for treating Thoma and warts.more

胡愔(Hú Yīn)
a portrait of Hú Yīn  胡愔(Hú Yīn):she adored Tao at her young age, liked to read Huang Ting and was interested in Taoist practice. She is a famous lady Taoist physician of the Tang Dynasty, a unique "Huang Ting" scholar in the late period of the Tang Dynasty.more

張小娘子(Zhāng Xiǎo NiángZi)
a portrait of Zhāng Xiǎo NiángZi  張小娘子(Zhāng Xiǎo NiángZi):a famous surgeon ever lived during the Jiayou period of the Northern Song Dynasty. She got a teaching from an passing by old herbalist for her kindness, and later became a famous lady physician proficient in surgery.more

邢氏(Xíng Shì)
a portrait of Xíng Shì  邢氏(Xíng Shì):a famous physician who ever lived during the Shao Xi years of the South Song Dynasty. Her family name is 邢氏(Xíng Shì), while her given name was unknown, so she was called 邢氏(Xíng Shì).She is good in pulse taking and prediction of disease development.more

談允賢(Tán Yǔnxián)
a portrait of Tán Yǔnxián  談允賢(Tán Yǔnxián): lady physician who ever lived during the Ming Dynasty, a lady physician specializing in gynecological diseases. Her book Nv Yi Za Yan, or the Miscellaneous Records of a Lady Herbalist recorded topics not only gynecological disease, but also covered the internal, external, and pediatric diseases.more

蔣氏、方氏(Jiǎng Shì,Fāng Shì)
a portrait of Jiǎng Shì,Fāng Shì  蔣氏、方氏(Jiǎng Shì,Fāng Shì):蔣氏(Jiǎng Shì) and 方氏(Fāng Shì) are two ladies in a relationship of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, lady physicians ever lived during the Ming Dynasty, they inherited family studies and specialized in pediatrics.more

周祐(Zhōu Yòu)
a portrait of Zhōu Yòu  周祐(Zhōu Yòu): a lady herbalist ever lived during the Ming Dynasty, she and her sister 周禧(Zhōu Xǐ), are authors of the book 《本草圖譜》(Ben Cao Tu Pu, or the collection of illustrative materia medica), it is the earliest survived monograph book on materia medica written by lady herbalists in China.more

顧德華(Gù Déhuá).
HuaYunLouYiAn  顧德華(Gù Déhuá):she was known as 里云(Lǐ Yún), ever lived since early to middle of the 19th century, She is a famous gynecologist in Wuxian county, and the woman patients respected her after her treatment, she is the author of Hua Yun Lou Yi An(the medical case of flower rhyme mansion).more

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